Palace Chrysler-Jeep

Joe from the block

Friendly rivals

It's funny how sports can bring friends together, even if you are rooting for opposing teams. One of my best buddies from high school, Pete, moved to Farmington Hills with his family years ago, while we stayed here....more >>

Don't forget election next year

Dear Editor, Remember on Election Day, "Cuts in Sheriff Staffing" (Oct. 26). Protection of the People is our top township leaders' first responsibility. Supervisor Van Tassel stated, "I'm not sure we'll be able to continue to afford the current staffing levels....more >>


Fair common sense insurance reforms

Dear Editor, You have probably heard the radio ads advocating no changes to the current Personal Injury Protection coverage. Note that they are sponsored by the MI Health Care/Hospital industry....more >>


Trick-or-Treat with Santa success

Dear Editor, The MOMS Club of Ortonville-Goodrich would like to extend many thanks to everyone who supported our Trick-or-Treat with Santa event on Sunday, October 23. Thank you to our club members who designed, printed, & distributed flyers, and to those who donated candy for the trick-or-treaters....more >>


Camp Copneconic scholarship fund

Dear Editor, On behalf of the Brandon Fletcher Intermediate School staff and students, we would like to thank our PTO, the Brandon Junior Blackhawk Organization, the Brandon Education Association, the Clarkston Brandon Community Credit Union, and various donors for the generous monetary donations they have made to the Camp Copneconic scholarship fund....more >>

Don't Rush Me

Bill was a unique kinda' guy

Rest in peace Mr. Ardelan

This weekend whilst on the road (Michigan Highway 52) between the towns Owosso and St. Charles, I received a cell phone call. It was a busy weekend as son Sean and I were on a big adventure....more >>

Jim's Jottings

As promised, a non-cynical column

Of course it's been a week since I made that promise, and the memory of the public is three days, so I may revert . . . To start: Beauty and handsomeness are only a light switch away....more >>


Community Christmas Toy Store

Dear Editor, The Community Christmas Toy Store (CCTS) would like to thank the Moms Club of Ortonville and Goodrich and the Brandon Fire Department (BFD) for hosting an excellent event for the children of our community on Sunday, Oct....more >>


Masons' Chicken and Dumpling dinner

Dear Editor, On Oct. 22, it made me proud to be a member of the Ortonville community when I witnessed the outstanding public response to the Ortonville Masons' Chicken and Dumpling dinner....more >>


CERT success

Dear Editor, On behalf of the Brandon Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), I express our thanks to the Ortonville United Methodist Women for their efforts in preparing the food for our fundraiser dinner held on Oct....more >>

Keiser's Role A column by Trevor Keiser

Township manager

I find it interesting the topic of a township superintendent, also known as "township manager," which was greatly debated during the 2008 Independence Township election season is coming around full circle and now possibly come to fruition....more >>

Letter to the Editor

Reader sees Internet sales benefit

Dear Editor, Contrary to the statement of the politician quoted in "Local businessman joins effort for fair tax of online sales," Oct. 19, the proposed legislation introduces a new tax for consumers, otherwise no legislation would be required....more >>

Letter to the Editor

Councilman explains traffic process

Dear Editor, Chris Walker's letter about the speed limit on Main Street in downtown Clarkston ("Slow down in downtown," Oct. 26) highlights what many others have said: People are driving too fast....more >>

Letter to the Editor

Summing up FOIA request results

Dear Editor, Regarding my FOIA requests: some people said that they do not understand my intentions and I should deliver proof of findings. Two years ago, January 2010, Clarkston school administration surprised many with an expected shortfall of $13 million dollars and that we needed to cut $10 million dollars in one year....more >>

Guest viewpoint

Input needed in supervisor situation

Recently Independence Township Supervisor Dave Wagner has in these pages opposed the suggestion that the Township Board would consider some way to do something about his now seven-month total absence from his responsibilities to the township ("Wagner won't go," Oct....more >>
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