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My Way

My Way

Identity isn't tied to having a govt.

In last week's column, I focused on what it would take to dissolve the Village of Oxford and why I'm in favor of it. This week I wish to focus on the concept of "identity." Over in Clarkston, people are talking a lot about "identity" these days because the city recently got rid of its tiny police force and now, the municipality itself is the target of a dissolution campaign....more >>

Don't Rush Me

Writer/reporter turns passion to business

The outdoor life for Jim

The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated. -- Mark Twain As someone in the print journalism world, I know a lot of electronic media have played up the demise of newspapers....more >>

Jim's Jottings

Ad breaks on tv lengthen breaks from tv

For all my television viewing life, over half a century, I've known, and believed advertising has had restricted time slots. I had no proof, no solid information, but it is what I believed....more >>


Community support for OCEF

Dear Editor, At the first Brandon football game on Aug. 27, OCEF received a real gift in the form of a fly-over thanks to Kirt Kostich of Clarkston, who was our wonderful pilot. There are many people we want to thank for this event, including Roger Duval who worked closely with Kirt and who was our on-ground pilot guide....more >>


Stop spending money on non-essential

Dear Editor, In response to "Three-year township budget plan takes shape," page 1, The Citizen, Sept. 4: I agree with the treasurer's statement, "that there is a group of four people that are going one direction and one direction only—spend whatever they can on the park, and forget the township....more >>


Twp. park money well spent

Dear Editor, Recent arguments over the Brandon Township Park beg rejoinder. Living across the street, I observe its regular use on a daily basis. Not to mention, my family and I use it often due to its locale....more >>


Kathy Thurman: Survey responses were appreciated

Dear Editor, Thank you residents who took the time to complete and return the Brandon Township Fiscal Priorities Survey. The constructive comments and suggestions that were included on many of the surveys were very much appreciated....more >>


Ken Quisenberry: I am always proud to say, 'I live in Ortonville.'

Dear Editor This November I will conclude my term as Village of Ortonville Council President. I would like to thank our entire community for the privilege to serve in that capacity....more >>


Remember who dug the hole come election time 2012

Dear Editor, I would like to start by thanking Kevin Wille, Robert Therrien, Tyrone Beltramo, Cheryl Gault, and Dave King for the contributions they have made to our community. Some spoke out in The Citizen while others had their vote of a dissenting opinion silenced....more >>


Voters beware the non-party

Dear Editor, Last week, one of the local politicians dropped off an adverstisement regarding his running for the office of Michigan state representative. There is nothing noted on the flyer stating which party he is affiliated with....more >>


Hope dogs find a good home, love

Dear Editor, (In response to, "People just can't afford the food and licenses for their pets," The Citizen, Sept. 4, page 10): My fiancé and I are the "locals," well not so local, that built and were feeding the dogs for many weeks during this summer....more >>


Senior buses vital for area

Dear Editor, First, I am thankful for this wonderful senior citizen bus service. I don't know what I'd do if it wasn't available for me to get to my appointments on time. Kudos to Pat Reed and Janet Clair for their excellent service, they are always there when you need them....more >>

Phil In The Blank

Phil in the Blank A column by Phil Custodio

Still learning from 9-11

Sept. 11 fell on a Saturday this year, which made possible a whole day of 9/11. MSNBC ran coverage of the terrorist attacks on New York City, Washington D.C., Shanksville, as they happened nine years ago....more >>

Letter to the editor

Debate how to keep city identity

Dear Editor, I applaud the decision to cancel the forum on Oct. 4 to discuss the dissolution of the City of Clarkston. These types of events, hastily planned, and not well-communicated, will only bring in those who support the issue at hand....more >>

Letter to the editor

Keep Independence's identity too

Dear Editor, We agree with the idea that a layer of government could and should be dissolved if the city of/village of Clarkston was dissolved. However we disagree with the notion that long time township residents should drop the Independence Twp....more >>

Letter to the editor

Keep discussions going

Dear Editor, I think we should have discussions on anything that would improve our community. Services and taxes are high on that list. We have five vacant homes on North Holcomb along....more >>

Rule the earth as Kings, not slaves

An important step toward getting on in life is for a man to realize that his greatest enemy is himself. No amount of complaining about one's circumstances, past, boss, bank account, or political leaders will move him forward....more >>

Letter to the editor: Just ducky: Race nets $4,000 for YA

Dear editor, Both the Orion Area and Oxford Addison Youth Assistance Programs would like to thank everyone who participated in the fifth annual Duck Race, a fundraiser which was held on Saturday, Aug....more >>

Letter to the editor: Listen local, too

Dear editor, Last Sunday I had the pleasure of hearing the Paint Creek Boys perform at the Lake Orion Library. This is a local group led by twin brothers Don and Ron Whitaker. After the concert I talked to one of the brothers and asked him why they no longer perform at the Gazebo Concert Series on Wednesday nights in downtown Lake Orion....more >>

Letter to the editor: NOCC won't be deterred

Dear editor: In the North Oakland Community Coalition's strategic plan, obtaining the Drug Free Communities Grant, which would have brought $125,000 to the community to strengthen coordination and prevention efforts, encourage citizen participation in substance abuse reduction efforts, and disseminate information about effective programs, was going to occur in 2011....more >>

Letter to the editor: Ehman could become 'shining example'

Dear editor, Cheers to Steve Auger for his letter concerning the proposed Senior Center. Let's hope those in authority will heed his statistics and wisdom. The village office is a testament to what preserving its location has done for the village....more >>

Letter to the editor: Reader: Renovate Ehman for seniors

Dear editor, In Orion Township's Outreach newsletter, Township Supervisor Matthew Gibb writes that township residents will be found "asking whether we can survive just one more year without solving how we maintain levels of police and fire protection or safe recreational areas with the declining economy....more >>

Letter to the editor

Just say 'yes' to more Marijuana Raids

Dear editor, Thanks for our Law enforcement for shutting down illegal Pot/Marijuana growing & selling joints; otherwise known as Marijuana Stores. Growing and selling marijuana is still a crime in Michigan; this act does not change that fact....more >>
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