Palace Chrysler-Jeep


Goodrich residents deceived

Dear Editor, Regarding recent Goodrich elections and support for Patty Wartella and the new council: The good old boy backers and relatives are up to their old tricks of trying to use the paper to mislead the residents of Goodrich....more >>


Sidge skillful at grant writing for village

Dear Editor, On Feb 4, the divided Village of Goodrich Council asked Jakki Sidge (the village administrator) to resign. On Feb. 11, Sidge hesitantly resigned. This is not final yet, because the village council and Sidge have yet to agree on the terms of her resignation....more >>


'The Phantom of the Opera'

Dear Editor, What a gift the music department of Brandon High School gave our community recently! The production of "The Phantom of the Opera" was phenomenal. Having seen "The Phantom" two times in Toronto, I can truly say that this presentation, directed by Dr....more >>


Goodrich gone 'bonkers?'

Dear Editor, Enough already about the seemingly unending political antics in Goodrich. Have the residents of Goodrich gone "bonkers"? Is there something in the water? Or is it just a few gadflies who have nothing better to do and must find some meaning in their lives by continuously battling with their neighbors and fellow-villagers, and wasting the village's meager resources on attorneys fees? It seems like almost every issue of The Citizen gives front-page coverage to some controversy or other in Goodrich and/or its village government....more >>


Teachers: A real difference

Dear Editor, What is your mother's maiden name? In what city were you born? What is your best friend's last name? If you have ever needed a password reminder for an online email or banking account, you've likely had to answer these questions....more >>

Letter to the editor

Local ham radio group enjoys hobby

Guest Columnist Paul Knasinski Amateur Radio Dates back a long way in Lake Orion's local history and folklore. It was probably a Radio Amateur who first built and sailed the radio-controlled Dragon on Lake Orion....more >>

Letter to the editor

"No Voter" hopes Lake Orion understands why Bond failed

Dear editor, I know there are many people (nearly half the people who voted!) who are disappointed that the bond millage failed. To those who really had the best interests of the students at heart and who worked so hard to see the millage pass, I have two suggestions....more >>

Don't Rush Me

Sometimes it's good to remember and smile.

This column was from early in the year of our Lord, 2003. I've been going back and looking at past columns to put 'em in book form, and this one made me smile. Hope it makes you smile, too....more >>

Jim's Jottings

That new car smell is sickening to others

We always loved our new-car smell. I've owned a lot of new cars of various models over the years. Loved the smell. However, the approval was not unanimous. Of course, few things are....more >>


Keeping the good in Goodrich Schools

Dear Editor, On behalf of the Goodrich Board of Education and myself, I would like to express our sincere thanks and appreciation for the passage of the Feb. 22 bond issue. We appreciate the large turnout of voters at the polls....more >>

Phil In The Blank

Phil in the Blank A column by Phil Custodio

Tragedy of errors

Appointment of Independence Township's new clerk should not have been this hard. Township Board appointed a blue-ribbon selection committee specifically to screen out unqualified candidates....more >>

Letter to the editor

Parent doesn't like board's example

Dear Editor, Let me see if I understand this correctly. Three candidates were finalists for the interim Independence Township clerk Ms. Joan McCrary, Ms. Barbra Pallotta and Ms....more >>

Letter to the editor

Clerk search destroys voter's trust

Dear Editor, Mrs. Joan McCrary has long been a community servant. I have a difficult time believing these political shenanigans from her. Division on the current board is significant in this action to gain political control....more >>

Letter to the editor

Praise for Patterson's personal integrity

Dear Editor, Though she wasn't appointed clerk, we now know we have a person of exemplary character in our community, Joan Patterson. Patterson, a Clarkston School Board member, should be recognized by all for her honesty and integrity....more >>

Home grown: Mary Pellerito

Winter gardening

Gardeners in the winter spend their time dreaming of the ideal garden. As I look out the front window, I see grey sky, a foot of snow on the ground, and the beginning of a shrub border....more >>

My Way

Now Helmuth really has to go

Can there be any doubt left that Oxford Village Councilwoman Maureen "Moe" Helmuth needs to be removed from office? It appears her role in concealing an alleged embezzlement from 2006-07 might have helped cost the village taxpayers approximately $5,000 from this year's property tax funds (see story on Page 1)....more >>
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