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Editor's column - Resolutions abound

Like many people, I am not good at keeping New Year's resolutions. So, rather than make promises I cannot keep, I thought I would suggest some for others in our community. Hopefully, they have more will power and determination than me....more >>

Letter to the editor - Budget alert

Dear Editor, The headline in The Review on Dec. 21, "Township 2012 budget finalized," should have been "Alert!! Two Less Sheriff Deputies for 2012." Our township supervisor, JoAnn Van Tassel, found money for two police liaisons for our schools, money for the new Wildwood Amphitheater, money for the new Senior Center, which she admits she has no idea how much it will cost to maintain, but no money to maintain our safety, so how are township residents going to feel safe....more >>

Guest column - A year filled with reform

By State Rep. Brad Jacobsen It seems like only yesterday that I was sworn into office as 46th District State Representative, but looking at the calendar I discover that it really has been a year....more >>

Letter to the Editor

Reader has no doubt in Iraq win

Dear Editor, I always enjoy reading your articles. However, something you wrote in "Christmas thoughts" on Dec. 21 bothers me. You wrote "the troops get out of Iraq for Christmas this year....more >>

Letter to the Editor

Clarkston Rotary thanks community

Dear Editor, The Clarkston Rotary Club would like to sincerely thank all of those who so generously donated during the club's recent 61st annual "Goodfellow" newspaper sales. The generosity of the donors was encouragement for those collecting in the cold winter winds....more >>

Letter to the Editor

Thanks for assist with candle service

Dear Editor, Approximately 175 people attended the Fourth Annual Holiday Memorial Candle Lighting Service sponsored by the Lewis E. Wint & Son Funeral Home, Clarkston. The event took place at Clarkston Community Church on Tuesday, Dec....more >>


The best interest of taxpayers?

(In response to: 'Township dumps rec plan offer,' The Citizen, Dec. 24, page 4) Dear Editor, I was very disturbed by the Atlas Township Board of Trustees decision to not consider the Village of Goodrich/ Atlas Township Parks and Recreation Plan Proposal....more >>


2011 Ortonville luminary display

Dear Editor, The Village of Ortonville thanks everyone who helped with assembling, distributing, and lighting the Christmas Eve luminaries throughout the village: Boy Scout Pack 139: Tim Flickinger, Mathew Flickinger, Seth Hanft, Alex Hanft, Lori Hanft, Jeff Hanft, Mary Lou Knight, Michael Knight, Mathew Edin, Ryan Heines, and Rick Heines....more >>


'People like LIz Waters are unsung heroes"

(In response to: 'You're getting a best friend and you're saving a life,' The Citizen, Dec. 17, page 3) Dear Editor, Thank you so much for the story about Liz Waters, the extraordinary woman that fosters and rescues dogs....more >>

Don't Rush Me

It's a wrap on 2011

What we've shared this year

As I sit high up in my office, overlooking the mean streets of Clarkston (that would be Main Street, from Washington to Waldon) it is December 21, 2011. The Winter Solstice and the first day of the last year of life as we know it....more >>
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Jim's Jottings

Happy New Year From The Grandkids

When we first started this Jim's Jottings holiday tradition, the two grandchildren Dan and Karen Offer (Karen is holding the pooch named Relish and Big Dan is next to her) were small enough to fit on my knees. It was 1988. Dan was 3 years old and Karen was four months old....more >>

Wendi's Word

Wendi's Word A column by Wendi Reardon

A year in sports

Another year gone - but what a year! For this week's edition and next week's edition The Clarkston News is taking one last look at 2011 and giving you the highlights of the past year....more >>

Raymond James A column by James Kruzan

Emergency fund savings

Have you assessed your emergency savings fund lately? Do you have six to 24 months of living expenses set aside in case an unforeseen emergency arises? In these uncertain economic times, many find it difficult to routinely save for an emergency that has yet to happen....more >>


Spiritual matters

Today's crisis calls for long-term reformation

The New Year is already upon us. It always amazes me how fast the time goes. Wasn't it just a short time ago that we were being warned of an impending disaster in our technology—when we went from 1999 to 2000? Now we are coming into 2012....more >>
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