Palace Chrysler-Jeep

Keiser's Role: Tastes like....

While watching the April 11 school board meeting DVD I saw Food Service Director Marla Ernst give a presentation on the the healthier food made in the school cafeterias. Well, the last time I ate high school cafeteria food was nine years ago....more >>

Letter to the Editor: Custodian discusses recent letter to the editor

Every day we greet many of the students upon arrival to school, assist them with jammed lockers, and direct them to where they need to go. We are friends to many and mentors to others, making them feel safe and more at ease while away from home....more >>

Letter to the Editor: Kids are not Model T's

I found it interesting that the only citizen you chose to quote in your recent article about privatizing Lake Orion schools custodial services was a local businessman Mr. Holt. His contention that the schools should be "run like a business" shows his complete ignorance of public education....more >>

Letter to the Editor: Community mourns death

Dear LOYBL Friends and Family, In the past couple of days you may have heard or read about the tragic death of a 12-year-old Rochester Hills boy, whose travel baseball team was practicing at Friendship Park last Saturday....more >>


Friends of the Goodrich Library

Dear Editor, On behalf of the Friends of the Goodrich Library, I would like to thank everyone who helped make our spring book sale so successful: to the people who donated books and media items and to the ones who donated items for the bake sale....more >>


Tell the whole story of state park fees

(In response to, "Take advantage of Pure Michigan", The Citizen, April 7, page 6) Dear Editor, In Brad Jacobsen's Letter to the Editor, the District 46 Representative stated that the recreation passport that gives annual access to all state parks and boat launches can be purchased for $10 at the Secretary of State when a person renews their license plate....more >>


Best interest of Goodrich at heart

Dear Editor, (In response to: "Is this really what Goodrich needs?", The Citizen, April 21, Page 6) I personally would like to extend an invitation to anyone who has not yet visited the Goodrich Trade Center....more >>


What did you expect, a Sears store?

(In response to: "Is this really what Goodrich needs?", The Citizen, April 21, Page 6) Dear Editor, I, like other in this community, are more than happy to be able to shop in a new, clean, well stocked store and if it is a dollar store, there's nothing wrong with that....more >>


We do not want privatizing in Brandon

(In response to, "If this happens, we lose everything," The Citizen, April 14, page 4) Dear Editor, Do you really know what "privatizing" does to thecommunity? These private companies hire people from all works of life, and a lot of them come from the wrong-side of the tracks, so to speak....more >>

Don't Rush Me

Hippie networking with a smile, cup of Joe

Talking about the Coffee Club

One of the best things we have done was to start hosting weekly "networking" meetings a little over two years ago. I put quotation marks around "networking" because our Coffee Clubs are not typical networking-type meetings....more >>

Jim's Jottings

Winds are whirling and Jottings is swirling

Not being a fan of the current, and hopefully temporary occupier of the White House, do not expect support of any of his programs in this space. I do think it was nice of him, when he landed in Columbia for a meeting with Central American countries, to tell us he was there to check out vacation spots for his wife, Michelle....more >>

Wild Ideas A column by Mary Keck

Head full of spring

Nothing makes me happier than fresh dirt on my hiking boots, a snooze in a hammock, or a long meditative sit in a field of swaying grass. Since seeing the daffodils and red buds blooming, my head's been full of spring....more >>

Letter to the Editor

A call for more city help for businesses

Dear Editor, I wholeheartedly support the Clarkston Retailers Group in their attempts to gain permission to use sidewalk signs and open signs as a tool to draw more customers. To my knowledge, Clarkston is the only jurisdiction in Oakland County that outlaws such signs....more >>

Letter to the Editor

Thanks for Clarkston community for...

Local donations and volunteers Dear Editor, On Friday, April 13, Independence Twp. Senior Adult Activity Center held its annual volunteer appreciation at Saint Daniels Catholic Church, where over 100 volunteers and guests attended....more >>

Letters to the Editor

Readers' views on proposed school bond

Provides tech Dear Editor, As seniors, we personally feel we need to vote "yes" on the proposed school bond issue for the following reasons: State school funding has dropped to the 2005 level and, as we know, with 80 percent of school budget costs for employees, there is little room for cost cutting; Due to home values dropping, our property tax has also been reduced and we still have the homestead tax program; Most of us are not being taxed on our pensions and Social Security; and If we expect our home values ever to regain pre-2007 levels, we need to provide excellent schools and this starts with technology....more >>

Spiritual Matters

Sacred service spiritual path to heaven on earth

April 22, 1970, the date of the first modern Earth Day observance, found me and my junior high school classmates stumbling through the mountains of Oregon's Coast Range planting fir trees and picking up garbage in what was then known as the Tillamook Burn....more >>
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