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Gabe's Gripes: Trying new things

Hello readers and welcome to an another column by your favorite home-bred reporter. This week we're going to try something different. There will be no moral, no lesson, no "try-to-rememeber" motto, just a story about something new I tried over the weekend of May 5 - backpacking....more >>

Guest Column: Motherhood the act of breathing

Nothing can prepare you for motherhood except of course Lamaze class. It's been 20 years since I graduated with a license to breathe and I still don't consider myself prepared. I can usually breathe just fine, but the complexities of motherhood go beyond mere breathing....more >>


Libary 5K

Dear Editor, Thank you to everyone who made our Bookin' It for Your Library 5K Run and 5K Walk and Dewey Decimal Dash such a success last Saturday (May 12). With participants and spectators, we had more than 300 people....more >>


Rocking and Raking

Dear Editor, Thanks to the teens who participated in Rocking and Raking (April 28) I was able to do some basic yard work Monday without having to clean flower beds and dodge fallen limbs on my lawn....more >>


Raises preposterous

(In response to: 'Village employee pay hike included in 2012-13 budget,' The Citizen, May 5, page 5) Dear Editor, The lack of fiscal responsibility on the part of the village manager, Jakki Sidge, in asking for a pay raise for village employees, and the condoning of it by the village council, is just another example of our tax dollars being squandered....more >>


Poppy Day

Dear Editor, Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 582 and Ladies Auxiliary want to thank Ortonville and the surrounding communities for their generous support during our Poppy Day distribution for a donation on May 10-12....more >>


Thank you community

Dear Editor, Thank you for all the prayers, love, and understanding we have received during the last few months of our mother's life. We are humbled and thank everyone with all our hearts....more >>

Jim's Jottings

The bases are loaded, and I'm at the plate

In France last week, voters put the socialist party into leadership. The new president Hollande said to stimulate the economy he'll hire more people to work for the government and spend more money....more >>


Dear Editor, It's a simple gift to our community: a bunch of teen-agers who devote one day a year to Rockin' and Rakin'. They go to the homes of a number of senior citizens and do outdoor chores that would be hard for senior citizens to do themselves....more >>


Some of the facts of Goodrich detachment

(In response to, "Detach Goodrich? Commission to decide if township, village will vote," The Citizen, May 5 page 1.) Dear Editor: A great deal of misinformation has been presented by village councilmen as fact when indeed it is just not true....more >>


How to destroy a village and lives

Dear Editor, While reading last week's article "Detach Goodrich? commission to decide if township; village will vote" I had to check if I was in the entertainment section of the paper or a book review of fiction....more >>


Work together now to fix schools

Now that voters' views are clear, school leaders and residents must work together to improve local education. Last week's lopsided vote, 5,755-2,945 against, show this hasn't been happening....more >>

Wild Ideas A column by Mary Keck

Green thumb connection

My mom, who lives a few hours away in Indianapolis, planted the seed of my love for gardening. Even in the smallest plot, my mom can find a way to grow something beautiful. It's because of her that I can't walk by a bed of daisies or hyacinths without commenting on their lovely blooms....more >>

Letter to the Editor

Rain gardens provide green example

Dear Editor, For those of us who are thinking Green for our community and environment , I would recommend a visit to the two rain gardens created in Clarkston. The main one is found at Depot Park where many native Michigan plants have been established to control water run-off and improve the area....more >>

Letter to the Editor

A call to elect Wallace as supervisor

Dear Editor, This is a very important election year not only at the national level but locally as well. I'm tired of the lack of transparency and shady township dealings of the past....more >>

Letter to the Editor

More support for Wallace candidacy

Dear Editor, In the upcoming August 7, 2012 primary, Township voters will hopefully reject the apparent clone of finally departing, with full benefits, Supervisor David Wagner. Candidate Todd Waring, with virtually no previous community involvement, boasts of endorsements by bombastic politician Mark Pettersen and the same developer interests who have consistently supported Dave Wagner....more >>

Spiritual Matters

Habitat for Humanity in Clarkston

I am excited about some networking currently going on here in Clarkston. Our church has participated in several Habitat builds in Pontiac. Recently, however, we've been discussing the possibility of a build in Clarkston....more >>

Words from the Sup't

Cultures of thinking of Project Zero

As the school district works to overcome its biggest challenge of updating its educational infrastructure with limited resources, it continues to thrive and strive toward excellence....more >>
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