Palace Chrysler-Jeep

Gabe's gripes

Super storms

A couple months back I wrote on why I like winter, particularly over summer. They called me mad! And judging from popular opinion, I'm about to share another dark, stormy secret in that I, truly enjoy and derive happiness from dark, stormy weather....more >>

Letter to the Editor: Vote yes on police millages

Dear Editor, Attention Orion Township Absentee voters, Your YES votes on your Absentee Ballot are greatly needed during the upcoming August 7th election for both the Police Millage Renewal and for the requested 1....more >>

Letter to the Editor: Resident sees need for change in supervisor position

Dear Editor, The One thing that I remember most about growing up in the 50's & 60's in Pontiac was my Pontiac Government Teacher stating that the people we vote in office would bring down this great town because the average hardworking person does not vote, or pay attention to what our local leaders are doing with our tax dollars....more >>

Don't Rush Me

Hot times in the city

Recording breaking temperatures mean one thing: Don Wants Ice Cream!

When I got to the office this morning (Monday), the green-lit, digital clock on my vehicle's instrument cluster read 6:26. Next to that, was displayed the external temperature: 60....more >>

Jim's Jottings

A Jottings stuffed with unoffensive (I hope) stuff

Now that so many are using hand-held devices, no one reports UFOs. Who was the first person to look at a cow and say, "I think I'll squeeze one of these dangling things and drink whatever comes out? I suppose because I drink only black tea, some will call me racist....more >>

Wendi's Word

Wendi's Word A column by Wendi Reardon

The nose knows

You are more than welcome to laugh. Some already have because the truth is funny, but my nose is having a blast. I am on a new plan with Nuview Nutrition. Alright, so I go plan to plan....more >>

Letter To The Editor

A vote for Lohmeier

Dear Editor, Dedication, commitment and integrity are among the many qualities that David Lohmeier has brought to the position of Independence Township trustee. Serving the past four years, David spent countless personal hours making sense of the annual budgets that were delayed by the previous supervisor....more >>

Letter To The Editor

Director urges patience

Dear Editor, Last February, when I took over as Program Manager of Independence Television (then known as the Clarkston Public Access Center), it was made clear to me that connecting our signals to AT&T U-verse was a top priority....more >>

Letter To The Editor

Support based on record

Dear Editor, Neil Wallace is a man of integrity, purpose and vision. He has not missed a meeting in the last four years as a trustee. Neil does his homework and always comes prepared to every meeting to focus on the challenges and needs of the township....more >>

Letter To The Editor

Support for Wallace vision

Dear Editor, I am supporting Neil Wallace for supervisor. Neil has demonstrated his ability to lead our community during the recent challenging economic years. He has worked with the board and the department heads to improve the budget process....more >>

Letter To The Editor

Wallace support

Dear Editor, I have known Neil Wallace on a personal and professional basis for nearly thirty years. During that time, I have always found Neil to be a person of the utmost integrity....more >>

Letter To The Editor

Keep incumbents

Dear Editor, I am voting for Neil Wallace for Independence Township Supervisor. I will also be voting to re-elect Dave Lohmeier, trustee. I recently heard another candidate for supervisor say Township Board meetings are too long....more >>

Letter To The Editor

Waring for supervisor

Dear Editor, I am pleased to support Todd Waring for supervisor. He is a hard working, self-made business man. He is well spoken and comes precisely to the point. He won't need 4-5 hours to conduct the Township business each meeting....more >>

Letter To The Editor

Wallace has the skills

Dear Editor, On Aug. 7, I will be voting for Neil Wallace for Independence Township supervisor. Of the candidates for supervisor, he alone has the skills, experience and determination to lead our township government....more >>

Letter To The Editor

Support for Clerk Pallotta

Dear Editor, Since being appointed as township superintendent in November 2011, I have had the pleasure of working closely with township Clerk Barbara Pallotta. I have come to know Mrs....more >>

Spiritual Matters

Celebrating God's Blessings

What is more American than baseball, apple pie, and mom? As hard as it is for many in society today, I would answer that question with an expression of my Christian faith. People today argue from the point of view of freedom FROM religion rather than freedom OF religion and the opportunity to express our faith....more >>
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