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Our picks for Tuesday's vote

In this Tuesday's election, we recommend John Shrei for Clarkston Board of Education. For Clarkston City Council, we support Peg Roth, Charles Inabnit, and Mike Sabol. The school board election, the first since the former superintendent left, is crucial....more >>

Phil in the Blank A column by Phil Custodio

Election's almost here

Election season is down to the wire, with six days until Election Day. One of the stranger episodes this past year: Kande Ngalamulume's brief candidacy. He kicked off his run against the formidable Mike Rogers for his seat in the U....more >>

Guest viewpoint

Reopen Constitution to fix it

Michigan voters undecided on ballot Proposal One might ask themselves two questions: Are you unhappy with the current economic conditions in Michigan? Do you believe Michigan could do better? Yes answers mean you are a likely Proposal One supporter....more >>

Don't Rush Me

Readers weigh-in on nicknames

Trolls Unite! (under the bridge)

Yikes! With the election only a handful of days away I think I may have finally figured out who I'll cast my vote for Michigan's governorship . . . but, as it is a secret ballot, it's none of your business....more >>

Jim's Jottings

How Henry Ford foiled British bankers here

This is the third in my series on Henry Ford, recounted from the 1938 Detroit Free Press columns by Iffy The Dopester (Malcomb Bingay.) Titled "Who does Henry Ford think he is?" We first repeated the story of Ford rejecting the New Dealers early in the century, then came his $5 a day plan, then he won the fight with Seldon Company over rights to the gasoline engine....more >>


Thank you, Septemberfest 2010 sponsors for all your support

Dear Editor, Brandon Township Parks & Recreation thanks the following businesses for generously contributing to the success of our 22nd Annual Septemberfest celebration held in downtown Ortonville on Saturday, Sept....more >>


Clarification of rainy day fund in Goodrich coffers, fund balance increase

Dear Editor, (In response to, 'Goodrich Council: Overspending by government has got to stop'!, Oct. 23, page 10): Just a note to clarify the Village of Goodrich "rainy day fund." The amount Patricia Wartella refers to for the 2004-2005 budget year as stated in the October 2005 treasurer's report of $1....more >>


Start a new millage for the park? Because we let them

Dear Editor, Has anyone ever taken a look into the expenditures, revenues, and salaries in regards to the recreation department? Firstly, the recreation department and the township park are non-mandated services as stated in the Brandon Township mission statement....more >>


Hooray for all these young boys, girls who hunt with dad

Dear Editor, (In response to: 'Hunting not good news,' The Citizen, Oct. 9, page 6): Hooray for all these young boys and girls and their dads for taking the time to teach them the wonderful outdoor sport of hunting and enjoying our Michigan wonderland....more >>


Support another board candidate

Dear Editor, Voters of Brandon School District, I am writing this letter to request that you support other candidates than myself in the upcoming election in November. After I filed my paperwork to run for office, I was hospitalized for two weeks and I do not feel that I am physically able to take on this position and give 100 percent of my time and energy to do the job as I feel it should be done....more >>


A little longer to trick-or treat

Dear Editor, Ortonville is a very cool community when it comes to Halloween. Many, many residents participate by decorating and lighting their homes for a ghoulish night "for kids" and the number of parents and kids trick-or-treating is amazing....more >>

Letter to the editor

Vote for Schrei for more openness

Dear Editor, I hope that the Clarkston Community Schools voters go to the polls to vote for John Schrei for School Board on Nov. 2! John will bring a balanced, open, business perspective to the board and I back him wholeheartedly....more >>

Letter to the Editor

Egan's credentials attracts voter

Dear Editor, I support a talented and committed member of our community, Elizabeth Egan, for School Board in the November election. I have been fortunate to know Elizabeth and work with her in several community related activities....more >>

Letter to the Editor

City issues addressed by readers

Dear Editor, The story on Clarkston's expected mayor ("One man for mayor," Oct. 20) was informative and needed since he is running unopposed and didn't have to say anything. It is a good sign that he did given the silence that preceded him....more >>

Raymond James A column by James Kruzan

Can you afford to live on that?

Recent studies suggest that about 40 percent of all people who reach 65 will spend some time in a nursing home. One in four will spend more than a year in a nursing home. One in 10 will require nursing home care for five years or more....more >>

Spiritual matters

Sainthood in reach, even for our youth

What do the Beatles and Pope Benedict XVI have in common? Well, they have more in common than you might think. Although separated by more than 40 years, both appeared in Great Britain before crowds of cheering young people....more >>

MC -- The Hammer

Bond puts voters between rock and hard place

Yes or no? It's a simple enough question. Do you want eggs for breakfast, yes or no? Do you like winter, yes or no? But, it turns out, making the decision to vote yes or no on the Feb....more >>

Letter to the editor: Seniors, 'come on out and join the fun'

Dear editor, I am a senior who began attending the Orion Senior Center this past summer. I want to share with others what a joy it is to spend time at the center. I love having the opportunity to get out of the house and socialize with others....more >>

Letter to the editor: 'Change in vocabulary long overdue'

Dear editor, This past month there have been many events commemorating National Bullying Prevention Month. Several events have been set up in which students have participated and spread awareness by wearing a specific color and dedicating their Facebook or Twitter status to the cause....more >>

Editorial: Police millages deserve YES votes

Nine times out of 10 whenever government asks for a tax increase it's because officials have either squandered the money we've already given them or they need more funds for some grandiose scheme or lavish project....more >>


Editorial: Vote Thomas, Kempner for school board

Government works best when there's a system of checks and balances in place. This is important so that no one side be it a majority or a minority can completely get their way all the time....more >>
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