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I'm sticking with propaganda center -- final answer

To begin with, I must respectfully disagree with the title of Mr. White's opinion piece, "Confucius Institutes are a resource, not a 'propaganda center." As I stated in my previous column, Chinese Communist Party (CCP) boss Li Changchun was quoted in The Economist (Oct....more >>

Jim's Jottings

A salon experience worth writing about

I took quite a few years, but between my widening girth, my non-lithe body and my 6 ft. 4 in. frame I can no longer cut my toenails. A big toe has an in-grown nail, the one next to it is long enough to curl under and my little toe nail snags the sheets....more >>

Don't Rush Me

The otherside of Mr. Wagner goes to township hall

From last week's column I received lots of reader response. Many thanked me for it, other's disagreed with my logic or added more thoughts to consider. I want to thank everybody who wrote, and not just the ones who agreed with my column....more >>


Brandon sports, 'oh yea, not so good'

Dear Editor, Ah yes, springtime in Ortonville. The birds are a chirpin', the bees are a buzzin'. The scent of fresh young blossoms in the air, mixed with the bittersweet smell of sporting mediocrity wafting from Brandon Schools....more >>


Judy Henley has been there for many

Dear Editor, Judy Henley is retiring June 30, 2010 after a total of 13 years of being the Director of the Ortonville Community Emergency Fund (OCEF). In her position, she has helped countless people obtain food, and in so many other ways....more >>


Response, expertise wonderful

Dear Editor, Our heartfelt thanks goes out to everyone that was there following Kurt Allen's accident near the intersection of M-15 and South Street during the afternoon of April 20....more >>


Goodrich Library closed May 3-21

Dear Editor, Have you been to the Goodrich Library lately? Already good things have been happening. Since Atlas Township has taken over, a start has been made on the necessary and needed repairs....more >>


Medical marijuana ordinance

Dear Editor, (In response to 'Township eyes medical marijuana ordinance,' The Citizen, April 17, page 1): Atlas Township is having a meeting about marijuana growers and raising an uproar about nothing....more >>

Wendi's Word A column by Wendi Reardon

It started with 's'

As a University of Michigan graduate, I give my apology to Michigan State. Not for the NCAA Championship so close to being in their hands, but for the T-shirt I saw last Wednesday....more >>

Letter to the Editor

Wagner fails civics, readers say

Dear Editor, We emphatically agree with Don Rush ("It's time Mr. Wagner step down," April 21). Dave Wagner should resign! However, admitting failure and doing the right thing has never been at the top of the supervisor's to-do list....more >>

Letter to the Editor

In defense of Supervisor Wagner

Dear Editor, I would have some understanding if Trevor Keiser had written this column ("It's time Mr. Wagner step down," April 21) because he attends every meeting and knows exactly what's going on in the township, but Mr....more >>

Letter to the Editor

Column found to be out of bounds

Dear Editor, I was most unhappy with Trevor Keiser's article criticizing our Independence Township clerk (Who's slaughtering who," April 14). Although I don't always agree with her, I think Trevor went far beyond the bounds of civility with his tirade....more >>

Letter to the Editor

Painting over mural not better, reader says

Dear Editor, Monday, April 26, the mural has been whitewashed over. Yesterday, it was there, today it is gone. Please tell me you aren't planning on leaving it like that, are you? The building looks much, much worse with the whitewashed wall than it did with the unfinished mural....more >>

What happened to skate park plan?

Letter to the editor

Dear editor, In your April 14 article about Orion's newest park on Squirrel Road, Supervisor Matt Gibb blamed recent vandalism on the fact that people haven't been using the park....more >>

'Thanks, the Moose looks great'

Letter to the editor

Dear editor, All I can say is (our volunteers) are amazing. . . . . . despite the cold weather, snowflakes, and gusty winds, over 90 volunteers (families, parents, students, and friends) arrived at Moose Tree on Saturday to help with our Earth Day Clean Up....more >>

Review readers rake up rubbish

Letter to the editor

Dear editor, Thank you for running the article on the Bald Mountain Recreation Area Park Clean up held this weekend. We had over 30 volunteers show up on Saturday in shaky weather and clean up the park litter, roadside trash and construction material dumps in parking lots....more >>


The age of consent

It's not what you think. Really. It's more about me (and others, I hope) listening with furrowed forehead on first and third Mondays, to things from the Orion Township Board of Trustees that just don't make sense....more >>

Smoke 'em if you got 'em...but not around me

Guest columnist

Beginning Saturday, May 1, Michigan is enacting its own "no smoking" policy throughout the state. Only exceptions are the casinos. So if you want to gamble with your money and perhaps with your health, you can travel to the smoke laden casinos and hope some have plans for a smoke-free floor....more >>
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