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Letters to Editor

Comments on China Column I just wanted to write and let you know your "My Way" column about the The Devil was PERFECT. I hope a lot of people in Oxford will finally open their eyes and stop this madness with Dr Skilling sleeping with the enemy....more >>

Don't Rush Me

Donuts make Don smile.

Remembering Domino Dots and three-year-old Sean

At the behest of my very own, personal physician, Dr. Marie Livieratos, out of Clarkston, I'm trying to me a little more healthy. I'm trying to move more, so three or four times a week I'll either ride my stationary bike for 45 minutes or go out for a three mile walk/jog (emphasis on the walk)....more >>

Jim's Jottings

You're better off now?

And remember: Be nice to one another

Recently President Barack Obama asked each of we U. S. citizens: "Are you better off today than you were six years ago?" Others have asked the same question. But it's such a broad question there can be no single answer....more >>

Phil In The Blank

Phil in the Blank A column by Phil Custodio

Hope for clear roads

With winter rapidly approaching, Clarkston City Council is debating how to make sure city sidewalks are cleared of snow. Ideas so far include enforcing a city ordinance requiring residents to clear their sidewalks, charging $65 to everyone for the city to do it, or just having the city do it without charge....more >>

Letters to the Editor

Hospital plan Dear Editor, In regards to "Rule change could revive hospital plan," Sept. 25, I see our township supervisor boasts of thousands of new jobs and many additional businesses from the McLaren Hospital coming to our township....more >>
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Born October 24th
1788: Sarah Josepha Hale, magazine editor and poet whose book Poems for Our Children included Mary Had a Little Lamb (the first words to be recorded in sound)
1904: Moss Hart, American playwright who, with George S. Kaufman, wrote plays such as You Can't Take it with You and The Man who came to Dinner.
1911: Sonny Terry, blues performer.
1923: Denise Levertov, English poet.
1929: George Henry Crumb, American composer.
October 24th
in history
1938: The Fair Labor Standards Act becomes law, establishing the 40-hour work week.
1944: The aircraft carrier USS Princeton is sunk by a single Japanese plane during the Battle of Leyte Gulf.
1945: The United Nations comes into existence with the ratification of its charter by the first 29 nations.
1945: Vidkun Quisling, Norway's wartime minister president, is executed by firing squad for collaboration with the Nazis.
1952: Presidential candidate Dwight D. Eisenhower announces that if elected, he will go to Korea. In 1950, as U.S. Marines tried to fight their way out of a Chinese trap, Korea suffered its worst winter of the century. The men who struggled there suffered accordingly.