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A letter from the editor

Editor's Note: The following was originally written as an e-mail response to Mr. Terry's letter to me, I decided to use it as my column this week to respond in the newspaper as well....more >>

Jim's Jottings

So, what? Sew buttons! An old time comeback

The first year Hazel and I were married, she worked as a clerk in an Owosso factory. I commuted to East Lansing to college. With no school homework, I had lots more idle time than Hazel....more >>

Don't Rush Me

The plot thickened. Bread ties, part two

So last week I went against all things safe. I broke out and tattled on a powerful secret society -- the secret bread baker society, the SBBS. I ratted them out and what they wanted suppressed and kept hidden from honest, God-fearing Americans like yourselves....more >>

A few comments, then a zinger; stay tuned

Talking head, after talking head teases listeners by hinting at a colossal story, then saying, "You don't want to miss this!" Often the story is a dud, but I stay tuned. I hope my lead-in headline doesn't disappoint....more >>

Coffee Club growing in Ortonville

Networking—a key element in a challenging business climate— is one of several reasons Roy Langolf, director of Coats Village Funeral Home, 135 South St, Ortonville, attended the Coffee Club on Wednesday morning....more >>


Local named one of Detroit's best attorneys

"Hour Detroit" magazine has named Ortonville attorney, Kirk Falvay, "Best of Detroit" in the area of estate planning in their June 2010 issue. "Hour Detroit" magazine made their selection based on a survey of financial services industry professionals and high-net-worth households in the Detroit area....more >>

News Briefs


Academics Alan Cole was named to the dean's list at Eastern Kentucky University with a 3.7 GPA. Cole is a junior majoring in marketing and finance at EKU and is in the ROTC there....more >>

Question:From under which rock did I emerge?

My dad always said, "Son, you should learn something new everyday." I felt that was sound advice until I had about 15 years of living under my belt. And, by the time I graduated from college, I totally rejected Dad's obsession with learning....more >>


Rainbow Day Care retires with owner

Linda Stachelek loves playing Bingo. But she'll only play if the other contestants are potty-trained. Stachelek, the owner of Rainbow Day Care at 11303 Kipp Road, is retiring after 21 years....more >>


View Points

School district:Get out of transportation business (In response to: '16 teachers nixed, wage cuts OK'd,' The Citizen, page 1, May 22.) Dear Editor, The Goodrich School District administration has announced that it needs to lay off more than 1/10th of its teaching staff, 16 teachers....more >>

Keiser's Role A column by Trevor Keiser

She said 'yes'

I took a trip to Georgia Memorial Day weekend to once again see my "Georgia Peach." The trip resulted in me no longer just being in a relationship, but now I'm engaged to get married....more >>

Letter to the editor

Thumbs up for heartwarming story

Dear Editor, As a long-ago J-school grad and writer/reporter/columnist, in another life, I often frown and reread many articles in The Clarkston News, as I thumb though page by page after the paper arrives in my mailbox....more >>

Letter to the editor

Reader supports state rep. candidate

Dear Editor, I'm writing in response to "Local resident files for state representative seat," May 12 edition, announcing Richard Gutowski's campaign for state representative, 44th District....more >>

Letter to the Editor

Thanks for help with Angels' race

Dear Editor, We wanted to take the opportunity to thank the Clarkston Community for their support of the Third Annual Angels' Place Race, May 22. We exceeded last year's fundraising amount....more >>

Spiritual matters

Bible offers insight into relationship with God

Let's pretend that you have never heard of the Bible. Someone hands you a copy and lends it to you promising that it's "a really good read." It's summer, and you have the time, so you settle down with a tall glass of lemonade and open the book… "In the beginning…" What a lovely start, you think....more >>

Did schools 'really send uniformed officers with guns?'

Letter to the editor

Dear editor, I am appalled and saddened by the story I just read in the Review (Mixed messages: Residency investigation was focused on kids, June 9). Did Lake Orion Schools really send uniformed officers with guns to a minor's home? How awful had the minor children been home....more >>
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Pebbles: A graduation speech by Natalie Fiorani

While a number of individuals got behind the podium to offer good wishes and words of wisdom to Lake Orion High School's class of 2010 last week, two students—Natalie Fiorani and Devon Fasbinder—wrote speeches and auditioned amongst a group of peers before they were selected for the honor....more >>

Let license benefit Becker's biz

Letter to the editor

Dear editor, The following was sent to (Orion Township Trustee) JoAnn Van Tassel and other board members several weeks ago, but we never received a response: My mother in law, Pat Simpkins, who recently visited us here in Salt Lake City, told me about a very old and dear friend of ours, Mike Becker, and how he was turned down for a beer and wine license by Orion Township....more >>

Decision 'undermines' parents' authority

Letter to the editor

Dear editor, Underage drinking is against the law (Rumors true…and false, May 19). I am outraged at our law enforcement. If this was my kid I would have wanted him ticketed. Hand-holding, coddling and free rides do nothing for these kids....more >>

Writer's 'proud to be' Setty's sister

Dear editor, I think it is a crime that the media convicts a person before he goes to trial ('Sex slave' case heads to trial, June 9) He should not be tried in your paper based on his past....more >>

A 'thank you' note...

Letters to the editor Relay for Life participants Dear editor, Thanks so much to all those who put forth effort at Orion's Relay for Life event. My husband Doug and I, as cancer survivors, were with you in spirit last weekend, if not in person....more >>


What was the point of having the 'xenophobic rant?'

I read C.J. Carnacchio's column titled "China? Capitalist? Ha, ha" with a certain amount of puzzlement. Was there a point to this xenophobic rant about China? It appeared to be some sort of personal vendetta you have with Superintendent Dr....more >>
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