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Take a stand Lake Orion

By Olivia Shumaker Special to the Review Out of everything I write about, and I write a lot, for personal reasons the topic of bullying moves me more than any other subject. This is why I applaud the anti-bullying efforts by Lake Orion High School and its supporters....more >>

Editor's column

Playing it safe

Young athletes need to learn to play on the road. This means learning to deal with the home team's fans students and adults, alike cheering against them. Sometimes, they even face seemingly biased referees....more >>


Community Christmas Toy Store

Dear Editor, The Community Christmas Toy Store (CCTS) would like to thank the Moms Club of Ortonville and Goodrich and the Brandon Fire Department (BFD) for hosting an excellent event for the children of our community on Sunday, Oct....more >>


Masons' Chicken and Dumpling dinner

Dear Editor, On Oct. 22, it made me proud to be a member of the Ortonville community when I witnessed the outstanding public response to the Ortonville Masons' Chicken and Dumpling dinner....more >>


CERT success

Dear Editor, On behalf of the Brandon Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), I express our thanks to the Ortonville United Methodist Women for their efforts in preparing the food for our fundraiser dinner held on Oct....more >>


Community Christmas Toy Store

Dear Editor, Christmas is less than two-and-a-half months away and the Community Christmas Toy Store is gearing up to provide the needy children in our community with a happy Christmas....more >>


Sometimes I just don't get it

Sometimes I just don't get it Dear Editor, In response to the Oct. 15 edition of The Citizen, I found myself reading what I describe as the "articles of confusion." I found it confusing to read an article about Goodrich hiring back the village manager that was forced out the very same year of her rehire when a total of 17 had applied for the position....more >>

Jim's Jottings

Ah, truth, and just what is the truth?

Andy Rooney signed off on the "60 Minutes" program recently for the last time. I was a fan of the curmudgeon for a long time. Had I known the shortcomings he announced on his final appearance, I would have quit listening to him long ago....more >>

Wendi's Word A column by Wendi Reardon


For those unable to go to last Friday's rivalry football game between Clarkston and Lake Orion - it was phenomenal. Especially when senior quarterback Mitch Baenziger sealed the Wolves playoff spot with 51:3 to go in the game on a 30-yard run....more >>

Letter to the Editor

McLaren thanks

Dear Editor, The McLaren Health Care system extends a big heartfelt thank you to the Clarkston High School staff, students, football coaching staff and team for their hard work and commitment in making the 3rd Annual Football for a Cure fund raiser a success....more >>

Letter to the Editor

School public access

Dear Editor, Clarkston Public Access Center should be tasked with producing telecasts of Clarkston Public School board meetings. The experienced facilitators at our township cable production studio could do this easily....more >>

Letter to the Editor

Slow down in downtown

Dear Editor, Is 30 MPH through downtown too fast? I think so. It seems like where ever I go these days, the traffic in and around Clarkston is moving way too fast. Worst of all is right downtown between Waldon and Washington - right where people are walking....more >>

Letter to the Editor

A call for truth

Dear Editor, We would like to correct some of the misinformation in Supervisor Dave Wagner's letter to the editor, Oct. 19. Even during his disability he's shown taxpayers that what matters to him is not the truth, but what he can get the voters to believe....more >>

Letter to the Editor

Call Dr. Rock

Dear Editor, In the letter "Parent upset by school phone call," Oct. 12, the writer expressed shock at an impersonal "one-way blast phone call" from Superintendent Rock, thanking him for allowing teachers time for professional development....more >>

Letter to the Editor

Check our work

Dear Editor, I have to respond to his ill-informed, insensitive, and inflammatory statement about using the new delayed start teacher development time to drink coffee ("Parent upset by school phone call," Oct....more >>

Letter to the Editor

Thanks for helping choir

Dear Editor, Thank you to the community members, choir parents and families who came out to the fundraiser at Leo's Coney Island to support Clarkston School's choir program. A special thank you to Nash for the opportunity and to the staff at Leo's for all their hard work....more >>

Letter to the Editor

Ask questions

Dear Editor, In response to Mr. Charles Kennedy's statement "We have serious educational testing shortfalls relative to other countries; we have to compete" ("Reader irked by E-blasted opinion," Oct....more >>

Letter to the Editor

Be positive

Dear Editor, I moved to Clarkston in 2008. Before moving here, working in Virginia schools, I heard negative things about Michigan schools. I no longer work in a school system but my children are both in Clarkston schools....more >>

Spiritual matters

Remember All Saints Day with Halloween

It's the time of year again when the trees explode in color before our very eyes, like a display of fireworks. Nature seems to leave the best for last before the solemn days of winter come....more >>

Raymond James:A column by James Kruzan

How safe is your retirement plan?

As you plan for retirement, you may count on an employer sponsored "qualified" retirement plan such as a pension plan, profit sharing plan, or 401(k). Or perhaps you're counting on your traditional IRA or your Roth IRA....more >>
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