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My Way

My Way

Oh, how quickly they forget

For all their phony talk about presenting a "united front" to the community and wolfing down free breakfasts together while praising each other, there's one thing that never fails to get government folks fighting amongst themselves like rabid dogs in a meat-filled pit money....more >>

Don't Rush Me

It's really December? Already? Yikes.

Don's least favorite Christmas songs

By the time this column hits the streets, the first week in December, 2010 will be in full swing. That means it's only a few short weeks to Christmas. And, that means I am still on track for gift purchasing to take place in about 22 days....more >>

Jim's Jottings

Henry Ford got into ships railroads and hospitals

This is the fourth in my series on Henry Ford, recounted from the 1938 Detroit Free columns by Iffy the Dopester (aka Malcomb Bingay.) Titled "Who does Henry Ford think he is?" I first repeated the story of Ford rejecting the New Dealers early in the century, then came his $5 a day plan, then he won the fight with Seldon Company over rights to the gasoline engine....more >>


Three council persons associated with village dissolve

Dear Editor, I'm not sure the village residents really understand the makeup of the new village council after the recent election of Phil Jackson and Doug McAbee. They ran on a campaign to reduce taxes and operational costs in the village....more >>


Right time for all-purpose turf athletic field in Goodrich?

Dear Editor, At first blush it seems that a turf athletic field is extravagant in the current economic downturn. Evaluating this for possible benefits to our community and schools compared to the cost has stimulated several thoughts I would like to share before we as the Goodrich community decide where to spend our bond money....more >>


Vej-eter-eian: old Indian word for bad hunter

Dear Editor, (In response to, 'Man should cherish the animals,' The Citizen, Nov. 6, page 6): In my dictionary the word cherish is defined: to hold dear, to treat tenderly, nurture, to harbor in mind....more >>


Review, analyze, evaluate, then decide

Dear Editor, I attended the Goodrich Village Council meeting on Nov. 30 after I heard about issues at the previous meeting. I am quite concerned about the direction the council is taking....more >>


Goodrich citizens want change

Dear Editor, (In response to, 'New look village council shuffles, shakes amidst resignation,' The Citizen, Nov. 13, page 1): Thanks for the Nov. 13 article on the "new look" Goodrich Village Council; it was fair and well-written save for the omission of the profanity and heckling by several people....more >>


Village looks better than it ever has

Dear Editor, (In response to, 'Village of Goodrich deserves the best,' The Citizen, Nov.13, page 6): Answering back to the Village of Goodrich deserves the best! Yes, I do live in the township, but I help fight each time for the village to stay the village! I also have lived in the village three doors down from my ex-brother-in-law....more >>


Decision, not the best for Goodrich

Dear Editor, (In response to, 'Village of Goodrich deserves the best,' The Citizen, Nov. 20, page 6): I have been in and around this area some 56 years now. I have lived in the Village of Goodrich and in Atlas Township, where I reside now....more >>


Ease up on cat exterminator

Dear Editor, (In response to, 'Reward offered for info on twp. cat shooter,' The Citizen, Nov. 20, page 1): I remember exterminating cats in my younger days, in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, to increase our wildlife habitat....more >>

Keiser's Role A column by Trevor Keiser

Seasons of Life

Many of you probably remember the song "To every season turn, turn turn..." sung by both the Byrds and the Beatles. Some of you may even know this song is actually taken from the Bible....more >>

