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Gabe's Gripes: Being adults about drugs

Even glancing at a newspaper from the last few days will tell you that a new drug called K2 is making headlines. K2, or spice, is a synthetic marijuana product originally altered to circumvent the conventional weed laws and while K2 and spice have been made illegal, the name is now a genericized trademark for products that include synthetic marijuana....more >>

Letter to Editor: Relay for Life committee says 'thanks'

Dear Editor, On behalf of the Oxford/Lake Orion Relay for Life Committee, I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful advertisement you ran for Oxford/Lake Orion Relay for Life....more >>

Letter to Editor: 'Friend's' May Book Sale A Success

Dear Editor, A big thank you to all participants of another successful "Friend's of the Library Book Sale". We experienced beautiful weather and beautiful people. Our next Sale is September 19 - 21, 2012....more >>

Letter to Editor:Thanks from Lake Orion Special Olympics

Dear Editor, On behalf of the Lake Orion Special Olympics I would like to extend a very heartfelt thank you to so many in our community. LOSO is 100% self-funded. Without this community support we couldn't do what we do! LOSO currently has eight Special Olympics sports: bowling, soccer, basketball, track & field, swimming, poly hockey, snow shoeing and bocce....more >>

Letter to the Editor

A call for follow-ups on diminishing pond

Dear Editor, It is clear that governmental action is required to address the diminishing quality of Mill Pond habitat, including the pond between Bluegrass Drive and Buttercup Lane and the Clinton River....more >>

My Way

Perpetual millage plus large fund balance equals 'no' vote

When it comes to property tax proposals, believe it or not, I've tried to keep an open mind over the years. For some, I've written impassioned pleas urging voters to approve them....more >>

Don't Rush Me

Around the community with Don

So, what has been going on with your hero (that would be me lest I am mistaken)? I have been quite busy over at Casa d'Rush and here at the newspaper. Why just last week I attended the first meeting of something that could be a grassroots campaign to sweep across the nation, no less....more >>

Jim's Jottings

A column of quotes, misquotes & anecdotes

More and more drivers seem to have time to put their hand on the horn, but no time to put their foot on the brake. Bob Warnke says: "What ever fluffs your sail." I thought it was "whatever floats your boat....more >>

Wendi's Word

Wendi's Word A column by Wendi Reardon


It is just a natural part of life every day you meet someone new - unless you are a hermit. Then maybe you don't. If you are lucky enough, the good people stay with you or at least leave an impression on you....more >>

Letter to the Editor

Rosso support for Wallace candidacy

Dear Editor, From my service with Neil Wallace on the Independence Township Board for eight years, I have witnessed firsthand his dedication, leadership and hard work. From his varied and genuine community involvement as demonstrated by six years of service, five as chairperson, of the Independence Township Planning Commission; a consistent advocate of the fire and police operations; an underlying commitment in support of the library; and taking on the leadership of bringing our public access cable channel up to the technological standards our community deserves, I know Neil has always been motivated by the best interests of the Township and its residents....more >>

Letter to the Editor

Store solicitation policy upsets veteran

Dear Editor, As a Korean veteran, I am appalled at the attitude of the Kroger policy to discontinue allowing the American Legion to distribute Poppies for a donation ("Poppy sales hit by sales rules," June 6) ....more >>

Letter to the Editor

Senior center garden's ready for summer

Dear Editor, May was a busy and fun time at the senior center. On Saturday, May 19, we had a work day at the gardens. High school volunteers, grandparents and grandchildren, members of the garden committee, community volunteers and Clarkston, Boy Scout Troop 49, planted flowers, cleaned up the landscape beds, planted the containers with beautiful annuals and worked in the Memorial Garden, edging, planting shrubs and spreading mulch....more >>
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Born October 26th
1902: Beryl Markham, aviator and writer.
1916: French leader Francois Mitterrand.
1919: Mohammed Reza Pahlevi, the Shah of Iran who was overthrown in 1979 and died in the United States
1944: Pat Conroy, novelist (The Prince of Tides).
1947: First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton.
October 26th
in history
1825: The first boat on the Erie Canal leaves Buffalo, N.Y.
1881: Three Earp brothers and Doc Holliday have a shootout with the Clantons and McLaurys at the O.K. Corral in Tombstone, Arizona Territory. Revisiting 'Doc' Holliday.
1905: Norway signs a treaty of separation with Sweden. Norway chooses Prince Charles of Denmark as the new king; he becomes King Haakon VII.
1918: Germany's supreme commander, General Erich Ludendorff, resigns, protesting the terms to which the German Government has agreed in negotiating the armistice. This sets the stage for his later support for Hitler and the Nazis, who claim that Germany did not lose the war on the battlefield but were stabbed in the back by politicians.
1942: Japanese attack Guadalcanal, sinking two U.S. carriers. Marine Sergeant Al Schmid's heroics during the bloody fighting on Guadalcanal.