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Editor's column - Talk the talk

This is my last column as editor, so I want to leave with a word of advice for the leadership of Orion Township: You're all good people, but it's time you start talking the talk. Last spring, after the last supervisor left, all we heard about was the secret, covert meetings between him, the Township's lawyer and Waste Management....more >>

Letter to the editor - Schools too top heavy

Dear Editor, Your Feb. 8 column, "Cost of Clean Schools," was a very good article. I understand schools have to issue RFPs mandated by the state, but why is it middle class, hard working people have to be the sacrificial lambs when times get tough? The custodians just agreed to $1....more >>

Guest opinion - Cut tax loopholes to reduce deficit

By U.S. Senator Carl Levin, D-Michigan A few days ago, I introduced the Cut Unjustified Tax Loopholes Act, or CUT Loopholes Act. Sen. Kent Conrad of North Dakota, the chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, joined me in proposing this legislation to help us meet three important goals: reducing the budget deficit, protecting important priorities, and restoring some of the fairness to our tax system....more >>


Dear Editor, The Ortonville Lions Club would like to express our deepest appreciation for the generosity that we have been shown by our local community, including our local merchants, who have graciously supported us through these difficult financial times....more >>


Kristi Martin

Dear Editor, We, the family of Kristi Martin, wish to offer our heartfelt thanks to the community for its outpouring of love and support during Kristi's illness, and upon her passing....more >>

Jim's Jottings

Rambling prose goes with jottin' Jottings

If you believe what you read, especially here, retirement communities are making plans to change their ways. A Time magazine article by Joel Stein opines, such senior living places have two choices: separate spaces, or build surroundings for retiring boomers or super-olds....more >>

Don't Rush Me

I think being cheap is paying off. Maybe.

But, is being cheap a good thing for media?

Once in a while being the cheapest dad in town (and the meanest) has benefits. Aside from not spoiling the lads Shamus and Sean with tons of electronic crap they'll forget as soon as the newest and coolest electronic crap hits the streets, it sometimes saves us from broadcast media feeding frenzies....more >>

Keiser's Role A column by Trevor Keiser

11 days too much

After three days of wife Noell not being able to eat or drink anything without throwing it back up, I began to realize normal flu remedies weren't working and took her to a doctor....more >>

Letter to the Editor

Disagreement on township view

Dear Editor, I found Michael Tynan's comments on Township Board actions and the deputy supervisor very misleading and inaccurate ("A call for consequences in township actions," Feb....more >>

Letter to the Editor

Burn ordinance needs alternatives

Dear Editor, Restricting the current burning privileges of the entire Independence Township community on account of the activism of one individual seems undemocratic. If we didn't subscribe to the Clarkston News we would not be aware of the possibility that burning was going to be severely curtailed....more >>

Letter to the Editor

Disagrees with schools' May election

Dear Editor, It was just a few years ago that the board decided to move to a November election cycle to avoid the costs of a May election. May has traditionally been the month of choice for many school district elections because a low turnout typically ends in favorable election results for the district....more >>

Letter to the Editor

Support for Wallace candidacy

Dear Editor, I am pleased with Trustee Neil Wallace's decision to run for supervisor ("Wallace sets sight on supervisor seat," Feb. 8). I find his opinions to very knowledgeable and insightful....more >>

Spiritual matters

The wonder of a dandelion in winter

As I was preparing for the morning worship service at Lakeview Church one Sunday, a man from the congregation walked up and offered me something he held in his hand. I held out my own hand, and in my palm he carefully placed a small yellow blossom with a short green stem attached....more >>

My Way

My Way

Government's really just a big kid

When you stop and think about it, children and government really do have a lot in common. Children are completely dependent on their parents for everything in life. Without them, they have nothing no money, no home, no clothing, no possessions, nothing....more >>
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