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Editor's column - Gabe's Gripes

Saving a buck by eating out

I may be beating this dead horse into a fine paste, but I am not a wealthy man. I am not poverty stricken by any means, but I must watch what I buy and when I buy it if I do not want an awkward moment in the leaser's office at the end of the month....more >>

Guest Column - Lauren Dinnewth

The stories behind the art

By Lauren Dinneweth Orion Art Center Director The face is sculpted metal, the edges carefully honed to scalpel sharp points. Donn Angel Perez calls it simply 'Surgery.'  It's one of the faces the architectural designer created after being diagnosed with a brain tumor - his way to understand the cancer that invaded his life....more >>

Letter to the Editor: Privatize the administration

Dear Editor, If the school board really wanted to save money, they would cut the number of administrators. I was a school teacher for 32 years in a different school district. I could not figure out what some of the administrators did....more >>

Letter to the Editor: Kensington 'thanks' Pee Wee Patch

Dear Editor, On behalf of the hundreds of women who have passed through Kensington Community Church's Evening Insight's Bible Study I would like to personally thank Pee Wee Patch Child Care Center in Lake Orion for opening their doors to us these past two years....more >>

My Way

Terrific job on burger report, ditch the carnival

Competency, diligence and honesty are rare things in government, so whenever they're spotted, they should be praised and recorded for posterity. That's why I'm shining the spotlight this week on Maria Martin, administrative assistant for the Oxford Downtown Development Authority (DDA)....more >>

Don't Rush Me

Things sure have changed in 236 years

"When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people . . ."

This past weekend with fireworks and much merriment, we celebrated the declaration of our country's independence. Not, as some get confused, our being independent from the old world's superpower, England....more >>

Don't Rush Me

Holy Pass The Geritol, Batman and start living goodly

Local farm boy turns 105

A quick look on-line and I found in 1907 Oklahoma became the 46th state in the Union after the Indian and Oklahoma territories were merged. I discovered the United States proclaimed to be protector of the Dominican Republic and invaded Honduras....more >>

Jim's Jottings

On the Fourth, re-read the Star Spangled Banner

Next week our country celebrates the declaration of our independence, July 4, 1776. It was that day our founding fathers told the world, we would no longer be second-class citizens, ruled by a monarchy....more >>

Wild Ideas A column by Mary Keck

Report from the front line

Slugs have broken through our first line of defense: the robins. Covered in translucent mucus, the marigolds lining our garden bed can't hold on much longer. Under ruthless slug attacks, some have lost leaves, blossoms, and a few are nothing but chewed up stalks....more >>

Letter to the Editor

Don't smear Wallace

Dear Editor, Neil Wallace's opponents, unable to attack his qualifications and experience for the supervisor's position, have resorted to a campaign of misinformation and deceit. One opponent and his campaign manager, Rudy Lozano, lashed out in these pages, as harsh and inaccurate as a TASER in the wrong hands ("Supervisor race," May 23)....more >>

Letter to the Editor

Reasons for pond levels?

Dear Editor, Regarding the low level of the Mill Pond; this has been an ongoing problem the past few years. During that time, I have heard a number of reasons for this occurring, some of which include the following: It was being lowered for chemical treatment; so homeowners could clean up the shore; Mill Pond waters were being diverted to flush out the Depot Park stream; owners of the Clarkston Mils were deliberately lowering the ponds in an effort to try and force homeowners to assume liability for the hydro; and the latest, it is a result of pond-front homeowners irrigating their lawns....more >>

Letter to the Editor

Wallace didn't fix AT&T

Dear Editor, I find it very interesting that Mr. Neil Wallace is "pleased with the increased citizen participation in the government brought on by the Citizens Public TV Access Committee" and "the committee has 'invigorated the cable service'" ("Trustee Wallace runs for top seat," June 6)....more >>

Letter to the Editor

Former clerk support

Dear Editor, Our community is very fortunate to have Mr. Neil Wallace running for Independence Township Supervisor. In the role as township clerk, it was my privilege to serve you for many years....more >>

Letter to the Editor

Board for fire millage

Dear Editor, On Aug. 7, the voters of Independence Township will decide whether to renew the millage for fire and advanced life support services so that these vital services can continue....more >>

Letter to the Editor

A vote for Wallace

Dear Editor, I would urge Independence township residents to join me in voting for Neil Wallace August 7. He is the most qualified. His service on numerous boards has been exemplary....more >>

Letter to the Editor

Support for Wallace

Dear Editor, I have lived in Independence Township for 33 years, had the privilege to serve of the Planning Commission for 16 years and have known Neil Wallace for the past 27 years....more >>

Letter to the Editor

Pallotta for clerk

Dear Editor, Although we initially met due to a misunderstanding over the voter identification laws, Clerk Barb Pallotta and I have since become strong allies. It was Barb's diligence and integrity in quickly addressing our disagreement that inspired me to serve under her as an Independence Township Election Inspector....more >>

Letter to the Editor

Fischbach advocate

Dear Editor, Taxpayers of Springfield Township have a chance to elect a new supervisor of this township on Aug. 7. Until yesterday, the best kept secret was Ginny Fischbach is running for township supervisor on the Republican ticket....more >>

Letter to the Editor

Judge McNally for Pallotta

Dear Editor, Barb Pallotta, our current township clerk, is running for election this August. I strongly encourage the voters to keep her in office. If you were to take a stack of governmental or political magazines and cut and paste the ideal candidate, you would end up with Barb Pallotta....more >>
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