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Guest Column an opinion by Bill Kalmar: Change can be invigorating and energizing

Anyone who has attended a graduation party over the last couple of months know that for college bound students the change from high school to university level courses can be daunting and yet it also marks a complete change in educational experiences that can be refreshing....more >>

Vote no on police millage

The proposed "new police millage" is not a police millage, but rather a cover up for bad government.  Our government is asking for a "police millage" rather than a "general fund" millage because it is easier to pass....more >>

Letter to Editor: Vote yes on police millage

Dear Fellow Orion Residents, As a lifelong resident of Orion Township I am very concerned about the issues on the Aug 7th primary ballot. While most don't vote in the primary, it is imperative that the residents of Orion do....more >>

Letter to Editor:Vote for Barnett

I met Chris Barnett a couple of years ago. At that time I was impressed at Chris' dedication and commitment to Lake Orion. I am even more impressed with Chris today than I was then, and I am really not easily impressed....more >>

Letter to the Editor: Another vote for police

As I read the Letters to the Editor last week, I am forced to correct a resident's issue of Home Occupancy as it pertained to a landscape company. April of last year it was our prior Supervisor Gibb, Trustee Steimel who also represents the Planning Commission, and Planning Commission Board Member Chris Barnett who convinced the Planning Commission Members to change the Home Occupation Ordinance....more >>

Letter to the Editor:Police millage is wrong

In regards to milage increases - just say "raise your taxes." Why would you need to with a surplus of more than six million dollars? Do you think it would be wise at this time when so many are still hurting from losing their homes or on the verge of it because of lack of funds for themselves....more >>

My Way

Government regulation run amok

If you're looking for an example of how government regulation stifles entrepreneurship and the spirit of innovation, I submit the case of Kerri (Linto) Smith and her Belly Rest. The story's on Page 3....more >>

Don't Rush Me

I am shocked . . . or is it shocking?

The walking EMP ready to wreck stuff

Okay something weird is up. Maybe I should just call an astrophysicist or something; have things checked out. In the course of one week and one day, electrical devices connected to you know who (if you don't know who, it's me -- your hero, Dandy Don Rush) have been crappin' out....more >>

Jim's Jottings

Stalemate in D.C., news now all speculation

Let's see if I have this right: President Barack Obama won't show us his birth certificate. Presidential candidate Mitt Romney won't release his 2011 tax reports. Congress is immobile, inept and incapable of agreeing on anything except leaving town....more >>

Letters To The Editor . . .

Iacocca for Kittle Dear Editor, I met Pat Kittle in November 1978 when I first joined Chrysler. Pat was a member of the Special Security Team assigned to my family and me. Pat served in this role for almost seven years during which time he completed his MBA while working in excess of 60 hours per week on top of raising a family of his own....more >>

More letters

Lohmeier asks for vote Dear Editor, Hi neighbors! Four years ago you elected me to be your representative as Trustee on the Independence Township Board. I am extremely grateful for the confidence and trust you placed in me and I have endeavored at every turn to represent your needs will and provide leadership and good stewardship of our township resources and funds....more >>

More election letters

Fracking key issue Dear Editor, By now hopefully most of Independence Township residents are aware that the Jordan Development Company, a gas/oil exploration company, has purchased the mineral rights to over 14,000 acres in Oakland County for the purpose of Horizontal Hydraulic Fracturing, Fracking, for methane gas....more >>

Election letters continue

Wallace and Lohmeier Dear Editor, I urge the voters of Independence Township to vote for Neil Wallace for supervisor (R) and David Lohmeier, trustee (R). Neil and David have guided the township through a very challenging year....more >>

More election letters

Poem for Carson Dear Editor, This is an election year and it is great to be experiencing energy moving onward and forward. For some time many of us have been holding on, holding steady, holding our breath to see the tide turn in our community, our state, our country and the world to be viable and productive for the good of all people....more >>

More primary letters

Waring for the win Dear Editor, I am supporting Todd Waring for Supervisor. Unlike his opponent Neil Wallace, he is pro business and pro controlled development. When the business owners on Dixie highway tried to get the township to help them make changes that they felt would help their businesses, Mr....more >>

More election letters

Pick Pallotta for clerk Dear Editor, As a volunteer in the offices of the Independence Township Clerk, I found Barbara Pallotta to be an amazingly well organized, efficient and people-oriented person....more >>

Election letters

Kittle's leadership needed Dear Editor, I have been a resident and business owner in Clarkston for the last 30 years; and I am endorsing Pat Kittle for our next supervisor of Independence Township....more >>
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