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Jim's Jottings

GM turns out the Volt, I close out Henry Ford

This is the fifth and last in my series on Henry Ford, 1863-1947. This will be some highlights in his career, as written in The Automotive News on the 100th birthday of Ford, 1963....more >>

Don't Rush Me

All right already. Some Christmas music favs

Okay. Last week I shared some of my least favorite Christmas songs. Songs like, Simply having a Wonderful Christmastime, Do They Know It's Christmas, The Christmas Shoes, and basically anything by Trans Siberian Orchestra....more >>


Indecent exposure article disturbing

(In response to, 'Grand Blanc youth pastor busted for indecent exposure in Brandon,' The Citizen, Nov. 27, page 2): Dear Editor, I was quite disturbed after reading the story in The Citizen regarding the Grand Blanc youth pastor....more >>


Union people, liberal backers?

Dear Editor, I was having a discussion with my students one day recently and the topic of unions came up. We began discussing the positives and the negatives of union membership and one student voiced their opinion....more >>


Hunting: It's all about the process

Dear Editor, (In response to, 'Reward offered for info on twp. cat shooter,' The Citizen, Nov. 20, page 1): The recent report of a cat found shot by an arrow in Brandon Township, characterized as an "unspeakable act of cruelty" by The Detroit News, and the photo of an 11-year-old bow hunter posing with his first buck, published by The Citizen, illustrates the strange dichotomy of opinion that exists in our community when it comes to animals and their treatment....more >>


Three council persons associated with village dissolve

Dear Editor, I'm not sure the village residents really understand the makeup of the new village council after the recent election of Phil Jackson and Doug McAbee. They ran on a campaign to reduce taxes and operational costs in the village....more >>


Right time for all-purpose turf athletic field in Goodrich?

Dear Editor, At first blush it seems that a turf athletic field is extravagant in the current economic downturn. Evaluating this for possible benefits to our community and schools compared to the cost has stimulated several thoughts I would like to share before we as the Goodrich community decide where to spend our bond money....more >>


Vej-eter-eian: old Indian word for bad hunter

Dear Editor, (In response to, 'Man should cherish the animals,' The Citizen, Nov. 6, page 6): In my dictionary the word cherish is defined: to hold dear, to treat tenderly, nurture, to harbor in mind....more >>


Review, analyze, evaluate, then decide

Dear Editor, I attended the Goodrich Village Council meeting on Nov. 30 after I heard about issues at the previous meeting. I am quite concerned about the direction the council is taking....more >>

Phil In The Blank

Phil in the Blank A column by Phil Custodio

Driving to Depot Park Saturday evening for a bullying-awareness, candlelight vigil, I wasn't sure what I would find. Maybe no one would be there. Maybe Steve Hyer, president of Clarkston School Board, was right when he suggested bullying wasn't an issue in Clarkston....more >>

Letter to the editor

Reader saw tolerance for artist

Dear Editor: A community that put up with endless delays in seeing a very public project continue year upon year, is tolerant (in regards to "Artist wishes mural teaches lasting lesson of tolerance," Dec....more >>

Letter to the editor

Lesson found from mural artist

Dear Editor: Re: "Artist wishes mural teaches lasting lesson of tolerance," by Michelle Tynan, Dec. 1. My first thought about hearing from Ms. Tynan again, is, aren't we all accorded freedom of speech ....more >>

Letter to the editor

Pastor appreciates different view

Dear Editor: I would like to thank you for your Spiritual Matters column and for allowing a variety of viewpoints to be presented. I would also like to thank Pastor Kendall Schaeffer of St....more >>

Letter to the editor

Another side to Clarkston Junior High

Dear Editor, In regards to "Bullied out," Dec. 1 edition of The Clarkston News, I feel it is my responsibility to share my thoughts on Clarkston Junior High, which I feel has been misrepresented when it comes to bullying....more >>

Christmas: whoever takes the Son gets it all

A very wealthy man shared his passion for art collecting with his devoted young son. Together they traveled around the world, adding fine treasures to their collection. But then the world went to war, and the young man left to serve his country....more >>

My Way

My Way

Exactly how stupid do they think we are?

Long ago, I gave up on the idea of expecting government to tell the truth. It's just not in the nature of the beast. That being said, I at least expect better lies, excuse me, 'spin' from folks who earn their living avoiding the facts....more >>
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Born October 30th
1839: Alfred Sisley, landscape painter.
1857: Gertrude Atherton, novelist.
1871: Paul Valery, poet and essayist.
1882: William F. Bull Halsey, Jr., American admiral who played an instrumental role in the defeat of Japan during World War II. The Japanese surrender was signed on his flagship, the USS Missouri.
1885: Ezra Pound, American poet who promoted Imagism, a poetic movement stressing free phrase rather than forced metric. He was imprisoned for his pro-Fascist radio broadcasts.
October 30th
in history
1922: Mussolini sends his black shirts into Rome. The Fascist takeover is almost without bloodshed. The next day, Mussolini is made prime minister. Mussolini centralized all power in himself as leader of the Fascist party and attempted to create an Italian empire, ultimately in alliance with Hitler's Germany.
1925: Scotsman John L. Baird performs first TV broadcast of moving objects.
1938: H.G. Wells' War of the Worlds is broadcast over the radio by Orson Welles' Mercury Theatre. Many panic believing it is an actual newscast about a Martian invasion.
1941: The U.S. destroyer Reuben James, on convoy duty off Iceland, is sunk by a German U-boat with the loss of 96 Americans. Captain Johnnie Walker was the Royal Navy's most effective weapon against the German U-boat menace.
1950: The First Marine Division is ordered to replace the entire South Korean I Corps at the Chosin Reservoir area.In 1950, as U.S. Marines tried to fight their way out of a Chinese trap, Korea suffered its worst winter of the century. The men who struggled there suffered accordingly.