Palace Chrysler-Jeep

Joe from the block

A perplexing decision

This week's decision by the Lake Orion Village Council to not allow the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) and merchants to celebrate the completion of the Streetscape project by closing a few streets to host a brief ribbon-cutting event confirmed my worst fears....more >>

Letter to the editor

Behind the scenes kudos

Dear Editor, The third-annual Dragon on the Lake festival was a memorable weekend for many Lake Orion residents and visitors alike, with great weather, lots of exciting attractions and smiling, happy people everywhere! The Orion Art Center staff and board of directors worked diligently for many months to bring this unique event to our community....more >>

Don't Rush Me

Little darlin's aren't bad, just misunderstood

Disrespecting skateboarders and scooter kids?

So there I was, sweating in my long-sleeved shirt (that seemed to be a good idea at 6 a.m., last Friday morning). It was now 3-something in the afternoon and I got a call. "Have you seen what they did to the swings in Depot Park?!" A few octaves higher than normal, the voice was a little shrill....more >>

Jim's Jottings

Times, thoughts - they are a'changing

One of the first things I've noticed during this aging thing, are the commercials I'm paying attention to on the tube. I'm no longer interested in removing the gray from my hair, nor wrinkle removers....more >>

Letter to the editor

Thanks from ONTV

THANK YOU to the Orion Art Center for organizing the Dragon on the Lake festival this past weekend. It was a wonderful community event, with perfect weather, and Orion Neighborhood Television (ONTV) was proud to be a sponsor! Thanks also to our volunteers, Zachary Fortin and Dave Kepsel for helping ONTV videotape the boat races, and to volunteer Sarah Paine for interviewing all the teams....more >>

Letter to the editor

State sacrificing its children

 The government of Michigan is shirking its responsibility to the people of Michigan with the package of education reform bills introduced Sept. 7, 2011.   Under the guise of "parental choice," our legislature is sacrificing the state's children at the altar of the free market, forcing the most vulnerable to compete on an unlevel playing field....more >>


Thanks for the kindness

I want to take this time to thank Dr. Wark & Dr. Dunckel, along with their staff on the care they gave to our beloved Mandy on Sept. 2, 2011. Despite their wonderful efforts, we did lose our girl....more >>


CERT Donation

Dear Editor, On behalf of the Brandon Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), I express our thanks to Ortonville Masonic Lodge, #339 F. & A. M., for their donation of $500.00 to purchase radios for emergency/disaster response....more >>


Road are designed for vehicle traffic

Dear Editor, (In response to: 'Speed limits on township dirt roads revisited,' The Citizen, Aug. 27, page 4) When a dirt road does not have a posted speed limit it does "not" mean that you are to drive at 55 mph it means "you choose" a speed safe for the condition of the road (not to exceed 55 mph)....more >>


Follow the money

Dear Editor, After reading the Aug. 20 and 27 editions of The Citizen, I must comment on articles concerning actions by our elected officials in Brandon Township. First is the township board's action to increase the mileage payments to the fire department: The taxpayers need to understand the reason for the increase....more >>

Wendi's Word A column by Wendi Reardon

Wolves will overcome

You have to give a big kudos to Clarkston Athletics and the coaches - when they know a rule was broken they immediately call Michigan High School Athletic Association and the athletic offices of the teams involved....more >>

Letter to the editor

School board no show on cable

Dear Editor, I am disappointed in the Clarkston School District's decision to remove the school board meetings on Channel 22 on Comcast cable. It is now only on the districts' website....more >>

Letter to the editor

Neighbors come through with home help

Dear Editor, When it comes to finding folks to help with a project, helping hands scatter. It's difficult when you are a single woman with little to no budget working two jobs seven days a week to get much accomplished, let alone when assistance is needed....more >>

My Way

My Way

Let the voice of freedom be heard

The greatest lesson the Chinese students visiting Oxford can return home with won't be learned in any of their classrooms at the high school. The lesson I'm referring to has nothing to do with mathematics, language or even art and athletics....more >>
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