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Don't Rush Me

Are we becoming "soft?"

We are becoming a "soft" nation. An ocean of "wimps" and "hoity toitys" (whoever they are) will soon be upon us. No longer will we be a nation of beer and burgers -- everybody will want Chablis and crumpets (whatever they are)....more >>

Jim's Jottings

Doggone dog not always mans best friend

Seeing deer wander across my lot usually makes me smile. They wander often, not necessarily to get to the other side, but I think sometimes they want to see if they can entice ma'dog Shayna to cross her electric fence limits....more >>

My Way

My Way

Robbing Peter and Paul to pay the DDA

Everywhere I look local governments are facing budget deficits and struggling with decreasing property tax revenues. Officials are desperately trying to figure out where and how to cut expenditures and in some cases, if a tax increase is warranted....more >>


Consider solutions to budget crises

Dear Editor, (In response to, "School cuts 'Deep, painful,' The Citizen, April 3, 2010, page 1.) I was blown away to read about the proposed school cuts this past week in The Citizen....more >>


Goodrich a great place to live

Dear Editor, It has been my distinct pleasure to have been a resident of the Goodrich area for the past 78 years. I have seen the village go through many changes, trials, and tribulations over my lifetime....more >>

Shared sacrifice in these times means everyone

Sharing. It's one of the first lessons we learn as children, and it's the strategy we need now as we struggle to solve a budget crisis in the Brandon School District. School boardmembers and administrators have studied the budget for months, searching for remedies to a projected $2....more >>


Wendi's Word A column by Wendi Reardon

Sweet sounds

Amazed. After a week and a half I find myself still thinking about a concert I went to at The Palace of Auburn Hills - Michael Bublé. It was the first time - and I didn't know what to except....more >>

Letter to the Editor

Keep shining light on local news

Dear Editor, Mr. Don Rush, HANG TOUGH ("What's a newspaper guy to do," March 24)! Print what is news-worthy and clearly stated in grammatically correct articles. Controversial? If true, print it....more >>

Letter to the Editor

Lawsuit makes no sense to reader

Dear Editor, How interesting that township Supervisor Dave Wagner's current lawsuit against the Oakland County Election Commission, filed Jan. 29, 2010, claims the state recall law is suddenly unconstitutional....more >>

Letter to the Editor

A call for more options to save police

Dear Editor, We appreciate the local government hosting a meeting to update residents about financial issues forecasted for the next three years. It is important to participate in the happenings of the village when it involved such a major decision elimination of Clarkston Police....more >>

Letter to the Editor

Reader wants creative ideas to keep police

Dear Editor, I read with interest the front page article on the proposal to disband the Clarkston Police Department ("People want vote on police consolidation," March 24). Although there are no obvious and easy answers to the critical need for increased funding, I agree with Mayor Arkwright, "the intensity of coverage will not be the same with the Sheriff's Department....more >>

Letter to the Editor

Resident has high hopes for health reform

Dear Editor, I had to laugh at those Republican politicians scurrying around like rats, challenging the recently passed Health Insurance Reform Bill. It makes you wonder if an election is coming soon....more >>

Letter to the Editor

Clean up Park and Ride

Dear Editor, While driving the neighborhood looking for Edison repair men, we turned into the Park and Ride lot on the southwest corner of M-15 and I-75. What a litter infested trash pit that location has become! If this is state property, someone should tell the governor to get some biodegradable trash bags and some of her husbands' mentored youth over here to clean up! If the property is MDOT's responsibility, then maybe they could send one of the more than a dozen new vehicles they park next to their new building in Pontiac....more >>

Letter to the Editor

Keep an eye out

Dear Don Rush, Keep up the good work, the more info we have the better ("What's a newspaper guy to do," March 24). I wish more residents would keep a watchful eye on our government, and school staff....more >>

Guest viewpoint

Artist makes one last appeal for mural work

To be announced, a public execution for the painting that scares children and a guillotine to chop off paint brushes. According to the city, the painting invited graffiti from vandals, and deserves justice ("Mural madness, Aug....more >>

Guest viewpoint: Maria Rotondo-Mark

Learn to let go of stress

What can one do to release stress? Surrendering is a good place to start. Who did what to whom, where, or when, is mainly re-living past painful experiences? Accepting personal responsibility is a life-long school, no one graduates pain free, we are all students and all teachers to one-another....more >>

Spiritual matters

Rabbits aside, Easter means Jesus is risen

By the time you read this column, Easter will be in your rear view mirror, spring is sprung and summer is looming large. While I'm writing this we are in the midst of Lent, snow is on the ground and I am contemplating the coming of spring and the mysteries of Easter anew....more >>

'A bigger problem than you think'

Letter to the editor

Dear editor, In response of the letter to the editor "Mom unhappy with drug overdose story:" Wake up Lake Orion; you have a bigger problem than you think. While I am deeply sorry for the family that lost their son, we have several half way homes within the village, along with other organized self help clubs....more >>

Knights of Columbus say 'thanks'

Letter to the editor

Dear editor, The Lake Orion Council # 4764 Knights of Columbus would like to thank the people of the Lake Orion Oxford and surrounding communities who generously donated to the March 26-28 Tootsie Roll Drive....more >>

Similar problems in Lake Orion, Clarkston

Letter to the editor

Dear editor, I don't know if it's good news or bad news that the Lake Orion area is discussing that exact same problems as the Clarkston area. If recent articles in The Lake Orion Review are any evidence, you at least appear to be discussing the issues of shared services and the cost of police more openly than we are....more >>

'Make this prom and graduation season safe'

Letter to the editor

Dear editor, We'd like to remind Lake Orion parents that another fantastic school year of academics, activities, sports and social events are quickly coming to an end. As the 2009/2010 school-year draws to a close, there will be many opportunities for students to celebrate, socialize and have fun....more >>


A workout for your tax dollars

Out Loud

They're kidding, right? That's what Orion Township wants to use its 100 percent fund balance for? Employee gym memberships? They're kidding, right? Late last year the township laid off 20 percent of its workforce just a week or so before Supervisor Matt Gibb asked the board for a $42,000-plus-benefits "supervisor's assistant" (now called "operations manager")....more >>

Neighborhood problem? Try SeeClickFix.com

Village Voice, by Mike Toth

The New York Times recently published an article about a website that has slowly grown to be something of a phenomenon in municipal information technology arenas. The idea behind SeeClickFix....more >>
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