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My Way

Lots to comment on

My Way

First off, let me apologize for not writing a column for the last two weeks. I've been extremely busy working on the rest of the newspaper and our upcoming Progress 2010 edition. I realized the other day that it's terribly selfish of me not to write a column because when I don't express my lively opinions, the local leadership has nothing to complain about and no one to blame everything on when they get together for their hand-holding sessions....more >>

Don't Rush Me

Get ready, it's getting 'grim' on the roads

So sayeth the experts

There's a road that leads to happiness, I know we can find it. Although it's full of hills an' spills, darling, we won't mind it. I've got you, You've got me who cares how rough the road might be, We'll go bumpty-bumpty bumpty-bump on the bumpy road to love....more >>

Don't Rush Me

Drowning bowls, Haiti and tolerance . . .

A recap

Not too long ago I wrote of the schizophrenic feline that prowls the dark and dreary dwelling, commonly known as Casa de Rush. That cat is Thomas and I don't think he's right in the head....more >>


Another adventures with squirrels

Dear Editor: (In response to,"Six armed men vs. a single flying squirrel," The Citizen, Feb. 6., page 7). Since squirrels are rodents, they have the ability to leap distances, many times their body length....more >>


Great job Goodrich DPW

Dear Editor: Major kudos to the Village DPW for an amazingly efficient and articulate job of snow removal after our first notable snow fall of the season. Being a walker, I can bear witness to same day service of every street and sidewalk being cleared right down to the pavement without taking out a 10-foot swath of every person's lawn....more >>


Bad decision by Brandon Schools

Dear Editor: (In response to, "Contract ends too early for coach," The Citizen, Jan. 16, page 3) Add the decision to not renew Ron Wagner's contract to the long list of bad decisions by Brandon School Athletics....more >>


Remembering Charlene Carlson

To the editor: In memory of Charlene Carlson, a memorial fund has been established at Brandon Parks and Recreation. We hope to purchase a park bench in memory of Charlene. Charlene worked hard for the community, and the park was one of her favorite projects....more >>


Keiser's Role

Rules made for a majority

The philosophy "one bad kid ruins it for the whole classroom" makes a bad rule. You don't punish all the kids because one is misbehaving. Trustee Neil Wallace seems to think you should....more >>

Letter to the Editor

School board responsible for budget

Dear Editor, The Clarkston School District presented the following Budget information at their last meeting. Revenue for 2007-2008 was $77.6 million, expenses were $76.2 million. Revenue for 2009-2010 is $81....more >>

Letter to the Editor

Charity starts at home -- let's take care of our own

Dear Editor, Actually, this is directed to our government. Are there any governmental officials reading this? I would like to know why President Obama decided to give $100,000,000 to Haiti....more >>

Letter to the Editor

Thanks for library help with Lions

Dear Editor, The Clarkston Area Lions Club wants to thank Julie Meredith and her wonderful staff at the Independence Township Library. Their enthusiastic and well organized assistance helped make Project Kidsight a huge success....more >>

Retirement Resource: A column by David Boike

Estate taxes may not be something you think about often, but lately they have been in the news due to an eleventh hour change of heart by the United States Congress. Trying to make sense of what was proposed to change and what Congress is now proposing in a new estate tax bill is important....more >>

Spiritual matters

Want to start feeling hopeful again? Start by serving

You might be tired of hearing about Haiti. It isn't because you are cold-hearted or uncaring; it just means you are human. We can only see so much suffering and death and destruction before we have to step away to maintain our sanity....more >>

Congratulations on perfect score, DDA

Letter to the editor

Dear editor, Congratulations to the Lake Orion Downtown Development Authority for their recent perfect score on the Oakland County Main Street Accreditation! I had the honor of serving as Interim Director and saw first-hand how hard the Downtown Development Authority board members, staff and volunteers worked to build a Downtown community you can all be proud of and worthy of this prestigious accreditation....more >>

Scouts like scouting news in Review

Letter to the editor

Dear editor, Just wanted to say thanks for your consistent coverage of scouting news in Orion! Although we were not part of the news story this week, we enjoy seeing the scouting units covered....more >>

Kudos, kiddos: Reader enjoys young writers

Letter to the editor

Dear editor, I would like to commend two items that I have just read in today's (Feb.3, 2010) Lake Orion Review. The reporting for reporting column by Leah Yanuszeski in which she shares having to wear a skirt to her interview despite the cold weather! She then continues to tell of herself and her current activities and future plans in a very interesting and appealing way....more >>

MC -- The Hammer

Economy's unseen side effects

MC - The Hammer

Yeah, the economy's bad. Schools are losing funding, governments are losing funding, property values are down, blah, blah, blah. But what does that really mean? Rising unemployment is obviously a big issue in a down-turned economy (duh), but I've come across a few trends lately that aren't so obvious and in-your-face....more >>

Be my Valentine—or not

Guest column

Many of us, I'm sure, already have plans for this coming Valentine's Day.  Mary and I will be having a romantic dinner at one of our favorite restaurants - The Early American Room in the Dearborn Inn....more >>
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