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Letter to the editor

Banned in Boston and Chicago, too!

Back in the late 19th century, Boston city officials had the authority to ban books, movies, or plays that were deemed objectionable, and they often banned books that contained foul or sexual language....more >>


Saying goodbye to an 'A+' teacher…

Dear Editor, What do you say about a teacher that is so awesome? How do you find the right words to tell this beautiful, caring woman how much influence she has had on your child's life and helped your child to see her potential? Giving your child the courage to try and try again....more >>


Iditarod race is dog torture, cruelty

Dear editor (In response to: "Alaska bound: Local qualifies for Iditarod," The Citizen, June 4, page 1): Surely, if Joe Gutowski knew that dogs suffer in the Iditarod, he'd stay in Hadley....more >>


New labor contract realistic

Dear Editor, The Brandon Education Association has recently agreed to a new contract with Brandon Schools. We, the members of the BEA, believe the concessions we make in this contract (and they are deep and painful for all of us) are ultimately necessary....more >>

My Way

My Way

Hey, there's the newspaper guy!

Every week, the Oxford Leader is chock-full of photographs of K-12 students winning awards, participating in special events or projects, engaging in classroom activities, playing sports, acting silly, etc....more >>

Letter to the editor

Revealing, unsettling and provoking all at the same time

Dear Editor, I always read with interest the letters you choose to publish from Bill Kalmar. He sometimes offers viewpoints that can astonish (a few years back he wrote about crawling under sinks in public bathrooms to turn on hot water), confront, and provoke without coming across as a total curmudgeon....more >>

Letter to the editor

VanTassel, what are you gonna' do now?

Dear Editor, Thank you Don Rush for your fine article and understanding of what happened on April 18 when the Township Board gave away Orion Township and its dignity by expanding the landfill....more >>

Letter to the editor

Landfills part of life, and Eagle Valley helps keep cost low

Dear Editor, I am responding to the Eagle Valley expansion debate. As a local refuse hauler, the residents must understand a few key points that I'm sure they do not think about when it comes to trash....more >>
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Don't Rush Me

Remembering the week that just was

Jumping Zebra Spiders and Lots o' Miles!

Last week was a week, I tell you . . . a week of milestones and new acquaintances. And, to keep up your illusions that you really know me, I 'll fill you in on the week before this one....more >>

Jim's Jottings

My ego runs way deeper than I thought!

I've been wanting to write about our daughter Luan, and her courting by now-husband Bob Offer in 1969. To refresh my memory I re-read a history I wrote of Hazel's life and my own life story....more >>


Remember: Memorial Day in Ortonville

Dear Editor, In regards to the Ortonville Memorial Day Parade and Service 2011. Always remember. What a wonderful celebration of our freedom. Thank you to all the service men and women who participated, to the people from Selfridge for the awesome flyover, to those who prepared the cemetery landscape, to the people involved in the program and the parade, to those involved in the preparation of setting up and taking down the beautiful avenue of flags that graced the Ortonville Cemetery....more >>

News Briefs

CreekFest 2011 success

Dear editor, Thanks to all of our wonderful volunteers. A special thank you to: Molly Lalone, Pam Belding, and Debbie Baker. The downtown businesses were wonderful, as always, for their participation! Thank you to Pet Supplies "Plus" for their help, and for the generous donations from K-9 Stray Animal Rescue, Cook's Farm Dairy, Flexible Photography, Hamiliton's, Oxford Bank, O'Malley's, Frosty Boy, Rotary Club, John Gault, Goodrich Tent Rental, Paramount Signs & Graphics, Art of Life, Dr....more >>


Rodak: an icon of integrity

Dear Editor, We, as a family of Belle Ann Elementary School since 1998, would like to send out our sincere and utter gratitude to our retiring principal Mark Rodak. Mr.Rodak has been an icon of sincerity and integrity of Belle Ann....more >>

Elise's Entries A column by Elise Shire

Years gone by

My, oh my… how the years fly. I came to the realization the other day that I am a mere month away from turning the notable age of 21. I remember being told as a child that every year would seem to fly faster and faster....more >>

Letter to the editor

Counterpoint on director's bonus

Dear Editor, In response to Mr. Kenneth Rittenhouse's recent letter ("A call to reinstate director," June 8), I would like to set the record straight. A positive thing this board has accomplished since in office? Just to name a few, they eliminated the unnecessary car allowance stipend and changed the qualifications for elected officials that receive lifetime healthcare....more >>

Letter to the editor

Trustee responds on benefits issue

Dear Editor, A recent letter is so misleading about an action of the Independence Township Board that a response is required ("Insulted by township," June 1). This spring, the township board adjusted the medical insurance benefits of its non-union employees to increase co-pays and contributions to premiums....more >>

Spiritual matters

'You all shall remain in my prayers, may God bless'

It is with a heavy heart that I am bidding this loving Ortonville community farewell. I have been appointed by my bishop to Ypsilanti First United Methodist Church as of July 1 and am already in full packing mode for our move....more >>
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