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Joe from The Block

A good book spoiled

Borders in Auburn Hills finally closed its doors last week. I enjoy reading and it felt like I lost a good friend. Every time I thought the giant bookseller may turn the corner over the past couple of years, it faced another setback....more >>

Letter to the editor

Congrats to retiree

Dear Editor, From friends and family of Derenda Howard as she retires from her longstanding job with Oakland County Parks and Recreation, we thank Derenda for her development of programs for all ages, and for her encouragement to use the park programs in all seasons....more >>

Don't Rush Me

Of mice and men, or of Don and dogs

Your choice, but make sure your dog's collar has a tag with your phone number!

Holy crap, Batman. It's the last week of September and/or the first full week of fall . . . and, well, I am not particularly ready for summer to end. Not, that I have a voice in the decision....more >>

Letter to the editor

Loss of control

Dear Editor, I am part of a grassroots group, MI-CAPE (Michigan Citiziens Advocating for Public Education). Please check us out on Facebook or Google us to learn more. We are based in Lake Orion, but are working with people from all over the state regarding Michigan Education legislation and issues....more >>

My Way

My Way

41 stars?

Bill Service, commander of Oxford American Legion Post 108 and a jack-of-all-trades for Oxford Community Television, stopped by my office Monday and gave me my laugh of the day, perhaps even the week....more >>

Don't Rush Me

Let us face it: Internet scams are now a part of our life

From faxes to e-mails

You know, when I wrote this column (about eight years ago), folks were really, really just getting into e-mail. And, when I say "folks" I mean everybody: teacher, student, business types, government types, church types, everybody....more >>

Jim's Jottings

Mandatory curriculum in schools is a bad idea in my book

Following is a column written by Richard Milliman that I tend to favor. - - - 0 - - - Certain school orders ordained on high don't make much sense in the real world. Mandatory curriculum, in my book, is a bad idea....more >>


Thanks for the kindness

I want to take this time to thank Dr. Wark & Dr. Dunckel, along with their staff on the care they gave to our beloved Mandy on Sept. 2, 2011. Despite their wonderful efforts, we did lose our girl....more >>


CERT Donation

Dear Editor, On behalf of the Brandon Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), I express our thanks to Ortonville Masonic Lodge, #339 F. & A. M., for their donation of $500.00 to purchase radios for emergency/disaster response....more >>

Keiser's Role A column by Trevor Keiser

Tribune inspires

After wedding my lovely bride, Noell, on Sept. 3, which just happens to be the best birthday present I could get, I took a week off for a honeymoon in Chicago. I enjoyed "The Windy City" with my wife as we enjoyed $40 steak, tourist attractions like Shedd Aquarium, and the Navy Pier, a play at Shakespeare Theatre and stores along the Magnificent Mile way too expensive for a journalist's wage....more >>

Letter to the editor

A call for public comment at meetings

Dear Editor, Independence Township Trustees cooked up a nasty, distasteful recipe in their new rule to restrict citizen comment, limiting comment until the end of their already long and, sadly, dysfunctional meetings....more >>

Letter to the editor

Thanks to Eagle Scouts for beautifying center

Dear Editor, Garden volunteers, gardeners, seniors and the community are enjoying the Eagle Scout projects at the senior center in Clintonwood Park. In 2009, Eagle Scout Gerry Murphy and Troop 186 from Lake Orion built four outdoor wooden benches....more >>

Words from the Sup't

Superintendent views as school year gets underway

We're two weeks into the school year. I hope the experience is excellent so far for everyone! Here's a quick update. Developmental Days On Sept. 23, we'll have our first Developmental Day of the year....more >>

Guest viewpoint: Lady Hugs

Bullet can't keep dog down

I am a black lab mix with a white chest and perfect white toes. So many people over the years have told me I am a beautiful dog, many of which were total strangers. In January 2000, I was picked up by a very kind lady near Hadley and M-15 Roads in Clarkston....more >>

Spiritual matters

Prepare for each season and the future

Here in Michigan, we are beginning to see the first signs of autumn. As I look out my window, I notice that yellow, brown and red are replacing the green color that predominated throughout the summer season....more >>
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