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Questions to ask village council

Dear Editor, Why did the board in 2005, Horton, Morey, York, Lucik and Pierson, cut taxes by 30 percent, but not cut spending? Why did we pay 30 percent too much for decades is a better question....more >>


Goodrich Village Council support

Dear Editor, I support the new Goodrich Village Council with downsizing to adapt to the failing economy and lower revenue so the debts incurred can be paid. People have lost their jobs and homes and new homes are not being built— we have to economize, the money isn't there anymore....more >>

Letter to the editor

Disinvestment in public education will only hurt state's economic recovery

Many of us are still trying to get over the shock of Gov. Snyder's recent budget proposal and the devastating impact it will have on school districts. We knew there would be sacrifices from all sectors of the state, but we didn't expect such a disinvestment in public education....more >>

Letter to the editor

Thanks for Special Olympics support

Dear editor, The continued success of Lake Orion Special Olympics is truly because of the support of this amazing community and some of our surrounding communities. I want to thank Parisian in Rochester Hills for allowing us to participate in the Community Day event every year....more >>

My Way

My Way

Happy birthday, Connie!

I've never been attracted to meek or subservient women. I've never understood men who would rather have a shadow than an equal. By the same token, I've never liked women who annoyingly spout off about 'empowerment' and 'sisterhood' while sporting some inane inspirational wristband....more >>

Don't Rush Me

This weekend, 'spring forward' or else!

Daylight Savings Time is earlier than ever

It may seem abrupt or too good to be true, but the start of "summertime" will be here this weekend. It seems a rather stark contrast to this week's forecast, issued by the National Weather folks out in White Lake....more >>

Jim's Jottings

Going from crashes to brain loss, etc

I've often wondered how many cars Ford, GM, Chrysler, etc., build and destroy before they get to a showroom. We didn't hear of crash testing when Henry Ford and Walter Chrysler were getting started, but we didn't hear "Call Sam" commercials much, either....more >>


Goodrich residents deceived

Dear Editor, Regarding recent Goodrich elections and support for Patty Wartella and the new council: The good old boy backers and relatives are up to their old tricks of trying to use the paper to mislead the residents of Goodrich....more >>


Sidge skillful at grant writing for village

Dear Editor, On Feb 4, the divided Village of Goodrich Council asked Jakki Sidge (the village administrator) to resign. On Feb. 11, Sidge hesitantly resigned. This is not final yet, because the village council and Sidge have yet to agree on the terms of her resignation....more >>


'The Phantom of the Opera'

Dear Editor, What a gift the music department of Brandon High School gave our community recently! The production of "The Phantom of the Opera" was phenomenal. Having seen "The Phantom" two times in Toronto, I can truly say that this presentation, directed by Dr....more >>


Goodrich gone 'bonkers?'

Dear Editor, Enough already about the seemingly unending political antics in Goodrich. Have the residents of Goodrich gone "bonkers"? Is there something in the water? Or is it just a few gadflies who have nothing better to do and must find some meaning in their lives by continuously battling with their neighbors and fellow-villagers, and wasting the village's meager resources on attorneys fees? It seems like almost every issue of The Citizen gives front-page coverage to some controversy or other in Goodrich and/or its village government....more >>


Teachers: A real difference

Dear Editor, What is your mother's maiden name? In what city were you born? What is your best friend's last name? If you have ever needed a password reminder for an online email or banking account, you've likely had to answer these questions....more >>

Wendi's Word A column by Wendi Reardon

Wolves win big

By flipping the pages of this week's Clarkston News, you might notice a trend in sports it was a spectacular week. I will start at the Palace of Auburn Hills where five of Clarkston's six qualifiers finished as All-Staters in the MHSAA Wrestling Individual Finals....more >>

Letter to the editor

God's work found in community news

Dear Editor, I read the Feb. 23 edition of The Clarkston News with some dismay. Backroom dealing in attempting to fill the township clerk's position was bad enough, but to also read a story about embezzling from PTA funds ("Funds repaid," page 2A) made me feel like I was reading the "Big City News....more >>

Letter to the editor

Thanks to community for Fourth support

Dear Editor, Thank you Clarkston Medical Group for pledging to contribute $1,000 to the Clarkston Community Church Community Challenge to continue the Fourth of July Festival of Fun at Clintonwood Park....more >>

Spiritual matters

Let go and let God this season of Lent

Last weekend my son was in a regional robotics competition with his high school robotics club. This is his second year and knowing how much fun the competitions are, I bravely offered myself as a volunteer at the event....more >>
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