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Guest Column: Analog Schools in a Digital World

By Lake Orion Community Schools Superintendent Marion Ginopolis Suffering with a nasty cold, I decided the best way to recover was to tuck in over the weekend, watch movies and eat popcorn....more >>

Letters to the editor: School bond issue

Dear editor, I have seen numerous letters with regards to the upcoming Lake Orion Community Schools bond issue and all of the reasons for it not to be passed. I have seen arguments with only partial information being used as reasons for the bond to be voted down....more >>


'Why weren't Horton and Morey invited?'

Dear Editor, On Feb. 4, I was informed of a special council meeting at the Goodrich Village offices. The meeting was organized to hire Plante & Moran to perform a review of the operational services provided by the village to determine areas of potential cost savings....more >>


$10,000: Proud of BHS students

Dear Editor, A few weeks ago I overheard a woman saying that she wished she had moved to a different community such as Oxford or Lake Orion because there was nothing for her children to do in Ortonville....more >>


Family, friends thank you

Dear Editor, The generosity of this community is truly overwhelming. Family, friends and neighbors that have helped to shape our lives in this community— words seem inadequate to express our love and gratitude for your prayers and support....more >>


Vote yes Feb.22: Excellent facilities, quality education

Dear Editor, I am writing this letter in support of the $15.4 million bond proposal that Goodrich Area Schools is putting on the ballot Feb. 22. Although it seems counterintuitive to ask taxpayers for an extension now during these rough economic times, the district is showing excellent stewardship in caring for the community's resources on many fronts....more >>

Letter to the editor

'A ton of food, literally'

Dear editor, Last Saturday, Orion Neighborhood Television (ONTV) hosted a six-hour live telethon to help fill the shelves at the Oxford/Orion FISH pantry. Community residents were encouraged to drop off donations at one of three sites - Orion Township Hall, Orion Township Library, and Orion Neighborhood Television Studio....more >>

Letter to the editor

'I came away... speechless'

Dear editor, As the saying goes: "Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away." That is what describes what I witnessed last Thursday morning....more >>

My Way

My Way

Resign or recall?

Loyalty to a friend is certainly an admirable trait. But when that loyalty leads a government official to betray the public's trust in favor of helping a friend cover-up an alleged crime, a serious line has been crossed....more >>

Don't Rush Me

Is Synder making Michigan good for the goose?

'They' keep trying to make Michigander 'right'

Little did I know what a hornets nest I would shake, when last election cycle I commented on the incorrect usage of the term Michigander by the then two gubernatorial hopefuls, Virg "The Angry" Bernero, and Rick "The Nerd" Synder....more >>

Jim's Jottings

Their lower 'regions' aren't really that low

Occasionally, ideas for columns are abundant, and sometimes there are only mental blanks. At those times (like now) I often refer back to my early life. Back to the days of backhouses, miles of up-hill walking through several feet of snow to 1-room schools and Mother's treatments for maladies Some of the following would be R-rated a few years ago, but nowadays actors and actresses rip their clothes off at the first hello, imaginations aren't needed to make points and script writers make us think words of over four letters are unacceptable....more >>


Imagine having a zero carbon footprint!

Dear Editor: (In response to 'Catching some rays: Solar power,' The Citizen, Feb. 5, page 8): Kudos to Susan Bromley for your well-researched feature article on Tom Laviolette's solar-powered home....more >>


Goodrich bond: Spending foolishly?

Dear Editor, I have to wonder if the Goodrich School Board thinks it's Christmas or are they just ignoring the requests and concerns of residents once again? The school board passed a resolution to place on the Feb....more >>


Goodrich athletes deserve the best

Dear Editor, It is with great pride that we write this letter as representatives of Goodrich Area Schools football and soccer programs. We have a proud athletic tradition in Goodrich and both programs have experienced tremendous successes on the field over the past several years....more >>
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What is love?

The Citizen asked Belle Anne Elementary School second grade students,"What is love and how do you show it?"

Editor's note: For Valentine's Day, The Citizen asked Belle Anne Elementary School second grade students,"What is love and how do you show it?" Here's what they had to say: "Love is when you make someone feel good....more >>

Wendi's Word

Wendi's Word A column by Wendi Reardon

Kindness, please

Clarkston High School's LEAD Program held Random Acts of Kindness throughout last week. It was a way to tackle the growing bully issue in schools across the nation. During the week the students performed random acts of kindness, raised money for Leukemia Foundation and stepped out of their box to talk to students outside their social circle....more >>

A Parent's Perspective: Kelli Horst

Parents carry on PTA vision

Have you seen the trailer for a new animated movie where moms on Earth are abducted to raise alien babies on Mars? Clearly, these aliens know that moms are a powerful force! More than 100 years ago, two moms founded an organization a nationwide movement, really in a time when social activism was scorned and women did not have the right to vote....more >>

Spiritual matters

Find comfort, rest in God's wisdom

"There remained therefore a rest to the people of God. For he that has entered into his rest, he also has ceased from his own works as God did from His. Let us labor therefore to enter into that rest, lest any man fall after the same example of unbelief....more >>
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