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Editor's Column - Citizens speak

They say the squeaky wheel gets oiled first. In this town and across our country, those people who voice their opinions the loudest typically get them heard and, in our case, published....more >>

Congratulations Mr. Porter!

The Orion Area Chamber of Commerce honored area business owner and Orion Township Board Trustee Neal Porter on Dec. 1, naming him "Business Person of the Year." As 200 people sat eating, Chamber President Bill Kokenos told the audience why Porter was important to Orion's economy....more >>

Letter to the Editor - Thanks from family

Dear Editor, We are so lucky have the Lake Orion Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, a facility in our community, which made it possible for the family of Robert Wright, to participate in his care during his last year of life....more >>

Letter to the Editor

Reader wants citizen experts to help schools

Dear Editor, The most recent few years have been, as you know, difficult ones for many school districts in Michigan including Clarkston Community Schools. Revenue has continued to decline and, as a result, CCS has been required to significantly trim operating expenses, although those expenses could not be responsibly reduced quickly enough to match revenue reductions, resulting in the district having to continue to draw down its fund equity to below-recommended levels....more >>


Christmas in the Village

Dear Editor, More than one thousand people attended Christmas in the Village this past Saturday, starting with the first ever Jingle Bell run, where close to 50 people raced through town....more >>


Thanks for the cookies

Dear Editor, On Monday, December 5, Girl Scout Troop # 13401 was in Goodrich spreading Holiday cheer. We here at Village Dental Center would like to say Thank- You for the plate of cookies delivered with a smile! Thank you, Village Dental Center Dr....more >>


Community Christmas Store

Dear Editor, We would like to thank the entire congregation of Ortonville United Methodist Church for hosting a fantastic event - Santa, Stories, and Sundaes last Sunday. In particular, the organizational genius of Linda Weathers stands out....more >>


Library important part of daily life

Dear Editor, The Friends of Brandon Twp Library held our first two-day book sale in October. Thanks to you, members of the community, our sale was far more successful than we had expected....more >>


Occupiers incompetent

(In response to: 'Who is Occupy Wall Street,' The Citizen, Nov. 26, page 6) Dear Editor, After much contemplation, I decided against writing an editorial on the Chevy Volt and instead address the criticisms of my previous article concerning Occupy Wall Street....more >>


Necessity of a library?

(In response to: 'Brandon Township Library gears up for millage campaign', The Citizen, Dec. 3, page 1) Dear Editor, I just read the article about the Brandon Township Library gearing up for a millage campaign, and it started me thinking....more >>
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Don't Rush Me

Reiki masters and Indian teachers

Ancient Native American Peace Shield

I reckon George Lucas had no idea that when he wrote a line for his fictional character Jedi master Obi-Wan Kenobi, that it would stick around so long and take on a universal-like quality....more >>

Jim's Jottings

First some penguins, then forward to Jottings

I don't do e-mails or internet, but that doesn't eliminate exposure. Friends who deliver such epistles to me know my humor, likes and dislikes. Thus; a forward from Karbginsky and Hiatt....more >>

Wendi's Word A column by Wendi Reardon

War of words

Only 70 minutes remained for the November month long challenge. Not taking any chances with the end result I copied and pasted over 100 pages of text into the small box. The screen on the webpage changed and a sigh of relief escaped, I had finished National Novel Writing Month (affectionately called NaNoWriMo or NaNo for the shorter version....more >>

Letter to the Editor

Another call for clean township sweep

Dear Editor, Kudo's to all of you with your letters and article, Nov. 30. You are all so absolutely correct, and accurate with your assessments of Independence Township. Why doesn't the building department and code enforcement do their jobs to eliminate the blight that is happening in our township? The board should stop the "payoff" to Wagner....more >>

Spiritual matters

Jesus fills eternal need for relationship with God

How was your Thanksgiving dinner? Did you spend it with family, friends and other relatives? Regardless, I venture to say that you ate quite a bit of food. My wife and I went to both of our family's homes for the holiday and ate a meal and desert at each place and by the time we finished the day, we didn't think we would ever look at food again the same way as before....more >>

My Way

My Way

Some thoughts on our cable board and the future

It was certainly interesting reporting on the termination of Don Huegerich as station manager for Oxford Community Television (see Page 1). As I covered the Nov. 30 meeting of the Oxford Area Cable Communications Commission (what a mouthful), a few thoughts occurred to me and since it's the season of sharing, here they are....more >>
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