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Guest column

Thank you, Lake Orion!

It seems it was just last week when I sat down to write my introduction column -- my obit, as they called it --although, it has actually been two and a half months. How the time flies when you're having fun! Over the course of this internship, I have learned many valuable lessons and have been put to the test multiple times....more >>


'I would put a tower in my backyard'

Dear Editor, (In response to: '9-1-1 tower location poor choice,' The Citizen, July 23, page 6): The record needs to be set straight in regards to Gregory Hamilton's letter. I will state upfront that I am married to one of the (Hadley) planning commission members....more >>


Fundraiser for Hartwick success

Dear Editor, Thank you for your prayers, compassion, caring, kindness, help, services, and donations to the pig roast fundraiser for my son Tony Hartwick. The pig roast was a success despite the high temperature that day....more >>

Letter to the editor

Farmers' Market thank you

Dear Editor, The Original Lake Orion Farmers' Market thanks Girl Scout Troop 13136, and the Lake Orion High School Pottery Department and their teacher Candy Garbacz for joining us at Howarth Church to share their wares and gifts to support students and special needs projects....more >>

Letter to the editor

Oh my goodness!

Dear Editor, May I speak some well-documented truths on the July 20, 2011 article on the Eagle Valley "expansion." Clerk Shults refers to the motion of "May 18" which was April 18, when after the executive session, which was referred to as Host Fee Agreement, they "authorized the supervisor to work with "our" attorney to finalize the agreement....more >>

Don't Rush Me

Boy, are we predictable when it comes to . . .

Gas wars prompt the best in us?

The other week all the buzz around Metro Detroit centered around what was happening in Lake Orion. Detroit radio stations broadcasted live from remotes here, daily newspapers were reporting on the goings on here and, well, like I said there was quite the buzz....more >>

Jim's Jottings

I think 'cynic' would fit as my middle name

I've often wondered how the word "politician" got into Webster's dictionary. Webster was thoughtful enough to leave out other obscene words. Seriously, folks. Have you ever heard the word politician used as a word of praise, kindness or eulogy? Mark Twain and Will Rogers are more often quoted for their uncomplimentary politician comments than their other works....more >>


Haiser's audit report should be clear

Dear Editor, (In response to 'Despite battles, recalls, lawyers Goodrich operating efficiently,' The Citizen, July, 16, page 1): Thanks to the findings of Karl Haiser, the certified public accountant hired by the village of Goodrich, the real facts on village finances are now clear....more >>


9-1-1 tower location poor choice

Dear Editor, (In response to 'Commission OKs 9-1-1 tower on historic cemetery, church to vote Sunday,' The Citizen, July 9, page 1): Recent events in Hadley Township have brought into question the motivation of the zoning board of appeals....more >>

Phil In The Blank

Phil in the Blank A column by Phil Custodio

Back in time

Digging through the archives for Mrs. Jean Saile's obituary story last week took me back to the 1970's. I was a youngster, born in 1969, so no "Dazed and Confused" type memories for me....more >>

Letter to the editor

Parent willing to pay for sports

Dear Editor, Regarding "Questions about pay-to-play fee," July 6: as a former collegiate athlete and parent of two student athletes, I do believe requiring a pay-to-participate fee, which contributes to covering the cost of Clarkston Athletics, is unfortunate but reasonable....more >>

Letters to the editor

Thanks for helping out with...

Jean's story Dear Editor, Our friend, Jim Sherman, Sr., was kind enough to drop off the July 20 copy of The Clarkston News because he knew I would want to read the article about Jean Saile....more >>

Raymond James A column by James Kruzan

The road to successful advertising

The road to successful investing is paved differently for each investor. One investor's road to success may be the high road while another's may be the low road. But common to both investors is basic principles that are true to form no matter which road an investor finds themselves taking....more >>

Spiritual matters

Take time for rest, family and friends

It is already past mid-July, and summer is rushing by…again. It always seems that there is so little time and so much to do during this brief period of warm, even hot this year, weather in Michigan....more >>
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