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Gault for Brandon Trustee Dear Editor: Please join me in supporting Cheryl Gault for Trustee of Brandon Township. Cheryl Gault comes to the Board meetings well prepared, is attentive to the issues....more >>

Don't Rush Me

It's a wrap and some wrap-ups

TV shows blues and more good stuff!

For the past month, I have delved into the bright lights and high fashion world of TV. I have started shooting Don't Rush Me: Th-e-e-e-e Show! Well, it's sort of like a TV show, but it ain't....more >>

Jim's Jottings

China, 1992: Thriving, smelling, bikes, hiddens

China, 1992: Thriving, smelling, bikes, hiddens Last week Jottings took you to China following (VJ Day) Victory in Japan, 1945. We'll now spin the hands of time forward to observations of China from my 1992 visit and some from friends who visited in 2000....more >>

News Briefs


The Goodrich School Board re-elected —Michael Tripp president, Tim Zirnhelt vice president, Doug Tetmeyer secretary and Linda Jackson was named treasurer at the Monday School Board meeting....more >>


OK renewals, but hold line on increases

We're all making do with less, even government. Or it should. The primary election next week, Aug. 3, is a chance to make them. Voters face a plethora of millage proposals. Independence Township residents have three local requests: police renewal, police increase, and library renewal....more >>

Letter to the editor

Too many taxes for Clarkston resident

Dear Editor, Now is not the time for new taxes! Asking a resident of the City of Clarkston to pay an additional $750 for a 5 mill increase on a property with a taxable value of $150,000 is unconscionable....more >>

Letter to the Editor

Police service worth millage renewal, increase

Dear Editor, In these tough financial times, it is easy to say no to more taxes, and I am one to typically agree with that philosophy, especially if you have never had the need for the particular service in question....more >>

Letter to the Editor

Stealth elections

Dear Editor, Looks like the more things change in Independence Township, the more they stay the same. When Township Supervisor Dave Wagner was asked about the police millage renewal and police millage increase proposals in "Police Possibilities," July 22 edition of The Clarkston News, his response sounded very familiar to how other failed millages in Independence Township have been handled....more >>

Letter to the Editor

Police visibility

Dear Editor, Clarkston residents know, as everyone must, that you get what you pay for, including police services. We have all been on the freeway, caught in traffic moving in excess of posted speeds, only to see that traffic slows down to posted speeds when a police vehicle appears....more >>

Letter to the Editor

Township library

Dear Editor, There's good news and bad news. For the first time in my 70 plus years, 48 spent as an engineer with a domestic auto company and 42 residing in Independence Township, I am yielding to the urge to share publicly some observations regarding our political and economic dilemma....more >>

Letter to the Editor

Springfield parks

Dear Editor, I have lived in Springfield Township and have been involved with Parks and Recreation for the past ten years. All five of my children play on the ball leagues which take place in the township parks....more >>

Letter to the Editor

County parks

Dear Editor, Those of us who are so fortunate to live in Oakland County have a wonderful resource in our County Parks. The many opportunities for recreation and outdoor enjoyment are too many to detail....more >>

Raymond James: A column by James Kruzan

Investing guidelines for changing times

While the long-term performance of equity markets has historically been a steady up trend, short-term direction is always unpredictable. Amid all of this misgiving about the market's course, what should investors do? Here are some suggestions: Stay balanced Build a well-diversified portfolio where different sectors will complement each other and may not always move in the same direction at the same time....more >>

Letter to the Editor

Township millages

Dear Editor, We believe it is vital to Independence Township that the police millage and library millage be renewed. Declining property values result in declining revenue, so for 2010, we found it necessaray to cut by 10 percent polic eservices provided by Oakland County Sheriff's Office....more >>

Letter to the Editor

Township library

Dear Editor, A library is a terrible thing to waste, just like a mind. Ours has grown from a tiny white building to a bigger little building to the heavily used, lovely building it is today....more >>

Hometown stories: Heidi McElfish

A lesson from Dad on what could have been

My Dad was dying. He had cancer. We found out just a short time ago and very suddenly. Did I care? He was never a father that I could feel close to. In fact we were always glad when he was not home....more >>

Spirtual matters

Worshiping with Saint Mattress, and Father Pillow

We all have reasons why we don't go to church on a particular day, or for weeks, months, or even years on end. When someone asks us were we go to church we might even say that we have private worship, or that we were too busy....more >>

We say 'yes' to fire and police in Addison Twp.


Addison voters will be asked some taxing questions on the Aug. 3 primary ballot. Specifically, do they wish to renew their 3.4874-mill police tax and slightly increase one of their fire taxes from 0....more >>


Our picks for Aug. 3 primary


On Tuesday, Aug. 3, Oxford and Addison voters will trek to the polls to make decisions that will affect their community, their county and their state. The upcoming ballot offers voters many choices....more >>
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