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Letter to the editor

Duped or dumped on?

Dear Editor, Landfill Expansion Underway - On May 4, Orion Township was forced by residents to have a Special Meeting to explain why the Board passed a 53-acre expansion of the Eagle Valley Landfill on April 18....more >>

Letter to the editor

A glimpse into our future

Dear Community, Enough about budget reductions, declining revenues, increased expenses and school elections! I would like to set these aside for now and provide a glimpse of our future plans....more >>

Letter to the editor

Flower fair fun dampened by construction

Dear Edtior, Recently we had the misfortune to attend the downtown Lake Orion Flower Show. In past years this event had been one of the hallmarks of the area. Vendor booths with myriad items lined the streets and throngs of residents mingled throughout the day enjoying the sights and sounds and stores along the route....more >>

Letter to the editor

Lowdown on Downtown

What can we say? Downtown Lake Orion is under construction and local businesses are under pressure. We have received letters to the editor, notes, and comments letting us know what is happening....more >>

My Way

My Way

Thoughts on cops, museums and IOUs

As I listened to the Oxford Village Council's budget discussion last week, I couldn't help but wonder why they kept debating a lot of nickel-and-dime stuff that really wasn't going to make a huge difference in the long run....more >>

Don't Rush Me

Cut this out, put it on your 'fridge

How to get your news in our newspaper

I ain't saying I am getting old, but in less than two weeks I will have been working for "The Company" for 26 years. "The Company" publishes the weekly newspaper in your hand, and its sister community publications, The Oxford Leader, Clarkston News, The Citizen, Ad-Vertiser, Penny Stretcher, and The Big Deal....more >>

Jim's Jottings

Tying a couple of remotes together

At age 13, I was going to be the greatest baseball pitcher of all time. April 20 my Jottings told of my soaking my pj's as an urge made me trickle on a windy day. Read on and I'll show how I can tie these two things together....more >>


Brandon SOC win-win for community

Dear Editor, Community residents, Brandon School District parents and students: The Brandon Board of Education wants to thank each of you who came forward to speak on the topic of schools of choice (SOC)....more >>


OCEF tree sale successful event

Dear Editor, I just want to acknowledge two tremendous businesses in our community who have gone above and beyond to help make our OCEF Tree Sale a success! Thank you to Bueche's who cheerfully let us sell trees at their store and to Candy Cane Christmas Tree Farm for supplying us with high quality evergreen trees as well as their expert knowledge about trees....more >>


Thanks! Buddy Poppy sale

Dear Editor, Post 582 Veterans of Foreign Wars, thanks Ortonville and surrounding communities for their generous donations during our Buddy Poppy day distribution May 5, 6 and 7. The money collected assists veterans and families of veterans....more >>

Elise's Entries A column by Elise Shire

Learn by doing

My name is Elise Shire. I am an intern at the Clarkston News and a journalism student at University of Michigan-Flint. I have just started this internship a few weeks ago and have already learned so much about what it means to be a journalist....more >>

Letter to the editor

School funding

Dear Editor, This is written in response to your request for feedback on school funding. Your article ("Cuts too deep, schools say," May 11) attributes a statement to Gov. Snyder that Michigan ranks 21st in expenditures per pupil yet only 39th and 34th in fourth grade math and reading proficiency....more >>

Letter to the editor

Relay for Life

Dear Editor, May 21 at 10 a.m. kicks off the opening ceremonies of the biggest party in the Clarkston community. It's the annual Relay for Life of Clarkston and this community knows how to throw a party! For 24 hours we will celebrate survivors, remember those lost to cancer and fight back against this disease....more >>

Letter to the editor

Mill Pond thanks

Dear Editor, Thanks to all who participated in the cleanup of the Clarkston Mill Pond this past weekend. A special thanks to the Village of the City of Clarkston DPW for picking up our collected debris....more >>

Letter to the editor

Supervisor Wagner

Dear Editor, It is quite obvious that Mr. Dave Wagner should resign. To threaten an employee with a baseball bat is out of line and uncalled for. It's apparent that he isn't mentally stable enough to be our township supervisor....more >>

Letter to the editor

Schools of choice

Dear Editor, On Monday, May 9, Clarkston School Board discussed the possibility of implementing a school of choice program at Clarkston High School. Apparently, Dr. Rod Rock, superintendent, believes the school of choice program is what Clarkston Community Schools needs and he wants the school board to approve it....more >>

Letter to the editor

Thanks to Lions

Dear Editor, The Springfield Township Library would like to thank the Clarkston Area Lions Club for their generous donation to the library. The funds will be used to purchase large print books and books on CD....more >>

Guest viewpoint by Tom Gantert

Clarkston teachers well paid

The Clarkston Community Schools superintendent recently sent a letter wondering whether Gov. Rick Snyder's proposed $300 per pupil cuts were "the end of public education as we know it" ("Superintendent's call to action," May 11)....more >>

Superintendent Rod Rock responds

Our teachers are our number one resource. We have to have great teachers to have a great school system. If our district pays teachers less than other districts in Oakland County, we will not attract or keep the best teachers, and our district does not pay more than other districts in our county....more >>

Words from the Sup't by Dr. Rod Rock

Superintendent's call to action: part II

I received more than 600 responses to my first Superintendent's Call to Action from as far away as Texas, Florida, Illinois, and Escanaba. There's a very strong push to join together in support of locally controlled schools; excellent teachers; engaged, globally connected students; and collaborative communities and parents....more >>

Spiritual matters

Find faith in God's word, in Bible and in your heart

I'm finishing a two month series of teachings on the subject of faith. The more I understand faith, the more I also understand lack of faith. The Bible says, "When the Son of Man comes will He find faith on the earth?" If anyone understood faith it was Jesus! There are a lot of scriptures on the subject of faith....more >>
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