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Editor's Column - Speak up in 2012

By Joe St. Henry, Review Editor While the Arab Spring uprisings, unrest in Europe and occupy movement in America grabbed headlines last year, our community had its own surge of outspoken protests....more >>

Second Opinion - Word for the Year

By Olivia Shumaker 2012 has quickly snuck up on us after the fun and hectic days of gift giving. So, now that the celebrations have passed, are you going to be one of those people who makes a New Year's resolution and proceeds to break it less than one week later? This year, let's avoid those pesky resolutions, and since we are all about words here, let's try to start the year with a new challenge....more >>

Letter to the Editor - Police Funding

Dear Editor, Based on letters to the editor, it appears there's incomplete information about how police protection services are funded in Orion Township. For over 20 years the Township has levied a voter-approved millage to pay the cost of the contract with the Oakland County Sheriff's Department....more >>

Letter to the Editor - Not impressed

Dear Editor, Representative Jacobsen's guest column last week was less of an update of the goings on in Lansing as it was a self-congratulatory piece of campaign literature in advance of the November elections....more >>


2011 year-end accomplishments—Groveland Township

Dear Editor, As the New Year 2012 begins, the Groveland Township staff thought you might like to know what your township board, fire department and staff have done in 2011 and plans for 2012....more >>

My Way

My Way

No conflict with Mitchell's involvement in Chinese land deal

They say that politics makes strange bedfellows. Well, I found out just how true that old adage is when on Friday, I found myself in the position of defending a member of the Oxford Board of Education....more >>

Don't Rush Me

I need your help

Make this newspaper better

As the dawn of yet another year approached, the leaders of the universe that is Sherman Publications sat atop their ivory towers and looked down at me. From far atop I heard their voices, bellowing like rolling thunder....more >>

Jim's Jottings

Here's 2012 Jottings with some guides and rules

Three guides I've sometimes tried to live by: 1. Think ahead -- be ahead. 2. You'll never have if you don't save. 3. If it's inevitable, do it now -- whether it's taking out the trash or going into bankruptcy....more >>


The best interest of taxpayers?

(In response to: 'Township dumps rec plan offer,' The Citizen, Dec. 24, page 4) Dear Editor, I was very disturbed by the Atlas Township Board of Trustees decision to not consider the Village of Goodrich/ Atlas Township Parks and Recreation Plan Proposal....more >>


2011 Ortonville luminary display

Dear Editor, The Village of Ortonville thanks everyone who helped with assembling, distributing, and lighting the Christmas Eve luminaries throughout the village: Boy Scout Pack 139: Tim Flickinger, Mathew Flickinger, Seth Hanft, Alex Hanft, Lori Hanft, Jeff Hanft, Mary Lou Knight, Michael Knight, Mathew Edin, Ryan Heines, and Rick Heines....more >>


'People like LIz Waters are unsung heroes"

(In response to: 'You're getting a best friend and you're saving a life,' The Citizen, Dec. 17, page 3) Dear Editor, Thank you so much for the story about Liz Waters, the extraordinary woman that fosters and rescues dogs....more >>

Keiser's Role A column by Trevor Keiser

Bird for bird

I find Independence Township Trustee Neil Wallace's proposal to eliminate retirement healthcare for all current and future full-time elected officials very interesting. While I still believe there should be no healthcare benefits for full-time elected officials beyond their term of office....more >>

Letter to the Editor

Reader sees example in city action

Dear Editor, In the story "90 N. Main lake access approved," Dec. 21, one of our honorable elected officials is quoted as saying it was "a good example of how government works." Well perhaps, but certainly not an example of our government working well....more >>

Letter to the Editor

Thanks to all who helped family

Dear Editor, We are writing this letter to express our gratitude to the North Sashabaw Elementary staff and school families. Although NSE supports each and every one of their students, they have gone out of the way for Ryan Kennedy....more >>
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