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Don't Rush Me

Michigander accepted, don't make it right

How 'bout Michiganer, Michiganite, Michiganese, or Michigine?

In case you missed it, last week I scored the governor's debate. Both candidates, on my score card, earned zero points. (If one is singular, what is zero and should it be points or point? I also wonder which high school English teacher will be the first to e-mail me with the correct answer?) I expected folks to write in and complain that I didn't give enough credit to their favorite candidate....more >>

Jim's Jottings

A Jottings re-run: Playing 6-man football

Morrice High School, 1940-42

A Jottings re-run: Playing 6-man football (Since we are now in the height of the high school, college and professional football seasons, I thought it would be nice to rerun this column from August 22, 1965....more >>


Hooray for all these young boys, girls who hunt with dad

Dear Editor, (In response to: 'Hunting not good news,' The Citizen, Oct. 9, page 6): Hooray for all these young boys and girls and their dads for taking the time to teach them the wonderful outdoor sport of hunting and enjoying our Michigan wonderland....more >>


Support another board candidate

Dear Editor, Voters of Brandon School District, I am writing this letter to request that you support other candidates than myself in the upcoming election in November. After I filed my paperwork to run for office, I was hospitalized for two weeks and I do not feel that I am physically able to take on this position and give 100 percent of my time and energy to do the job as I feel it should be done....more >>


A little longer to trick-or treat

Dear Editor, Ortonville is a very cool community when it comes to Halloween. Many, many residents participate by decorating and lighting their homes for a ghoulish night "for kids" and the number of parents and kids trick-or-treating is amazing....more >>

News Briefs

The truth about the Goodrich turf

Dear Editor, (In response to,"School bond projects to include artificial turf," The Citizen, Oct. 9, page 4): I just wanted to submit a few details and facts regarding the artificial turf idea being proposed for Goodrich in the school bond....more >>


More to hunting than killing

Dear Editor, (In response to, 'Hunting' not good news,' The Citizen, Oct. 9, page 6) Every year we read letters (in The Citizen) about how some people are digusted with the successful hunters' pictures....more >>



Opportunity for new openness

We welcome new Clarkston Superintendent Dr. Rod Rock, and look forward to working with him. There's still much to talk about regarding school operations and finances. We and parent activists such as Mike and Dawn Schaller raised many questions over the past several months, regarding how things were done in the district under the previous administration....more >>

Keiser's Role A column by Trevor Keiser

Cue the violins

Since May, Independence Township Trustee Dave Lohmeier has asked for the 2009 audit deficiencies to be fixed. Lohmeier was basically told by Clerk Shelagh VanderVeen at the Oct. 5 meeting that his request would just have to wait because the Finance Director Susan Hendricks was going to be out "for the next couple weeks" due to surgery....more >>

Letter to the editor

Support for Egan based on experience

Dear Editor, With all the recent changes in Clarkston Schools, there is still one constant. That permanence comes from dedicated parents and community members who volunteer countless hours to support our students, staff and families....more >>

Letter to the editor

Voter likes Schrei's independent voice

Dear Editor, Although my children have already graduated from Clarkston Schools, I am still very interested in making sure that our School Board is comprised of professional, highly qualified individuals who think independently and act in the best interests of all the District residents....more >>

Letter to the editor

Thanks for help with Football for a Cure

Dear Editor, The McLaren Health Care System extends a heartfelt thank you to the Clarkston High School staff and students, football coaching staff and team, Harriet Clark, LuAnn Stohrer, cheerleaders, parents, volunteers, and the community for their hard work and support in making the Football For a Cure Fundraiser a success....more >>

Letter to the editor

Historic District serves city well

Dear Editor, I read with interest the article "Homeowners fight historic commission in restoration project," Oct. 6. Living in a historic district is a positive experience. We moved here because we love the historic look and atmosphere of Main Street and the rest of the Village....more >>

Letter to the editor

Cityhood too costly

Dear Editor, I am writing in response to "write-in" candidate Michael Sabol's position on cityhood. When we moved to Clarkston it was not yet a city. We were told that by voting for cityhood we would maintain lower taxes....more >>

Letter to the editor

Stop light trouble

Dear Editor, I am a teacher at Pine Knob Elementary on Sashabaw Road, and mother to three small children who go to Li'l People's Place daycare. I travel on Sashabaw many times a day....more >>

Spiritual matters

Don't be distracted by final-days fears

Whenever difficult times come, there arises a mass of people who wonder whether or not we are "living in the last days." Today, in our climate of political and economic upheaval, people again are pondering whether the last days are upon us....more >>

Letter to the editor: Stiffer marijuana laws are 'great work'

Dear editor, More good news on the marijuana front. In an article by Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper dated Sept. 27, she assures all of us that marijuana dispensaries are illegal anywhere in Michigan, as does the MMMA, while an article by Sheriff Bouchard on Sept....more >>

Letter to the editor: Help make Christmas extraordinary

Dear editor, The Lake Orion Police Department is planning the third annual Shop with a Hero event to be held at the Oxford Meijer Store in December. This year, we are faced with tremendous challenges to meet our goals that no child in the Orion area is without the miracle and magic of Christmas morning....more >>

Letter to the editor: Board botched bond election

Dear editor, There are several school elections going on in Oakland County next month, but not here in Lake Orion Community Schools (LOCS). I am so disappointed our board has not moved to November elections for board seats and bonds costing $0....more >>

Letter to the editor: Bond equals 23 percent mil increase

Dear editor, A bond proposal to increase Lake Orion school taxes by 1.75 mils (23 percent increase) is being prepared, and will be voted on in a February, 2011 special election. The voters in the Lake Orion School District will be asked to increase the school millage of 7....more >>

Letter to editor: Community support brings comfort

Dear editor, Thanks to so many generous area businesses and residents, the second Annual Harvest Dash for Recovery held at the Scripps Mansion on Sunday, Sept. 26 was another successful event....more >>
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