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Editor's column - Cost of clean schools

Teachers do the teaching, but it's the custodial staff that keeps a school building clean. Nobody questions this, but members of the Lake Orion School Board are wondering if the work can be done for a better price....more >>

Guest column - Spurring Oakland's economic growth

As Michigan reinvents itself, our local leaders are increasingly challenged to find ways of growing investment and building upon the assets of a community to stay in front of a changing economy....more >>

Letter to the editor

O.A.T.S. appreciation for Party patrons' help

Dear Editor, The riders, volunteers and horses of O.A.T.S. thank the Clarkston Retailers Group, their patrons and the people of the Clarkston area for so generously supporting O.A....more >>


Goodrich School Board recognized

Dear Editor, On behalf of the Goodrich Area School District, our staff and students, please let me take the time to recognize the members of the Goodrich School Board as part of January School Board Appreciation Month....more >>


Self serving agenda

Dear Editor: I'm confused with the current state of affairs in Brandon Township. It is commonly stated that we are being negatively impacted by events which have been unfolding over the last 12 years....more >>


Many questions after gravel road meeting

Dear Editor, (In response to: 'How fast is too fast on gravel roads? Public responds', The Citizen, Jan. 10, page 3) Susan Bromley (Citizen reporter) did an excellent job of reporting on the Jan....more >>


Special elections costly to community

Dear Editor, A special election will be held this February in the 51st District-Genesee County, to replace Rep. Paul Scott (R), who was voted out of office in November 2011. The cost of that special election to my local government, Atlas Township, was about $5,000....more >>

Letter to the editor - Library book sale success

Dear Editor, The January Book Sale has closed its doors on another successful sale for the "Friends" of the Orion Township Public Library.  Over $4,000. will help sustain programs for the Orion Township Public Library....more >>

Letter to the editor - Thanks Orion Lumber

Dear Editor, I would like to thank Lake Orion Lumber for its generous donation of plywood scraps for a classroom project. We were able to cut 25 good-sized snowmen and bases out to use as mounts for electrical circuits we constructed at school....more >>

My Way

My Way

We do not live in a vacuum

We are individuals born with free will and living in a free society, but that does not mean we should act without considering how it will affect others. There is a big difference between freedom and selfishness....more >>
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Don't Rush Me

Of mice and men and of this and that

Truth seekers, snow and fun as a dad

So, I have received some chilly e-mails in regards to informing the general populace of a free thinkers group forming up here in Northeast Oakland County. For those who missed last week's gem of a column, there is a group of people starting to meet monthly in Oxford to debate, argue, discuss (openly) issues of their choosing; to question the status quo and in general seek truth....more >>
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Jim's Jottings

I think ma' dog Shayna lied to me

Plus Gov. Synder and the Outhouse

I think ma' dog Shayna lied to me I couldn't eat all the Fettuccini Alfredo with chicken I was served at 24th St. Tavern in downtown Oxford, so I took the balance home to ma'dog Shayna....more >>


Congrats on cocktail party success

Congratulations to Clarkston Retailers Group for another successful Clarkston Retro Progressive Cocktail Party. It's good to see downtown Clarkston filled with folks enjoying local businesses, and vice versa....more >>

Phil in the Blank A column by Phil Custodio

Runaway tech

Hitting regular rotation on TV lately is the movie "2012," depicting the end of the world due to mutating death rays from the sun. I went to see it in the theater in 2009. In a stroke of divine comedy, the end-of-the-world movie ended early due to a power outage caused by the weather....more >>

Letter to the editor

Reader responds to defend township trustee

Dear Editor, Everyone in the community should be bothered by Trevor Keiser's opinion story and his Jan. 25, "Resident wants apology for tractor case" story. When a citizen of Independence Township calls and points something out to an employee of the township, this is not how their call should have been handled....more >>

Letter to the editor

Thanks to shovelers for clearing Clarkston walkways

Dear Editor, I want to thank all of those who take the responsibility of clearing snow from the walkways outside their homes. I would also like to ask those who do not to please consider doing so....more >>

Milestone reached in Rotary's polio fight

President Al Avery led Clarkston Rotarians in celebrating the club's worldwide success in raising $200 million to meet the Bill and Melinda Gates' polio-fighting challenge. In 1985, Rotary International launched PolioPlus to immunize all the world's children against polio....more >>

Spiritual matters

Building a non-violent community

This is going to be an interesting year. Watching the political debate and hearing the talk of starting a new war, reading the news of another tragic death of a young person, seeing a fight break out over a minor traffic accident; I wonder when we will learn to live the principles of peace and nonviolence that are at the core of all our religious and spiritual paths? Monday, Jan....more >>
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