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Community missing out on hoopsters

A guest column by Joe St. Henry

They say the worth of a coach is judged not by what he or she does when a team is winning, but by what they do when they are taking in on the chin. Who knows what was going through the minds of Lake Orion's varsity boys basketball coach Mike Shafkalis and his assistants as the Dragons ran directly into a hornet nest last Friday, falling behind the Avondale Yellow Jackets by 21 points after one quarter....more >>


Letter to the Editor

Vote for bond, new school leaders

Dear editor, As you know, the Lake Orion Community Schools' bond election will be held February 22. After wrestling with how I should vote on this bond, I have decided to vote "yes" and would like to share with you how I came to that conclusion....more >>


Letter to the Editor

Reader: Need answers before bond vote

Dear editor, This is an open letter to the school board. I don't think anyone is against our schools having much needed facility improvements. However, the upcoming bond proposal brings to mind lost opportunities for savings by past spending decisions....more >>

Letter to the Editor

Thanks for supporting Holiday Market

Dear editor, On behalf of the Orion Art Center, I would like to thank Dave Shurman of Diamond Dave's Creative Jewelers for giving us the opportunity to hold our annual holiday gift market in his gorgeous adjoining building....more >>


Letter to the Editor

Local VFW loses three in three weeks

Dear editor, In mid December, North Oakland VFW Post 334 signed its 100th member only to be followed by the passing of three Life Members a three-week period. The most recent loss was Dec....more >>


Hobbies, Henry Ford and unions

Dear Editor: Just a few words. It's real fun reading about Brandon and Goodrich. Many of these people need a hobby. A small amount of people take these low-paying jobs and try to help their towns and probably please most....more >>


Give village council, Wartella a chance

Dear Editor: As concerned (Goodrich) citizens, you would be well advised to do your own research on the web to get to the truth. It is prudent to do your own Google search on all those who would profess to be leaders of the people....more >>


McAbee did not meet requirements

Dear Editor, (In response to 'Sign of the times? Lack of signature on oath challenged,' The Citizen, Dec. 18, page 1): The Michigan Constitution requires an oath of public office. It does not define in which manner that oath shall be taken (oral, written or both)....more >>

Don't Rush Me

Sometimes stuff happens . . . for a reason

Don't be a 'Donnie Downer'

So, there I was driving to Oxford early Sunday afternoon. I figured I could get a few moments in at the office whilst no one else was about. I don't know about you, but I find working during work hours hard to do....more >>

Don't Rush Me

Thoughts on 'adulthood.'

(Something I haven't spent much time on)

Every once in a while, even your hero (that would be me) gets behind the proverbial eight ball. Things stack up; the weather's too cold, the day's too short. I think I need a three-day weekend soon ....more >>
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Jim's Jottings

Caption This!

(or pick your favorite remark to go with my mug)

1. His mother was frightened by an owl at birth. 2. A psychic told him his colors. 3. He just learned the hand really is quicker than the eye. 4. Does your face hurt -- cuz it's killing me....more >>


Henry Ford, the Nazi Party and evil—traitor to the US

Dear Editor, For some time, The Citizen published an opinion about the life of Henry Ford, in a series of columns by Jim Sherman, Sr, who reran a series from the 1930's By Iffy The Dopester....more >>


Community support system reaches out to family in need

Dear Editor, My friends, my family: On Dec. 6, I lost my best friend and soulmate, John Jasso. The father of my three children and my husband of 14 years was taken from me with a rapid and unforeseen illness I still don't understand, just hours before his 35th birthday....more >>


Goodrich politics can be such a dirty game

Dear Editor, The recent (Goodrich) election saw a shift in the balance of leadership. Goodrich residents have voted in a council whose platform was less spending and less taxes. The new council hopes to hire a professional outside firm to take a good look at village operations and expenditures....more >>

Keiser's Role

Keiser's Role A column by Trevor Keiser

News Week

Last week was a busy news week for me at the Clarkston News. Monday was a typical late night, little sleep deadline night, which led into Tuesday night "fun" at the Independence Township board meeting....more >>

Letter to the editor

Call for council to keep resolutions

Dear Editor, Happy New Year to The Clarkston News and good luck to columnist Don Rush in keeping his resolution to only write uplifting and positive thoughts. With that in mind, I would like to recommend a new year's resolution for Clarkston City Council....more >>

Letter to the editor

Thanks for helping with holiday meals

Dear Editor, During the holiday season several businesses prepared and donated special meals for our homebound seniors who may not otherwise have had a home cooked meal on the holiday....more >>

Spiritual matters

Spirit of God brings balance to life

Heading into the New Year, there are many positive signs that we are starting to come out of the great recession of 2008. We have faced the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression; however, all the positive signs are encouraging as we move forward....more >>
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