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Goodrich: Where is research, facts?

Dear Editor, (In response to: I say, let's get rid of all newspapers, The Citizen, (opinion) March 6, page 7): I can't resist replying to your recent column, specifically the line, "I reckon I believe news comes from a trained reporter, not just information, observed and posted....more >>


Don't blame Jones for twp. problems

Dear Editor, On March 28 Paul Amman was appointed to trustee on the township board by a vote of 3 to 1. Good for Paul, bad for you, the residents and taxpayers of Atlas Township. Paul served on the board for several years as trustee and two terms as supervisor....more >>


Something wrong in Atlas Twp.

Dear Editor, (In response to, 'Atlas Township inks budget for 2011-12,' The Citizen, March 26, page 4): The one thing I found most interesting was the fact that the township board of trustees will take $90,478 from our fund balance to cover the Genesee County Sheriff Dept....more >>

Casting vote for Porter

Dear Editor, As we continue to personally face tough economic times, we all know our schools are facing them too. As our May 3 Lake Orion School Board election approaches, I will exercise my right to vote for my candidates of choice....more >>

How can we be so ignorant?

Dear Editor, History books reveal that the emperor of Rome played his violin while the city burned down around him. We are doing the same thing with our country. Does anyone care any more about: 1....more >>

McQuiston & Miller for board

Dear Editor, In the upcoming May school board election with 5 open positions, we have an opportunity for change. I urge every voter to be involved in this process because the coming years will be very critical state revenues are shrinking and without heavy involvement by everyone, we will miss some real opportunities....more >>

Lake Orion schools compared to the state

A recent Lake Orion Review article presented information from the Mackinac Center for Pubic Policy in regards to salary, health Insurance and other benefits of public school teachers in Michigan along with some national comparisons....more >>

Zone out of your residence

Dear Editor, How do we decide where to live? Investment potential? Family security? Community? All of these factors are taken into consideration when we purchase our homes. When we purchase a home in a residential setting, should we have an expectation of living next to a business with employees? I do not believe so....more >>

School board election notes

This May 3 can represent a dramatic shift in the tone and tenor of the Lake Orion Community Schools Board. Five of the seven seats are up for grabs. There are 13 candidates running for these five seats....more >>

My Way

My Way

Waste continues, but it's for the kids, right?

It's nice to know that as the rest of us try to make ends meet in the face of rising gas prices and rising grocery bills, the Oxford school district still has plenty of money to burn....more >>

Don't Rush Me

Responding reader writes of civics, deism

'The way to see by faith is to shut the eye of reason.'

Over the past few weeks, I have tried to challenge readers about their roles in the community and this newspapers role in their lives. So, now it's time to start letting you know what your neighbors are saying....more >>

Jim's Jottings

My miscellanea pile is misaligned

My advice to reporters who think they'd like to become columnists is to think about a topic for a week, then write. As far as I can remember none took my advise. Most just waited until deadline and hoped something appears....more >>


Property tax and school funds

Dear Editor, (In response to: 'Opponents call for closing door on schools of choice,' The Citizen April 2, page 1): I beg to differ with our superintendent, the direct relationship between the property taxes we pay and the dollars received by our school district is the debt....more >>


Friendship of a good neighbor

Dear Editor, It's been a long winter, even by Michigan standards, and while I am looking forward to spring, I also look back with gratitude. This winter would have been much harder for me without the help and friendship of a good neighbor....more >>


Bigotry driving SOC issue?

Dear Editor, As a former teacher of 38 years, I've been following the current controversy about Schools of Choice (SOC) students in the Brandon district. Since SOC students bring more needed funds into our district and, by all valid reports, cause no more trouble than is usual in schools, I'm disturbed by the opposition to keeping these students— opposition which seems based on an aspect that no one is acknowledging exists....more >>

Keiser's RoleA column by Trevor Keiser

'The board'

I have had a lot of time to think the past couple of weeks concerning Independence Township Board's decision to eliminate Treasurer Curt Carson from any further contact with state officials or township auditors Plante & Moran concerning the Deficit Elimination Plan....more >>

Letter to the editor

Sticking up for old-fashioned school

Dear Editor, Linda Grogan seems really offended at my suggestion that students can learn in large classes ("Students different now, reader says," March 30). She first claims that classroom content is different now....more >>

Letter to the editor

Call for unions to make hard choices

Dear Editor, Thank God for a voice of truth and reason in this letter to the editor ("A call for more school savings," March 30). I wish the unions would stop with the talking points and face the facts....more >>

Guest viewpoint: Maria Rotondo-Mark

A closer look at human behavior

In case anyone is aware, I took a break from submitting a column; to reflect / observe and further understand the bigger picture. Humans are inter-connected / inter-dependent by design in multi levels: Connected to a genetic pool, via creation Spiritual / Emotional connection and free will, via creation Chemically / Biologically connected to Mother Earth / Planet Earth, via creation Astronomically connected to the Universe, from the stars, to the entire solar system and other planets, via creation As human beings each of us affect the human race! We are in the 21st century with great possibilities and difficult challenges to be considered....more >>

Home grown: Mary Pellerito

Landscaping protects, restores

Many of us with lakefront property want to spend our time enjoying the water and not doing landscaping chores. So, we chose to plant a lawn like our land-locked neighbors. However, the ecosystem of a lakeshore is much different from the ecosystem of a home built in a former farm field or on a city lot....more >>

Spiritual matters

Jesus brings peace to a world in conflict

Our Lenten worships are following Old Testament situations and New Testament applications. This past week we looked at conflict and promise. Conflict is not something we necessarily like, but it is necessary for growth....more >>
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