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Don't Rush Me

Fake parties, skeeters and vote horders, oh my

. . . Some follow-ups from columns past

Just last week I ranted -- and yes, it was a rant so I won't try to make it sound pretty. Well, maybe rant is prettying it up . . . okay, I whined about the newest sensation in American fairness -- cumulative voting....more >>

Jim's Jottings

Wandering through a day, wondering at night

• Does the British Broadcasting Company (BBC) have as many American speaking news readers and commentators as ABC, Fox, CBS and NBC has Britishers? England's Christiana Amanpor is being promoted here lately....more >>


Pay cuts may contribute more to problem

Dear Editor, We've heard so much in the past months about businesses, some failing, that have been given tax dollars with no strings attached, who then turn around and pay big bonuses to their departing CEOs....more >>


Bad government: What a crock! Now it's my turn

Dear Editor, Read Don Rush's angry column about Clarkston in The Citizen. Good column about bad local governments Good column about bad local governments. Now it's my turn. Brandon Township is sending scare tactic $250,000 budget shortfalls over the next three years....more >>


Hurd Road litterbug bagged,fined

(In response to, Litterbug, The Citzen, Aug. 21, page 10): Dear Editor, Our family is one of many that becomes very frustrated and angry when we see litter on the side of the road....more >>


It is time to be public servants

Dear Editor, It is time to face and deal with the matters at hand, reality. Across the country our elected officials have been lining their pockets with pay and benefits. Our (Brandon) township officials are not an exemption to this....more >>


And the survey says...

Dear Editor, I am former USMC Sergeant Michael A. Hamlett and citizen of Brandon for 13 years. I can no longer sit here silently. Having honestly filled out the survey of potential options, I eyed the "Police, fire millages unchanged in 2011; budget cuts eyed" and "Township community park projects move forward" articles with disbelief....more >>


Blindly reelect the same kind of board?

Dear Editor, We have a timely opportunity to prepare for the 2012 election. As Brandon Township voters, we have ample time to go to the polls informed, alert and clear eyed in the knowledge that we are casting our vote for the best candidate....more >>


Goodrich School Board, 6 p.m. Ortonville Village Council, 7 p.m.

Dear Editor, Who planted the flowers on the corners of the downtown area? Molly Malone and her Ortonville Downtown Development Authority crew. They look fantastic. Thank you Molly and the DDA....more >>

Phil In The Blank

Phil in the Blank A column by Phil Custodio

On the web

For the past four years, the "blank" in "Phil in the Blank" referred to this space in the newspaper. I'm the editor in charge of laying out the newspaper, and when it's my turn to write the column, this spot is blank until I fill it....more >>

Letter to the editor

'Sad day in Clarkston'

Dear Editor, It was a sad day in Clarkston to have to vote "for" or "against" a millage increase proposal, which made you feel you were losing the battle no matter which way you voted....more >>

Letter to the editor

Reader takes issue with story

Dear Editor, I was disappointed in the News' coverage of the Aug. 16 Clarkston City Council meeting at which the council decided not to hold a November millage election to fund Clarkston's police department but rather to disband the department ("No new millage vote for Clarkston Police," Aug....more >>

Raymond James A column by James Kruzan

Savings Bonds for Education

By James B. Kruzan, CFP Many individuals save for their children's education by participating in the U.S. Government's Education Bond Program. The benefit many see with saving in this program is their investments in savings bonds (Series EE and I bonds) grow tax deferred....more >>

Hometown stories:Heidi McElfish

Treasure hunter misses out on find in old safe

A 21-year-old Clarkston man – I will call Kip McLaughlin – was always dreaming that one day, he would find a treasure. Growing up his parents were avid collectors. Every vacation, every road trip, they would stop at any antique store, vintage shop or junk store....more >>

Spiritual matters

Perseverance despite being knocked down

I heard that on one particular Monday Night Football game, Walter Payton reached the equivalent of nine miles of running yards for his career. When he passed the mark, the announcer made mention of the milestone and the other announcer responded: "Yeah, and that's after getting knocked down every 4....more >>

Letter to the editor: 'Just say No'

Dear editor, In a continuing effort to bring truth to the all the people, dispel untruth, misinterpretations etc. I am encouraging everyone to research Michigan law concerning the possession, growing, dispensing and selling of marijuana, as well as the possession, manufacture, sale, delivery, and advertisement of drug paraphernalia....more >>

Letter to the editor: 'Not 9/11 sensitivity driving this uproar'

Dear editor, It's not 9/11 sensitivity that's driving this uproar… Since it is established that Muslims have the same right to build a place of worship and practice their religion as everyone else in this country, let's get on to the real issue....more >>

Letter to the editor: Exchange students need LO homes

Dear editor, A local non-profit exchange program is inviting local Lake Orion families to host international exchange students for the 2010-2011 school year. The teenage students come from over 30 countries and attend local high schools....more >>


A buncha birds and one stone

Lifelong Lake Orion resident Michael Becker is making a return trip to the township board Aug. 30, 7 p.m., for a second go-round at securing a liquor license for his restaurant, Pizzariffic....more >>

My Way

My Way

Somebody needs to put that greedy child in the corner

Have you ever watched a greedy child open Christmas presents? It's not a pretty sight. They rip open a package, take a brief look at their new toy, toss it aside, then head for the next gift....more >>
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