Sup't Viewpoint By Dr. Rod Rock

Superintendent has lots to be thankful for

Blessings in my life include: Eight weeks as superintendent; two amazing daughters and a wonderful wife; healthy and happy parents and in-laws; warm house, car to drive (and deer to hit), and an able repair shop; books and ideas; Teachers who care deeply about kids; a custodian who's spent 30 years in Clarkston and loves every day as if it were his first; Students, who write me e-mails, proudly introduce themselves to me, hit the high notes, play music, perform in plays, design robots, and demonstrate amazing character on the playing surface; Alumni who write me after 25 years away from Clarkston, looking for their 3rd grade teacher; central office staff who works together to ensure learning for all; a school board that cares about kids; thousands of PTA members who support all students; Disability Awareness days that help students understand differences; Harvard Business Review; smiles; laughs; turkey; an amazing volleyball team who set new standards with a trip to the quarterfinals (and congrats to the 1976 team who made a similar run); championship swimmers; Hundreds of high school students inducted into NHS; student writers of The Paw Print; college football; laptop computers; service men and women; pay at the pump; salt; thoughts and feedback from colleagues; Parents who want the very best for their kids; ping-pong; food service staff (have you tried one of their cinnamon rolls?); down hill skiing; time; woodstoves; iced tea; the Internet; big ideas to ponder; NPR; freedom; building and grounds crew; faith; friends; local businesses; snowplows; and safety personnel....more >>

Letter to the editor

Resident favors sheriff service

Dear Editor, I've lived in Clarkston my whole life, born and raised. I just want to say that the Oakland County Police department taking over for the local police is one of the best ideas that this town has ever had....more >>

Letter to the editor

Thanks for supporting local troops

Dear Editor, On behalf of the West Point Parents' graduate network, I want to thank the many people who participated in creating cards and letters to send to our soldiers. The grad group met to pack 200 Christmas stockings to send to our soldiers in Afghanistan....more >>

Letter to the editor

Youth wants to preserve programs

Dear Editor, It's a real disappointment to see some of the programs being cut, including Clarkston's Got Talent, Kite Fest, Kids Only Garage Sale and the Fourth of July Festival of Fun....more >>

Guest viewpoint: Michelle Tynan

Artist wishes mural teaches lasting lesson of tolerance

I worked three years on a mural on 5 S. Main Street that was covered with white paint. Since being publically admonished and humiliated, I feel ashamed. Not that the painting is gone, the building owner lost money, or was embarrassed by it, or anyone thinks I'm unorganized, unmotivated, untalented, unskilled, or incapable as business person....more >>

Home grown: Mary Pellerito

Native trees give the most bang for the buck

If you want to attract more birds and butterflies to your garden, consider planting any of these three native trees species: Oak, Willow, and Cherry. These native trees host over 1400 species of insect herbivores....more >>

Spiritual matters

Think of Jesus when giving thanks is hard

There's a paradox about being thankful. On the one hand we know we should be grateful, but on the other hand ingratitude seems to be where we so naturally find ourselves. The Bible expresses this paradox throughout its pages....more >>


Luby family embodies Dragon pride

A guest column by Joe St. Henry

Sometimes, great things do indeed happen to good people. As the final moments ticked away on Saturday and the reality of Lake Orion's state football championship set in, the celebrating began up and down Lapeer Road....more >>

Letter to the Editor

Thanks for giving this Thanksgiving

Dear editor, This year's Thanksgiving dinner was a big success, with the biggest turnout yet. Thanks to all of the volunteers that helped out. We'd like to thank those to donated money or products: Our loyal customers, the Lake Orion Lions Club, the Lake Orion Police Association, the Lake Orion Firefighters Association, the Knights of Colombus, Alpha Lambda chapter, Caramango Foods, Del Bene Produce, Tom Stefanek Dairy, Leonards Syrup and Unifirst Corp....more >>

Letter to the Editor

'We have a lot to be proud of'

Dear editor, I'd like to say 'thank you' to Lake Orion's head football coach, Chris Bell, his staff and the players, especially the seniors. Living in Lake Orion, we as a community already have a lot to be proud of and now we have a state championship in football to be proud of, too....more >>

Local man warms hearts with hot coffee

Dan Dewey has been jogging the same route in Orion Township for three decades. Ever seen a silver-haired man in red shorts over near Joslyn? That's him red shorts even in winter....more >>
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