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Don't Rush Me

Oh Tannenbaum, what presents be beneath thee?

Or, Don discovers more reasons to shop local first

Old Man Winter kicked it up a notch last week, dropping the mercury in our thermometers 30 degrees in one, 24-hour session. From 40 degrees to subzero with windchill is hard for a body to acclimate to....more >>

Don't Rush Me

Christmas songs . . .

I like 'em!

When we broke out the Christmas decorations a few weeks ago, also let loose were the two dozen Christmas albums, er, CDs I have. My taste in Christmas music, is much like my taste in many things....more >>
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Jim's Jottings

Happy New Year from the Grandkids!

When we first started this Jim's Jottings holiday tradition, the two grandchildren pictured on the wall (Dan and Karen Offer) were small enough to fit on my knees. It was 1988. Dan was 3-years-old and Karen was four-months-old....more >>


Goodrich Downtown Christmas

Dear Editor: The Goodrich-Atlas Chamber of Commerce thanks all who participated in this year's Downtown Christmas Dec. 3. It is a wonderful time for community and businesses to come together....more >>


Letters to Santa: Reid Elementary School second grade class

Dear Santa, I don't want you to forget the poor, OK? Oh and tell the poor a Merry Christmas, please. Oh, and a Merry Christmas to you, Santa. Love, Natalie Dear Santa, What is it like having nine reindeer and 100 elves? I'm only going to ask for one thing, a Merry Christmas....more >>


Village councilmember out of touch

Dear Editor, (In response to, 'Where's the Village of Goodrich logic?', The Citizen, Nov. 28, page 6) I am shocked and amazed at the irresponsible letter written by Goodrich Councilwoman Patricia Wartella commenting on the "logic" of existing councilmembers, implicitly implying that she is logical....more >>

Keiser's Role

Keiser's Role

A column by Trevor Keiser

Wow, I can't believe Christmas is here already. It seems like just last week was Thanksgiving, but then again they were already playing Christmas songs on the radio before Thanksgiving....more >>

Letter to the editor

No time for spin from schools

Dear Editor, In response to "Lock down administration looks to control information," I find the views of Clarkston Schools' communications/marketing director very disturbing. Shouldn't we as taxpayers and parents expect honest and open communication with our elected officials? Shouldn't transparency and independent thinking be promoted and encouraged? I don't want censored or edited information from the school spin department....more >>

Letter to the editor

Recall right to be dismissed

Dear Editor, Having attended the hearing on Dec. 14, I was quite surprised that the Clarkston News reporter was not at the hearing ("Denied It's back to the drawing board for recall petitions," Dec....more >>

Letter to the editor

Thanks for Stuff-a-Bus help

Dear Editor, Thank you so much for another successful Stuff-a-Bus for Lighthouse North. This sixth annual event couldn't have happened without the following participants: Kevin Bickerstaff, Craig DeLlowe, Blaine Tweed and the Kroger staff at Sashabaw and Maybee roads, Alan Burnham of Alan Jr....more >>

Letter to the editor

Community spirit at Art Walk

Dear Editor, Special thanks to Bob and Peg Roth, David and Grace Savage, and Ed Adler for organizing the Art Walk at the Clarkston Mills Mall. It was a lovely event that enhanced Clarkston's wonderful winter festival this past weekend....more >>

Letter to the editor

Awards for Lights parade entries

Dear Editor, The Clarkston Holiday Lights Parade Committee would like to extend a sincere thanks to all of our participants, sponsors, volunteers and the brave souls who toughed out the seasonable weather to attend our humble event....more >>

Letter to the editor

Waxing poetic on fate of mural

Dear Editor, 'Twas the week before Christmas and all through the village, not a dispute was found not even a millage. The wreaths and the lights were hung near the stores, if only our townspeople would shop here some more....more >>

Letter to the editor

Holiday parade was a community effort

Dear editor, The Orion Area Parade Group would like to thank all that helped make this year's Holly Jolly Folly and Holiday Lighted Parade the most successful events ever. We would like to thank Golling Buick Pontiac GMC for sponsoring our only fundraiser, the Holly Jolly Folly....more >>

Letter to the editor

School board needs 'honor and integrity'

Dear editor, Thank you for your excellent reporting and editorial regarding the wasteful May elections. And a special thanks to Tiffany Weber-Phillips for having the common sense and courage to vote for combining the school election with the general November election....more >>

Letter to the editor

Don't 'bamboozle and con' taxpayers

Dear editor, Well, our incomparable Lake Orion School Board has recently voted to keep their costly May elections despite the fact that only four districts will now bear the brunt of the rising costs....more >>

Letter to the editor

Veterans' graves should have new flags each year

Dear editor, It is very unfortunate that every time budget cuts are made among the first groups to take the hit are the veterans organizations of this great country. There is a very sad thing going on in the Village of Lake Orion....more >>
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