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Jim's Jottings

A bugler's taps at a military funeral so final

A bugler's taps at a military funeral so final Our friend Jim Dafoe chose Great Lakes National Cemetery, in Holly, for his final resting place. Michigan has two National cemeteries, Holly and Battle Creek....more >>

Don't Rush Me

Writing, being read and responded to

Readers . . . you complete me!

To some, I'm just a mild-mannered reporter-type. To my boys, I'm a stingy, skinflint, scrooge-like guy. To other's, I'm a fast-graying dinosaur, that should be led out to pasture, making way for a new world without controversy....more >>


Lions White Cane sale success

Dear Editor, Last weekend the Goodrich Lions Club held its annual White Cane "sale" at Tom's Coney Island in Goodrich, a grocery store in Grand Blanc, and a store in Burton. Despite the slow economy we are all familiar with, and a few minor showers on Saturday, this was another successful sale, exceeding last year's total by more than $100....more >>


Privatize busing, bad idea by district

Dear Editor, I am a retired bus driver who worked in the Brandon School District for 20 years. I am dismayed as I follow what is happening in the district with regards to balancing the budget....more >>


School problem: blame administration, school board

Dear Editor, For those of you who have never witnessed the finely tuned wheels of school government in action, I urge you to attend a school board or committee meeting. I recently attended a finance committee meeting where the school superintendent's contract renewal was to be discussed....more >>


Stop signs better for village

Dear Editor, (In response to: 'Village traffic light update, costly, better option sought by council,' The Citizen, May 1, page 1) Why are we making a simple, efficient decision regarding a traffic light so complicated? What a good idea to put in four stop signs and do away with the traffic light....more >>


We support Coach Kimmel, BHS soccer

Dear Editor, (In response to, 'Brandon sports, 'oh yea, not so good,' ' The Citizen, May 1, 2010, page 6). All of us are, or will soon be, graduates of Brandon H.S. and have played on the varsity soccer team coached by Phil Kimmel....more >>


Brandon athletics will keep students, families away from district

Dear Editor, (In response to, "School problem: blame administration," The Citizen, May 8, page 9) In regards to Pat O'Shea's totally accurate letter: I completely agree and I am not the only one....more >>


Criticism alone often creates clenched fists

Dear Editor, You've printed a couple of letters from Pat O'Shea over the last few weeks and it seems to me that there is a lot of finger pointing at problems and absolutely no solutions being suggested (The Citizen, May 1,8)....more >>


Privatization, curriculum...choose

Dear Editor, (In response to "Privatize busing, bad idea by district," The Citizen, May 8, page 6.) Ann Wiley, a 20-year bus driver (retired) recently wrote that privatization is a bad idea....more >>


Rocking & Raking success

Dear Editor, Saturday May 8, was a cold and blustery day and I was visited by angels. It was Bob Mullen and a group of teens from Hillside Bible Church. They were volunteers for the Rocking and Raking clean up for seniors and the disabled of our community....more >>


'I'm stunned by the generosity in this community'

Dear Editor, Every year, when I see the invitation to senior citizens to enjoy the benefits of Brandon Township's Rockin' & Rakin' Day, I think, "How nice that the township does something like this for its old people and those who are disabled....more >>

Phil in the Blank A column by Phil Custodio

Clean office

One of my favorite shows lately is "Clean House," a cable home-renovation reality show. The hosts find cluttered houses whose owners are just shy of psychologically impaired (those who are go to the program "Hoarders"), convince them to sell all their stuff in a yard sale, or as much as they'll part with, then use the proceeds to fund redecoration and renovation projects, to the owners' screams of pleasure (usually)....more >>

Letter to the Editor

Recall signers go on record

Dear Don, This is in response to the anonymous whiter who did not agree with your call for Independence Township Supervisor to resign ("Mr. Wagner goes to township hall: Part 2," May 5)....more >>

Letter to the Editor

Campaign out of hand for reader

Dear Don, You need to know that, as your reporter, Trevor Keiser, who has endured this mess over the past two years, knows, the township has been suffering from problems going back three years with the election of two new trustees who have a dedicated political agenda to take down the supervisor, and in the process, have ground the township's business to a halt....more >>

Letter to the Editor

Main Street business says goodbye

Dear Editor, Village Apparel and Gifts on Main Street will be closing their doors after 36 years. I am downsizing my businesses in order to look ahead to retirement. I would like to thank all my loyal customers for supporting my business for 36 years....more >>

Letter to the Editor

Resident enjoys CHS show

Letter to the EditorDear Editor, In the first weekend in May, I attended the CHS production of "Father of the Bride" in our beautiful state of the art theater performed by 33 CHS cast and crew....more >>

Retirement resource: A column by David Boike

Did you write a check to the IRS?

As April 15 came and went, many people had taxes on their mind, especially those who wrote a check to the IRS instead of receiving a refund. Not planning ahead or forgetting common deductions can make tax time a painful time, but there are a few strategies you can use in the short-term and long-term, to help you save on your annual income tax return....more >>

Guest viewpoint: Maria Rotondo-Mark

People match nature's wonder

If one could comprehend the greatness of the power we come from; possibly respect could be an attainable goal. Somehow separation has prevailed thus allowing greed to take center stage....more >>

Spiritual matters

Spring brings Easter hope of new life

The Easter season is a time of great joy and a celebration of a victory-a victory of life over death, a victory of good over evil. This was accomplished by Christ rising from the dead....more >>

School cuts 'don't go far enough'

Letter to the editor

Dear editor, On Monday, May 3, I happened to be browsing the employment section of the Lake Orion Community Schools site under "support staff" and noted this posting: Associate Business Manager, with deadline for applications May 7 and salary of $80,700....more >>

Business 'should be applauded'

Letter to the editor

Dear editor, The local business owner of Cartridge World has been donating his time and profit to the district since 2008 ('Look under every rock' Is district ignoring cost saving options, April 28)....more >>

A look at school administrator perks

Letter to the editor

Dear editor, In this letter I need to question the LOCS benefits or "perks" of our Administration. Why are we still giving out "perks" when we are in a financial crunch? As it stands now, the Administration gets paid a mileage stipend, longevity pay, contributions to TSA's, cell phones and other unknown benefits....more >>
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