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My Way

My Way

Public hearing was for those who pay, not those who take

I have to compliment the Oxford Village Council. Last week's public hearing concerning the setting of a millage rate for the 2010-11 fiscal year went very well. The public was allowed ample opportunity to speak its mind....more >>

Don't Rush Me

Four Years

That's how long it takes to virtually go around the globe in an e-mail.

One of the groovy things about the internet, is that sooner or later rumors and "new" facts tend to reappear. The way I figure it, it takes about four years for stuff to span the globe, virtually speaking....more >>


Brandon privatizing busing—bad idea

Dear Editor, Even if we are broke we can't afford to make this move (busing privatization). Here are some reasons why: 1.) We have a program in place with drivers, maintenance crews, training programs, and do not make a profit....more >>


Concerns over privatization should be voiced now

Dear Editor, I grew up in Groveland Township, and attended Brandon Schools from kindergarten through to graduation. In a community where relatively few students have the choice to walk to school given long distances and few sidewalks and walking paths, I relied on the school bus system to deliver me to and from school until I began driving myself....more >>


Brandon athletics will keep students, families away from district

Dear Editor, (In response to, "School problem: blame administration," The Citizen, May 8, page 9) In regards to Pat O'Shea's totally accurate letter: I completely agree and I am not the only one....more >>


Criticism alone often creates clenched fists

Dear Editor, You've printed a couple of letters from Pat O'Shea over the last few weeks and it seems to me that there is a lot of finger pointing at problems and absolutely no solutions being suggested (The Citizen, May 1,8)....more >>


Privatization, curriculum...choose

Dear Editor, (In response to "Privatize busing, bad idea by district," The Citizen, May 8, page 6.) Ann Wiley, a 20-year bus driver (retired) recently wrote that privatization is a bad idea....more >>


Rocking & Raking success

Dear Editor, Saturday May 8, was a cold and blustery day and I was visited by angels. It was Bob Mullen and a group of teens from Hillside Bible Church. They were volunteers for the Rocking and Raking clean up for seniors and the disabled of our community....more >>

Wendi's Word A column by Wendi Reardon

Support your local Wolf

The stands at Clarkston High School were silent - a still hush of fans watching the lacrosse game between the Wolves and Lake Orion. Silent until the beginning of the second quarter, when Joe Puertas tied the game....more >>

Letter to the Editor

Hold all accountable, reader says

Dear Don, Is the real problem that voters didn't vote to privatize the supervisor's office ("Mr. Wagner goes to township hall: Part 2," May 5)? I didn't vote to privatize the supervisor office because an outside administrator would only answer to the trustees, not the residents of the township....more >>

Letter to the Editor

Writer sees example set by clerk

Dear Editor, On April 14, reporter Trevor Keiser authored a column title "Who's slaughtering who?" Although I think Mr. Keiser's calling Independence Township Clerk Shelagh VanderVeen "Little Bo Peep" is a sophomoric remark or characterization, I think public officials are fair game and properly subject to criticism if it is based on a fair review of the facts....more >>

Letter to the Editor

A call to support library funding

Dear Editor, Our Independence Township has many gems and one of them is the Independence Township Library. Whenever I visit this fine facility, I am always impressed with the number of children, students, people from all walks of life who make use of all the services available....more >>

Letter to the Editor

One last poem for wall mural

Dear Jim, As you probably know, my little ditty about having patience with mural artistry was on the front page of The Clarkston News on Dec. 17, 2008. I sympathize with the PR problems all this caused you, and if I made it worse trying to make it light, it wasn't intended....more >>

Letter to the Editor

Lawn mower too rich for city

Dear Editor, I was at this week's waste of time council meeting (May 10) and got so disgusted I had to leave. After listening to our fine city fathers crying poor, wanting to get rid of our police department and beg for a ridiculous tax increase, next thing they do is approve a $9,000 lawn mower for DPW! They could contract lawn mowing out to an outside company for less than $4,500 per year....more >>

Letter to the Editor

Thanks for Lighthouse food drive

Dear Editor, The weather was rainy and cool for the annual "Stamp out Hunger" post office food drive Saturday but the attitude of the many post office employees and volunteers was sunny and warm....more >>

Building Integrity:Mike Wozniak

Ounces, pounds, preventions, pennies: a spring home maintenance primer

Before summer is in full swing and ambition for home improvement gives way to recreational plans, we asked local expert Mike Wozniak to walk home owners thru a quick maintenance check list....more >>

Spiritual matters

Embrace the mystery of God's might

When I flip a switch in my home a mysterious thing occurs. The light goes on. Ok, Ok, I know that there are wires in the wall which carry a thing called electricity to the bulb. That electricity came from a power plant somewhere, where generators with turbines inside create a magnetic field that causes the electrons to vibrate and transfer electric energy through the copper wire inside my walls to a small wire in the light bulb causing the small wire to heat up and glow....more >>

Administrator: 'Cancel my subscription'

Letter to the editor

Dear editor, I have worked for the Lake Orion School district for 31 years. I have certainly seen the good times and the bad. I am familiar with the fact that when we have budget cuts we will have parents complaining about how we do it (rightfully so)....more >>

Thanks for sharing the 'Love'

Letter to the editor

Dear editor, Love INC of North would like to thank the Bill & Karen Olson Family for hosting the "Chao for Charity" event on Friday, April 30 at Lake Orion United Methodist Church....more >>

Weber-Phillips shows commitment

Letter to the editor

Dear editor, I was dismayed to read what I consider the undue harassment of school boardmember Tiffany Weber-Phillips in The Lake Orion Review last week.  It seems that one community member has adopted a practice we have in the past often deplored in the board itself....more >>

Farmers' Market opens May 26

Letter to the editor

Dear editor, Thank you, thank you to everyone who attended and supported the pre-Mother's Day Farmers' Market sale. Thanks to those businesses who gave us coupons and thanks to Abacas Accounting for the wonderful sign....more >>

Thank you for your opinions

Letter to the editor

Dear editor, I thought that Betty McDowell's comment about Sandy Dyl was rather strange.  Since when does a citizen of Lake Orion, whether serving on a committee or not, need permission to offer an opinion?  I have many opinions on many subjects and I have no intention of asking Ms....more >>

MC -- The Hammer

Speak up

I think, now, even those who stand faithfully on one side of the fence or the other for school district issues, the administration's performance, the board of education's leadership and even The Lake Orion Review's reporting, can agree on one thing: we're all watching the school district to see what will happen next....more >>
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