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Joe from the block

Our kids know whats going on

I worked on Labor Day, but I did not really mind. Writing is not work for me. Besides, I am thankful for having a full-time job. There are far too many people here and elsewhere who are struggling to find work these days....more >>

Joe From The Block

Our kids know whats going on

I worked on Labor Day, but I did not really mind. Writing is not work for me. Besides, I am thankful for having a full-time job. There are far too many people here and elsewhere who are struggling to find work these days....more >>

Guest column

Where is my 'back to school' laptop?

By Bill Kalmar Special to The Review Back when my generation was preparing to return to school, back in the Dark Ages, we only needed a couple of items on the first day. Our list consisted of a Duo-tang folder, a pencil case, a #2 lead pencil, and maybe a protractor....more >>

Letter to the editor

Landfill opponent 2

Dear Editor, I was one of the 70-plus in attendance at the Orion Township Board meeting on Aug. 29, 2011. We were told in 1994 that ACT 451 was passed by the legislature, and would make the contract/operational agreement with Waste Management's Eagle Valley landfill null and void....more >>

Letter to the editor

Landfill opponents speak up

Dear Editor, At the August 29 Township Board meeting, residents filled the hall in protest of the April 18 board approval of a 53-acre, 25-foot elevation of the proposed 30-40 year expansion of the Eagle Valley Landfill....more >>

Letter to the editor

One more Ken fan

Dear Editor, This coming election day, I plan to vote for write-in candidate Ken Van Portfliet for a seat on the village council. I can think of no better candidate. I've known him for years to be an excellent human being, a fantastic mentor to the many children who require a male figure in their lives, a generous person who never fails to give of himself for the betterment of others....more >>

Letter to the editor

Another Van Portfliet supporter

Dear Editor,   The coming elections for town council are crucial to the future of our community.  During this fiscally demanding time, it seems imperative that our town council must be made up of selfless citizens without personal agendas, and with only the best interests of the Village of Lake Orion in mind....more >>

Don't Rush Me

The little grandma who thought she was Irish

Mildred (Fletcher) Rush, May 7, 1914 to August 25, 2011

Like most families, sooner or later the older generation gives way, moves on . . . kicks the bucket. So it was with ours the other week. The Rush clan lost our grandmother, Mildred....more >>

Jim's Jottings

Dick & Jane, Tom & Di, and whatever

This is a true story, and that is not to say all my other writings have not been true. This is about a married couple, old enough to be grandparents, but not yet on social security....more >>


Road are designed for vehicle traffic

Dear Editor, (In response to: 'Speed limits on township dirt roads revisited,' The Citizen, Aug. 27, page 4) When a dirt road does not have a posted speed limit it does "not" mean that you are to drive at 55 mph it means "you choose" a speed safe for the condition of the road (not to exceed 55 mph)....more >>


Follow the money

Dear Editor, After reading the Aug. 20 and 27 editions of The Citizen, I must comment on articles concerning actions by our elected officials in Brandon Township. First is the township board's action to increase the mileage payments to the fire department: The taxpayers need to understand the reason for the increase....more >>


Which side of his mouth he should be speaking out?

Dear Editor, Article "Saroli not for raising taxes" dated August 25, 2011 is actually causing many residents to understand that Mr. Saroli DOES NOT know which side of his mouth he should be speaking out of....more >>


Not a good time to raise taxes

Dear Editor, (In response to: 'I vote no millage raises,' The Citizen, Aug. 27, page 6) I must agree with Robert Therrien, this is certainly not a good time to raise taxes for any reason....more >>


Brandon board on right road for speed limit reform

Dear Editor, (In response to: 'Speed limits on dirt roads revisited,' The Citizen, Aug. 27, page 4) Kudos to the Brandon School Board for passing the resolution in support of reducing speed limits on dirt and gravel roads....more >>


Good Times success

Dear Editor, The Good Times in Goodrich Festival Committee would like to say "Thank You!" to everyone who made this year's event a success, from the participants to the attendees. Special thanks to the Village of Goodrich for all of their help....more >>


'We extend our arms with a hug to all of you'

Dear Editor, Thanks to all for the great support we had after the loss of our son, Tyler Bonner. The amount of people that came to the hospital and funeral home, all the cards and flowers that we received and are still receiving, all the food and all the people that gave us a hug and said they were so sorry have been a great comfort to us....more >>

Phil in the Blank A column by Phil Custodio

Do more to stay safe

This is a good week for the Neighborhood Security Seminar, planned for tomorrow by Citizens Cable Committee. Murders are rare in the Clarkston area, but we had one just last Saturday....more >>

Guest viewpoint

Clarkston through walks with Nina

Dear Editor, We walk a lot, partly for my own septuagenarian need for exercise and partly for hers. We take a series of prescribed paths in Clarkston. When I walk with her, she's the kind of dog that elicits villager comments such as: "What kind of dog is that?" or, "She looks like the dog in that movie 'Winn Dixie....more >>

Spiritual Matters

Living with no regrets

Ever walk through a cemetery and really study the headstones? I have on several occasions. Once in a cemetery in Pennsylvania, my dad showed me the graves of my great-great grandparents and extended family....more >>
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