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Meet The Review's 'nearly' unpaid intern

While sitting here trying to write this, I'm struggling with something clever to say about myself. The more I think about being clever, the more I realize I'm just your typical person....more >>

Letter to the editor

Article about accidental death leaves reader with questions

Dear Editor, Recently, I read the article regarding the death of bicyclist and artist, Eric Shanley ("Local man killed in bike accident," May 11, 2011). I have strong feelings resulting from my review of this article....more >>

Letter to the editor

It is not a 'senior' center

Dear Editor, Last week's Letter to the Editor from disgruntled architect Ron K. took exception to the design of what he called the "senior" center. Not sure what triggered his ire but what triggered mine was the reference to it being a "senior" center....more >>

News Briefs

Yearbook:When teens become pregnant it's a problem

Dear Editor, (In response to Brandon yearbook ad sparks controversy, The Citizen, May 28, page 4) BHS yearbook adviser accepted the Oxford Problem Pregnancy Center ad to fund a costly project....more >>


Problem pregnancy, abortion real problem

Dear Editor, (In response to Brandon yearbook ad sparks controversy, The Citizen, May 28, page 4) If the ad been worded differently for the Pregnancy Center, this outrage could have been prevented....more >>

Letter to the editor

Green Meet thanks

Dear Editor, On behalf of Premier Self Storage, I sincerely thank all of you that attended, helped sponsor (Orion Area Chamber of Commerce, M & G Graphics, and The Salvation Army), and volunteered (Rochester Community Schools- Students Giving Back, and Toys for Totes) for the Green Meet on Thursday May 19....more >>

Letter to the editor

Thank you from FISH

Dear Editor, And residents of Lake Orion, Oxford, Addison Township, and Leonard; Pam (Lake Orion Post Office); Vicki (Oxford Post Office); Oakwood Community Church and all the great volunteer drivers and sorters: Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you to everyone who came out and helped with the United States Postal Service food drive....more >>

My Way

My Way

Thank you and good evening...

Last week, I was asked to give the keynote speech at Oxford-Addison Youth Assistance's annual Youth Recognition awards ceremony. Despite my dislike of public speaking, I immensely enjoyed the experience and thought I'd share my speech with readers....more >>

Don't Rush Me

Is there an epidemic among our skunks?

Connecting dot of animal die-offs

Oh, for about the past six years or so, I have claimed fame for my knowledge of spring's arrival. Prognosticating ground hogs are not my thing. And, contrary to the customary, or traditional harbinger of spring in these parts -- the sightings of the first robins -- I deduced from observation, that the real true note of spring is the arrival of dead skunks on the road....more >>

Jim's Jottings

Toads and I are a lot alike: we jump a lot

The worst idea ever for financing education is gambling. But since Lansing's brightest have adopted it, isn't it reasonable to put it in the required curriculum with math, science and English? Then use the acronym GEMS (Gambling, English, Math, Science....more >>


Thank you Coats Village Funeral Home

Dear Editor, Recently my family lost an outstanding man, my father. He was a terrific man that would truly take the shirt off his back for you, as it's said. However, my reason for writing is to express our gratitude to the folks at the Coats Village Funeral Home....more >>


Ortonville Cemetery in need of some help

Dear Editor, The Ortonville Cemetery has played a vital role in the community. From honoring veterans to preserving community history to perpetually caring for loved ones—the cemetery grounds, located along M-15 just outside Ortonville, is an icon that continues to remember the past while establishing a future location for generations to come....more >>


Yearbook: Freely advertise abortion?

Dear Editor, I'm not entirely sure if this is newsworthy but I would love to know what other parents' (or students' for that matter) opinions are on the subject of pregnancy centers advertising in high school yearbooks....more >>

Plant Swap in Clarkston

The Clarkston Farm and Garden Club's Perennial Plant Swap starts at 9 a.m. sharp on Saturday, June 4, at the Clarkston Village parking lot at Washington and Main Streets. The plant swap is sponsored by The Clarkston Farm and Garden Club and provides an opportunity to trade your divided and thinned plants with other gardeners....more >>

Phil in the Blank A column by Phil Custodio

Civil War

Good turnout at the American Legion Post 63's Memorial Day ceremony at Lakeview Cemetery it was nice and sunny for a change. Excellent work by organizers and participants. I liked the flyover by two A-10 jet fighters....more >>

Letter to the editor

Insulted by township

Dear Editor, It was with astonishment that I learned of the latest Township Board insult to its employees and the community ("Benefit cuts OK'd," March 23). When the Township Board set the policy that elected officials of the township would receive Blue Cross coverage for themselves and their families after eight years of service, it was based on full discussion, debate, and sound reasoning....more >>

Letter to the editor

Tips for township board

Dear Editor, Another fine mess, Mr. Wagner ("Township threatens court action to recover bonus," May 11). When are you going to step up and come to the people and tell us the truth about your actions over the last years? Do you not think, since we elected you and pay your salary, that you owe us an explanation regarding this incident and the many other incidents where you seem to think you not only have the right to side step the Township Board but the citizenry, as well....more >>

Letter to the editor

Thanks for help at Coats

Dear Editor, Recently my family has lost an outstanding man, my father. He was a terrific man that would truly take the shirt off his back for you as it's said. However, my reason for writing is to express our gratitude to the folks at the Coats Funeral Home....more >>

Letter to the editor

Thanks for 4-H help

Dear Editor, Thank you so very much to the Oakland County 4-H Youth Leadership Institute for providing spring clean up on Saturday, May 21 to several seniors in our community. It was very much appreciated by all the seniors you helped....more >>

Spiritual matters

Everything in life happens for a reason

My youngest son recently played the role of the Cowardly Lion in his school's production of the Wizard of Oz. For those out there who have somehow missed out on experiencing this book, movie, stage production, the Lion is a scaredy cat and travels with his new found friends Dorothy, Scarecrow and Tin Man to ask the Wizard for courage....more >>
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