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Guest Column: Response to letter writers

I would like to take this opportunity as a small proud citizen of Orion Township to comment on your last week's "Letters to the Editor." First, Mr. Buckley (Resident sees need for change in supervisor positon) is listening to ex-Supervisor Matt Gibb's group for his information....more >>

Letter to the Editor:No sleep due to fireworks

Dear Editor, Dollars and cents must have driven the decision to pass the Michigan Fireworks Safety Act in January. The word safety should not have been included in the name of this act....more >>

Letter to the Editor: Superintendent Ginopolis clarifies school budget story

Dear Editor, After reading The Lake Orion Review article ("$2.4 million less for Lake Orion Schools") published July 4 on our school district's budget for 2012-13, I thought it would be worthwhile to clarify a few points to avoid any misunderstanding: Compared to this past school year, funding to the district from federal, state and local sources has been reduced by $2....more >>

Letter to the Editor: Supervisor responds to letter writer

Dear Editor, In last week's Lake Orion Review there was a letter from a Mike Buckley that contained factual errors. First, I did not originate either the Orion Center or the Wildwood amphitheater....more >>

Letter to Editor: Resident looks to new leadership

Dear Editor, It is election time for Orion Twp. It is time to elect a NEW Supervisor on August 7, 2012 wahich is right around the corner! I was a strong supporter of our current Supervisor until she refused to enforce our ordinances for the betterment or our community....more >>

Don't Rush Me

I am shocked . . . or is it shocking?

Is I a walking EMP?

Okay something weird is up. Maybe I should just call an astrophysicist or something; have things checked out. In the course of one week and one day, electrical devices connected to you know who (if you don't know who, it's me -- your hero, Dandy Don Rush) have been crappin' out....more >>

Don't Rush Me

Fireworks, the future, lies and innuendo

(All rolled up neatly in one stupid column)

I know, I know . . . I am late on the whiner's wagon in regards to crying about the excessive displays of selfishness taking over Michigan. Of course, I am talking about the evening hour shenanigans and fireworks....more >>

Jim's Jottings

I wonder how Abe would have done in Gallup polls

When did political polls start? I don't really want to know. I hear only those that reflect my choices. But, that's just my way of getting to this Jottings. What started this thinking was a comment made by Wayne, my barber....more >>

My Way

A little of this, a little of that

Over on Page 7, in his Jim's Jottings column, Jim Sherman, Sr. asks the question, "When did political polls start?" Off the top of my head, I'd say the first political poll was conducted in 44 B....more >>

Phil in the Blank A column by Phil Custodio

Summer heat

Yes, for anyone who asks, it is hot enough for me out there. The weather's warmer this summer than I care to remember, and it's holding on a lot longer too. Temperatures were in the 90s this month, so for my vacation over the Fourth of July holiday, of course I went to Alabama to visit family, where the temperatures were a bit warmer, in the hundreds....more >>

Letters To The Editor . . .

Councilman responds Dear Editor, This is regarding the city manager's attempt to portray my views on the city's repeated spending of unappropriated funds as some kind of aberrant personal opinion with no basis in fact, since the city's auditors supposedly have blessed the city's budget ("City 2012-2013 budgets OK'd," July 4)....more >>

More letters

Support for Kittle Dear Editor, I have been an Oakhurst resident since 1998. I have seen my share of Homeowner Association presidents come and go, but the one we have now, Pat Kittle, has really made a difference....more >>

Election letters continue

Wallace earned vote Dear Editor, Neil Wallace has earned my vote for Independence Township supervisor. I have known Neil for almost 30 years. I know him well. He is a longtime resident and champion of our township who has freely donated untold hours of his own time seeking to improve the community for all of us....more >>

More election letters

Waring for supervisor Dear Editor, I am voting for Todd Waring to be out next supervisor. Todd was the first candidate to enter the race and stands for all the right reasons. He is a successful business owner, proud father, and is running solely to bring leadership to our township that has not been lead by the right people....more >>
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