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Jim's Jottings

Thoughts from a slightly used mind

Gone a week, but to me, the greatest thing that happened was the sun finally came out, the weather warmed and I could plant my geraniums and marigolds. One day during that week I went trout fishing in the UP with my equally unlucky son, Jim....more >>


Brandon privatizing busing—bad idea

Dear Editor, Even if we are broke we can't afford to make this move (busing privatization). Here are some reasons why: 1.) We have a program in place with drivers, maintenance crews, training programs, and do not make a profit....more >>


Concerns over privatization should be voiced now

Dear Editor, I grew up in Groveland Township, and attended Brandon Schools from kindergarten through to graduation. In a community where relatively few students have the choice to walk to school given long distances and few sidewalks and walking paths, I relied on the school bus system to deliver me to and from school until I began driving myself....more >>

Keiser's Role A column by Trevor Keiser

Fees for FOIA

A few weeks ago. I sent an e-mail to the Independence Township Clerk's office requesting information concerning healthcare per Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). I knew the only way I would receive this information would be through "formal request....more >>

Letter to the editor

Government right to ban texting

Dear Editor, After reading one person's opinion in the May 19 People Poll, where she believes a law against texting while you drive is an intrusion by a government that should leave well enough alone, leave us to perhaps kill others while driving 75 mph on a freeway, it seems to me that there are people out there with a misunderstanding of the role of government....more >>

Letter to the editor

Vote against wasteful politicians

Dear Editor, Some folks may not agree with our new president, but he has accomplished one thing, in that he has really shaken up the status quo. Now is the time to seriously think about voting out career politicians this November....more >>

Letter to the editor

Thanks for Community Awards work

Dear Editor, I would like to thank the Community Awards Committee: Anita Banach, Dawn Horner, Kelly Hyer, Linda Jaboro and Linda Mladenoff for an outstanding Michigan Week Community Awards Breakfast....more >>

Letter to the Editor

Race continues Keegan's legacy

Dear Editor, On May 1, the second annual Chuck Keegan Race for the Kids was cosponsored by the Clarkston Foundation and staff of Clarkston Junior High. Chuck taught for Clarkston Community Schools for more than 30 years....more >>

Letter to the Editor

Thanks for sale success

Dear Editor, We would like to thank the Bailey Lake families for helping us raise $850 at our bake sale for Angelina Russo! Angelina is a 2-year-old cousin of our classmate, Allyson....more >>

Letter to the Editor

Help for students appreciated

Dear Don Rush, Thank you for all your help with our project in Academic Service Learning. We really appreciate it. We know you are a busy person and we want to thank you for taking time out to respond to us....more >>

Spiritual matters

Remember sacrifice of Memorial Day

We will soon be celebrating Memorial Day. I love to celebrate holidays like this. As a person who loves history, I understand the impact the past has on the present. I especially like the aspect of this holiday, where we are commemorating the impact of the lives sacrificed for us on the field of battle....more >>

Schools should foster growth

Letter to the editor

Dear editor, I love Lake Orion Schools. The schools are the reason my family moved here 10 years ago. I volunteer and work at the schools. The teachers and staff never cease to amaze me with their concern and dedication to our children....more >>

'Community failed, miserably'

Letter to the editor

Dear editor, In June 2007, I sat with the rest of my family and listened to the principal of Lake Orion High School describe my daughter's graduating class in unflattering terms as he gave his charge to them....more >>

Thanks for help with...

A collection of letters to the editor

...Buddy Poppy sales Dear editor, Three days of cold, windy and rainy weather didn't keep North Oakland VFW 334 from selling a record amount of Buddy Poppies May 6, 7 and 8, the days this annual fundraiser was held....more >>

MC -- The Hammer

Let's get rowdy

Soon, the public will get a chance to see the pool of 14 community members who applied for Bill Walters' school board seat, during a brief introduction at the board's meeting, and I'm excited and anxious to see who the candidates are....more >>


Council failed to hold the line

This editorial was all set to be a piece lavishly praising the Oxford Village Council for holding the line and maintaining a tax rate of 10.12 mills for the 2010-11 fiscal year. But instead it became an editorial chastising the council for increasing its tax rate by a half-mill....more >>
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