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My Way

Peace is good, but sometimes war is, too

Peace is an admirable goal. It's something humanity should strive for and, whenever possible, attain. But as we all know, there are times when peace is simply not feasible and wars must be fought for the good of all....more >>

Don't Rush Me

What the heck is going on in classrooms these days?

Editor's Note: work pulled Don in different directions this week . . . here is a Best of Don, from 2002. We think you'll smile. And, if you to see what is on Don's mind -- this week -- check out Don't Rush Me -- The Show by clicking on www....more >>

Jim's Jottings

Hang on! There's bound to be something relative

Hang on! There's bound to be something relative I'm going to start thinking positive, but I know it won't work. I know it can't be just me, but when I see a headline on an editorial page that says something like "Michigan in need of hardy dose of reality" I first check the ending....more >>


Slow down for school buses

Dear Editor, My husband and I just bought our first home on Oak Hill Road in Brandon Township. We love the area and love the schools. However, for the past two weeks several drivers have run the red lights of both buses that our young children ride (including a special needs bus)....more >>

OCEF sale nets $7,500

Dear Editor, Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers, shoppers, and donors who helped make the seventh annual OCEF Sale a huge success. At this time we have raised over $7,500 thanks to the generosity and support of our local community....more >>


Village of Goodrich audit report

Dear Editor, This is an invitation to all Village of Goodrich residents to attend the 7 p.m., Oct. 11, 2010 council meeting. Representatives from Lewis & Knopf, CPAS, P.C. will present the 2009/2010 village audit report....more >>

Medical marijuana law, for the sick not for profits of others

(In response to, "Medical marijuana," The Citizen, Sept. 11, page 1) Dear Editor, A very interesting article. Now would someone please tell the planning commission in Atlas Township that Michigan medical marijuana laws do not allow dispensaries....more >>

To: Everyone who wants to know how important bingo is at the senior center

Dear editor, Do you know how many people come just to have companionship and fun for a short time at the senior center? These people really enjoy playing Bingo. Maybe you should come to the center on Wednesday and see for yourself....more >>


Martin family: Thank you Goodrich/Ortonville

Dear Editor, The Martin family, Hometown Pool family and Caribbean Sunset Tanning team would like to offer our heartfelt gratitude to the outpouring of love, concern and assistance during the past few weeks....more >>


It is time for township board to revisit priorities

Dear Editor, Brandon Township, like many other communities, is facing a fiscal crisis. A lack of funds for many of the township programs is forcing decisions about how to allocate those funds....more >>


How else is the public going to get information?

Dear Editor, In a recent e-mail to the Brandon Township Board, Supervisor Kathy Thurman directs members to follow a procedure she hopes will limit discussion. She quotes an old "code of conduct" item reminiscent of high school that suggests board members become informed, attempt to resolve conflicts, and ask questions in advance....more >>


Brandon Schools: "Honestly, I don't know what they were thinking?"

(In response to, Audit finds extra $500K in district books, staff added, The Citizen, Sept. 25, page 1): Dear editor, My great-nephew plays football for a high school in mid-Michigan....more >>

Keiser's Role

Keiser's Role A column by Trevor Keiser

Same opinion

I've had a few weeks to think about my last column about dissolving the city and making it part of Independence Township, along with considering the thoughts of those who have written letters to the editor, and various conversations I've had since then....more >>

Letter to the editor

Thanks for help with vet seminar

Dear Editor, Thank you to several individuals for their assistance with the success of our recent veteran benefit seminar. First, we would like to recognize the American Legion Chief Pontiac Post #377 & its Commander, Robert Logan, for the use of the hall and for the hospitality of Denise Elton and Keith Logan during the event....more >>

Letter to the editor

Trustees' efforts not to laugh at

Dear Editor, I watch most of the Township Board meetings on the local cable channel. Our Township Board is not the laughing stock of the entire County. For Supervisor David Wagner to say that is his excuse for taking the meetings down off the Internet is self-serving and a gross overstatement....more >>

Letter to the editor

Reader spots missed opportunity

Dear Editor, I sent a link to Linda Richardson of the Independence DPW and Neil Wallace, Township trustee, to an EPA grant for $250,000 that could be used for environmental work here....more >>

Guest viewpoint:Maria Rotondo-Mark

Too much rage?

Are we ignoring politeness, kindness, patience and courtesy to thoughtless rage behavior? In previous communication I have addressed "respect and responsibility" critical components of human evolvement....more >>

Raymond James: A column by James Kruzan

The Rule of 72

"How long will it take my investment to double?" This is a common question many may have concerning their investments and think a calculator is needed to provide an answer. But a calculator may not be needed, at all....more >>

Spiritual matters

Keep in mind spiritual foundation when voting

In about five weeks, we will be holding our mid-term elections for federal office; we will also be electing our main term choices for statewide offices. It is expected to be a time when the incumbents will fare badly because the electorate is so frustrated with the affairs of our country....more >>

Letter to the editor: 'Employees should pay for their own flu shots'

Dear editor, This does not include the majority of tax payers of the Village. At a recent village council meeting, it was unanimously approved that all village employees, full and part time, and all police officers, full time and reserves, will receive a free flu shot, compliments of our tax dollars....more >>

Letter to the editor: Thanks for help with golf banquet

Dear editor, We would like to thank the following establishments for donating goods/ services for prizes for the Orion Senior Center Ladies' Senior Golf League banquet held at Bald Mountain Golf Course on Sept....more >>

Letter to the editor: 'Economic blindness, arrogance'

Dear editor, After reading about the Senior Center Project and the new school bond proposal (Senior Center approved and Schools to hold Feb. election for bond issue, Sept. 22) it appears to me that we have the same economic blindness and arrogance in our local government that permeates the state and federal governments....more >>
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