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My Way

Nothing. Done Right.

"There was never, for any long time, a corrupt representative of a virtuous people; or a mean, sluggish, careless people that ever had a good government of any form." – Edmund Burke This above quote from the father of modern conservatism has been on my mind a lot these days....more >>

Gabe's Gripes: March of progress

Many of you may have already guessed this, but technology is a fascination of mine. I'm all over the tech journals during doctors visits, I stay up-to-date on the newest innovations and I certainly have a weakness for useful new devices....more >>

Letter to Editor: Ayotte family says 'thanks'

Dear Editor, Our world changed with the devastating diagnosis we received in January. The fresh hope that a new year usually brings was shattered and replaced with biopsies, surgeries, and treatment plans....more >>

Letter to the Editor: Writer brings awareness to bipolar

Dear Editor, A few weeks ago one of my favorite neighbors visited with me and was open and honest. He mentioned neighbors were talking about my son's behavior and he asked why the Sheriff's department was at my home the previous week....more >>


Friends of the Goodrich Library

Dear Editor, On behalf of the Friends of the Goodrich Library, I would like to thank everyone who helped make our spring book sale so successful: to the people who donated books and media items and to the ones who donated items for the bake sale....more >>


Just what we need in Goodrich

(In response to: "Is this really what Goodrich needs?", The Citizen, April 21, Page 6) Dear Editor: In response to the letter "Is this really what Goodrich needs?", lamenting the opening of the new Dollar General, drug store and Bee Hive Consignment Shop/Flea Market in downtown Goodrich, the answer is a resounding "Yes!"....more >>


Supporting students and teachers need to be our focal points

(In response to, "District cops SOC for high school, 'The Citizen', April 28, page 6). This article contained a lot of factual information. However, it did not give enough information....more >>


Lay-offs hurt students

(In response to, "If this happens, we lose everything," The Citizen, April 14, page 4) Dear Editor, I am tired of year after year hearing about how the Brandon School system is having to restructure because of its failure to effectively budget....more >>

Don't Rush Me

What happens when you ain't moved to . . .

Killer bees, Tornado Alley and lots more doom and gloom

Often times when I am out and about a reader will come up to me and ask, "Week in and week out where do you get ideas to write about?" I have answered that question a lot, so I have been able to hone my answer down to something that at least sounds original each time I say it....more >>

Jim's Jottings

Conway & Korman, loved & remembered

An oldie, but goodie from 2006

Editor's Note: Mr. Sherman was away trout fishing last week, so that left him no time to pen a new column. So, we're runing this oldie, but a goodie from May 2006. Enjoy. Harvey Korman is 79....more >>


Tell the whole story of state park fees

(In response to, "Take advantage of Pure Michigan", The Citizen, April 7, page 6) Dear Editor, In Brad Jacobsen's Letter to the Editor, the District 46 Representative stated that the recreation passport that gives annual access to all state parks and boat launches can be purchased for $10 at the Secretary of State when a person renews their license plate....more >>


Best interest of Goodrich at heart

Dear Editor, (In response to: "Is this really what Goodrich needs?", The Citizen, April 21, Page 6) I personally would like to extend an invitation to anyone who has not yet visited the Goodrich Trade Center....more >>


What did you expect, a Sears store?

(In response to: "Is this really what Goodrich needs?", The Citizen, April 21, Page 6) Dear Editor, I, like other in this community, are more than happy to be able to shop in a new, clean, well stocked store and if it is a dollar store, there's nothing wrong with that....more >>


We do not want privatizing in Brandon

(In response to, "If this happens, we lose everything," The Citizen, April 14, page 4) Dear Editor, Do you really know what "privatizing" does to thecommunity? These private companies hire people from all works of life, and a lot of them come from the wrong-side of the tracks, so to speak....more >>


Vote 'no' on bond issue

Voters in the Clarkston School district will be asked to approve a $20 million, non-qualified bond issue next Tuesday. Unfortunately, we cannot support this proposal. We see the bond proposal, developed through committee, as too large and unfocused....more >>

Phil in the Blank A column by Phil Custodio

Fix funding

Michigan's school-funding scheme is unfair. I've heard it again and again, especially over the past few months as folks spoke for and against the proposed $20 million school bond. Clarkston Community Schools is amongst the lowest funded in Oakland County, a byproduct of Proposal A....more >>

Letters to the Editor

Readers take on bond vote

Happy to support bond Dear Editor, Thirty years ago I served two terms as a member of the Clarkston Board of Education. One significant learning from that time was that it's easy to tear down, complain, and criticize, and much harder to build up and support....more >>

Operation Closet Make Over!

Just this past week, I overheard two different Avanti Salon Guests talk about having to find a new career; it seems that we are hearing that more and more these days. With Spring Cleaning started…this is for you too! If you are one of these people that have a new adventure in front of you, let us help you get on your way to a fun, new journey with a new look that will be just right for you, land that job that will be better than you ever expected! Or maybe it's time for you to take care of you! You don't have to break the bank to wow your perspective boss (or your husband if you work from home)! Just spend some time in your closet, get creative and don't forget the glass of wine....more >>
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