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My Way

My Way

'Negative' is the new 'racist'

Back in the 1950s, when right-wingers wanted to silence, discredit or blacklist their opponents on the Left, all they had to do was scream "Communist!" and the shunning began. Whether they were in reality Soviet agents or sympathizers mattered very little....more >>

Jim's Jottings

It wasn't my fault, your honor

Miss me? Well, not as much as I missed you. I've been looking for someone else to blame for my absence. That's just the way I am. Blame someone or something else. I've narrowed it down to the anticipation of the Groundhog's appearance February 2....more >>

Don't Rush Me

Keep public notices public

Let the games begin!

Lest you think I forgot, or went back on my word from last week . . . the following are bullet points on why Public Noitces should be run in newspapers, versus running them strictly on websites run by local governments....more >>


Board: 'Bus daycare children'

Dear Editor: (In response to, "Home school busing only; privatization considered by district," The Citizen, Feb. 20, page 1) As a community member and concerned parent, I attended the school board meetings in recent weeks, where I voiced my opinion and even wrote letters to the board with regard to the proposed transportation changes....more >>


Daddy Daughter Dance success

Dear Editor: To all the dads and daughters attending the 2010 Daddy Daughter Dance... thank you for making this year's event a smashing success. If you were wondering about all the electricity in the air on the evening of Feb....more >>


Hey, let's save money (wink, wink)

Don't slug me. I'm gonna' say something that will make some of your heads turn unhealthy hues. Take a deep breath . . . let it out . . . relax, breathe... "Every problem is really an opportunity waiting to be taken advantage of....more >>


Reconsider daycare busing

Dear Editor: (In response to, "Home school busing only; privatizing considered by district," The Citizen, Feb. 20, page 1) I was at the last two public hearings where school transportation was discussed....more >>


Snowmobilers: keep off private property!

Dear Editor: Whoever you are that is snowmobiling all over my property on Ridge Road in Goodrich, keep out! You are trespassing, breaking the law! Not to mention damaging the crops that are planted in those fields, also a liability issue....more >>

Keiser's Role

Keiser's Role

It's sad on what's going on with Clarkston Schools. It's hard to believe some members of the school board shut their eyes and covered their ears so long and so hard they didn't know about troubles ahead....more >>

Letter to the Editor

Thanks for your good intentions

Dear Editor, THANK YOU to Jim Sherman Sr. for finally seeing the mural project as many of us village residents do! For those who live so close, it is a sad piece of art to look at every day....more >>

Letter to the Editor

Budget plus cuts equals concern

Dear Editor, I attended the CCS Board meeting on Feb. 22. I am very concerned about proposed budget cuts and the impacts they will have on children in the district. My husband and I moved to Clarkston from Waterford in 1999 primarily because of the superb reputation and exceptionally high MEAP scores within the district....more >>

Letter to the Editor

Parent groups urge preservation

Dear Editor, The Clarkston PTA Council, representing approximately 8,000 families in Clarkston Community Schools, urges the Board of Education to preserve the people, programs and tools that contribute to the distinctiveness of the educational experience found here....more >>

Letter to the editor

Hold Al Roberts accountable

Dear Editor, I have been following your articles about the school budget crisis in Clarkston, and I am truly appalled at the way the administration has mismanaged funds to get us to this point....more >>

Guest viewpoint: Maria Rotondo-Mark

What is motivation, what is lazy?

This topic has always tweaked my interest; therefore, it's a good time to probe the topic. First let's consider "motivation." It is the wheel that maintains movement or action. The energy produced when accomplishment is realized or materialized....more >>

Spiritual Matters

Give up giving up for Lent

Ash Wednesday begins the 40 days and six Sundays of the Lenten Season, a Season of preparation for the Resurrection Experience on Easter Sunday. Traditionally it is a time of prayer and fasting, symbolized by the question often asked "What are you giving up for Lent?" People tend to treat it like a second chance to make good on our New Year's resolutions to eat healthier and get more exercise....more >>


Good Thursday

Out Loud

I finally found it. I didn't know I was looking for it, exactly, but I found it and I've got my fingers wrapped around it. I'm happy. I like it here. The story begins with an apology to Michele Novak at Lake Orion High School....more >>

Listen, Lake Orion, lighten up and laugh!

Letter to the editor

Dear editor, Just wanted to add my two cents to the recent comment from a reader who objected to the "cutesy" titles for the various police reports. Those titles not only attract readers to delve into the details of the crime but also highlight some of the more unusual infractions committed by criminals playing with less than a full deck....more >>

Memorial up-keep much appreciated

Dear editor, I would like to say thank you to the hard working volunteers that keep the Veteran's Memorial site clean and neat, shoveled and cut. These tireless men are out in all kinds of weather making sure that the memorial is kept up....more >>

'Rescind response, reticent reader'

Letter to the editor

Dear editor, I totally disagree with Bonnie Britton's complaint regarding the funny titles to the crime stories on the Public Safety Page. I, too, am a lifelong resident of Lake Orion and have subscribed to the Review for many years....more >>
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