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Reader takes Sherman to task for misrepresenting Obama

Base on his drivel about atheists, it was not a surprise that Jim Sherman, Sr. is an avid FOX News watcher. Mr. Sherman has learned very well the deceptive and misleading tactics very well....more >>

Don't Rush Me

Movember leads vet to help pet cancer group

And more local business news!

Rectum. Damn near ruined 'im. The other week I wrote about how -- ever the sheep, follower-type -- I joined the grow-your-moustache-Movember bandwagon. Which, is in effect, an effort to get men to go see their butt doctors and get their prostates checked out (amongst other things)....more >>

Letter to Editor: Follow the money

In the past I had worked with someone who's favorite saying was "whenever something doesn't make sense see who benefits." In other words, follow the money. Over the last couple of years following the saga of the relationship between Oxford Schools and the Chinese all that kept coming to mind was who benefits? I couldn't see how any of the students at Oxford or the parents who have to pay for this experiment benefited as I don't know of any who are studying in China or who have learned enough to pursue a career after high school with the knowledge that they have acquired....more >>

Letter to Editor: Women's Club thanks White Horse Inn

The Oxford Women's Club is offering a sincere thank you to the White Horse Inn in downtown Metamora for hosting an oustanding evening of fne dining to celebrate the Women's Club Founders Day....more >>

Letter to Editor: Cost-cutting suggestions for Oxford library

Unfortunately, the citizens of Oxford have said 'no' to an increase in the library millage. These are difficult times for families. There is uncertainty of job security, loss of Social Security income, and the increase of elderly retiring on a fixed income....more >>

Letter to Editors: FISH grateful for food drive story

On behalf of the Oxford/Orion FISH Board of Directors and our clients, I want to thank C.J. Carnacchio for writing such a wonderful article about our holiday food drive. Getting the word out to the community about FISH and what we do is paramount to our success....more >>

Jim's Jottings

Farmer's Advice: be nice to one another

I was born and raised a country boy on a farm without tractors, plows or cultivators, but with a mother who learned the ways of a farmer's wife. Which means her Albion College degree didn't help much in the kitchen....more >>

Phil In The Blank

Phil in the Blank A column by Phil Custodio

Backroads run fun

Independence Oaks County Park up on Sashabaw Road has some seriously scenic trails and board walks. Next time I'm there, I hope to be able to slow down and take in the sights. No time for that last Sunday....more >>

Letters to the Editor

Superintendent proud of school audit Dear Editor, On Oct. 27, Clarkston Board of Education received the annual audit from our auditing firm, Hungerford and Nichols, as required by state law....more >>
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