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Hats off to Ian Ruhala

It's amazing how many people out there think the role of journalists, editorial writers and columnists should be to only write positive things, serve as cheerleaders and regurgitate – without any skepticism, criticism or analysis – whatever government folks tell us....more >>

Don't Rush Me

Sunday a.m. TV commercials ain't what they used to be . . .

. . . Ample bosoms on parade

So, it's a recent Sunday morning at Casa D'Rush. Two of the Rush lads are up, hair askew, pj's rumpled, the sleep barely out of our eyes. It's sometime between 7 a.m. and 7:25, which means the 4,721-day-old Shamus is still sound asleep, the way almost-teenagers are before eight bells ring from the morning clock....more >>

Jim's Jottings

A pat on the back, and a question to the car czar

The subject of this column is a rarity: It's to praise the work of a government agency, the United States Postal Service. I know, I know, we love our local carriers, but criticize the USPS overall for whatever reason....more >>


Recall Wartella —vote her off Goodrich Village Council

Dear Editor, I have heard of wanting a change, but in the village of Goodrich this one is a joke! They went to a five person council meeting, to a three-ring circus with Patty Wartella— whipping her way through a meeting, firing the attorney that is in the middle of a lawsuit, to hiring a new one that she knows personally, without bringing references or anything....more >>


Private roads: Board needs to support majority of residents

Dear Editor, (In response to, 'Private roads, public problem,' The Citizen, Oct. 30, page 1): Being one of the prime movers behind the Shelmar Lane Special Assessment District (SAD), I have a few thoughts....more >>


Brandon Schools commended for program

Dear Editor, I recently job shadowed a Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) at one of the local schools in Brandon Township. As the SLP and I started to talk about all the benefits in this field, she brought to my attention that four years ago, Belle Ann Elementary has started a program for students with autism....more >>


Just love all those hunting stories

Dear Editor, In response to several of the anti-hunting letters that have recently been published in The Citizen, I'd like to first say that I enjoy reading the success stories of our local hunters and hope that you continue to publish them....more >>


Goodrich: 'We are here for all the people'

Dear Editor, On Nov. 2, the people of Goodrich voted for change. Elections bring change and new directions. Change is always hard to accept. The people voted for new directions and we are listening....more >>


Competition keeps rates resonable

Dear Editor, (In response to: 'Cable franchise fee collection yields $70K surplus,' The Citizen Oct. 30, page 4): One council member reportedly stated that maybe Charter cable rates were too high for residents, and that there was a $70,000 cable fee surplus....more >>


Local greatly missed on Hallo's Eve

Dear Editor, For the past 20 years, hundreds of children have enjoyed trick-or-treating at the haunted house on 77 James St. in. Ortonville. Linda Byorth-Detrio, in her 'Mesmerelda' persona has delighted in providing family-friendly spooky scenes including an alien dissection, a bubbling and creature-filled witches' brew, and a zombie family watching "Nightmare before Christmas....more >>


Hunters: Please don't stop!

Dear Editor, I would like to thank you for continuing to publish pictures and stories of local successful hunters. It brings me joy to see the traditions of our forefathers carried on, especially when shared with the next generation....more >>


Thank you for the seven years on the council

Dear Editor, Thank you citizens of the Village of Ortonville for allowing me to represent them on the village council for the last seven years. I have enjoyed working with the council members, and enjoyed the presence of those in the village that have attended the meetings....more >>


Community, better place because of you

Dear Editor, Thank you to retiring Village of Ortonville Council members: Ken Quisenberry, President; Kay Green, President Pro-tem; Harold Batten, Trustee; and Melanie Nivelt, Trustee....more >>


Don't bribe kids to sell a sweet reminder of a childhood experience

Dear Editor, Halloween was a magical night in our neighborhood when I was a kid. A night we could run in the dark, dress outrageously, scream and yell silly things at our neighbors and, incredibly get a treat! We would plot for weeks, planning our itinerary as precisely as a polar expedition....more >>


Tentative no vote on Goodrich School bond extension

Dear Editor, I am trying to reconcile the limited information provided on the proposed bond and several dissonant issues. 1. In the beginning planning, the $30 million figure kept being mentioned in the press, but it was never stated that amount was based on a wish list compiled by school and community members that was never really prioritized and basically died with the departure of the superintendent....more >>

Keiser's Role

Keiser's Role A column by Trevor Keiser

Civic duty

Some of you might have seen the last Independence Township Board meeting. They had a conversation regarding lifetime healthcare for the three elected official, the supervisor, clerk, and treasurer....more >>

Letter to the editor

Maryann Carr led life of prayer

Dear Editor, Last week we said farewell to a living treasure in our midst. Maryann Carr passed from this life on Oct. 19, 2010, following a heroic battle with cancer. Her tireless and ever cheerful life of witness will be missed by the community....more >>

Letter to the editor

No regrets in school board campaign

Dear Editor, Thank you to everyone who stepped forward to offer their support and words of encouragement in my campaign to become a Clarkston School Board Member. In addition, I want to congratulate Elizabeth Egan on her victory....more >>

Letter to the editor

Represent other sports at ceremonies

Dear Editor, I don't know if anyone else noticed, but I was a bit disappointed that at the celebration of the retirement of Dave Reschke, in front of the crowd at Homecoming, Oct. 8, our Athletic Director presented him a gift of a signed football and basketball....more >>

Home grown: Mary Pellerito

Spring bulbs for outdoors, indoors

Some gardeners are tired of working in the garden and don't plant many, if any, bulbs. By spring, the gardens look a bit drab. Others order early-, mid-, and late-blooming bulbs in the right colors to fit beautifully into our landscape....more >>

Hometown stories: Heidi McElfish

Perils, joys of working at home

When we first started our business, my husband and I had a perfect working relationship. I did all the accounting and billing and he handled the client relationships and the actual work that we would get paid for....more >>

Spiritual matters

Would your faith get you convicted?

If you were arrested for being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you? There are many recent studies that show that there is not a whole lot of difference between people who claim to follow Jesus and those who don't....more >>

Letter to the editor: 'Luby's Boobies' raises $48K for cancer research

Dear editor, Team Luby (aka Luby's Boobies) completed its 4th Susan G Komen for the Cure Breast Cancer 3Day walk raising just over $48K. During August's hottest days, this year's team of 19 each raised a minimum of $2,300 and walked 60 miles over three days while camping in pretty pink tents for the weekend....more >>

Letter to the editor: Making the community 'a better place'

Dear editor, Three for the price of one: How often do you have a chance to do something that will benefit three parties at the same time?  Who are the three you may ask?  Yourself A neighborhood business A community charity Time Square Restaurant has set aside every Wednesday night from 4 p....more >>

Letter to the editor: Thanks for affirmation of mission

Dear editor, For 25 years, the Problem Pregnancy Center has been a positive entity in the Oxford/Orion community. Service and assistance has been provided to women, teens and their families in need or crisis....more >>
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