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Addison treasurers past and future

I can't tell you how sad I was when I heard the news last week that Addison Twp. Treasurer Dan Alberty had passed away after his long battle with cancer. I always liked Dan because he wasn't like many of those who hold public office....more >>

Gabe's Gripes: Call it character building

On Aug. 19, a pleasant Sunday afternoon was thrown into a modicum of chaos when an electrical fire began at an apartment complex in Rochester. It began with a loud noise coming from a basement maintenance room that no one thought otherwise about....more >>

Fun at Dragon on the Lake

Dear Editor, What a fun weekend in downtown Lake Orion on Aug. 25 and 26. Congrats and thank you to the Orion Art Center Director, staff and volunteers for putting on a great, Dragon on the Lake! The event continued to grow this year and I happy to see so many people in the community enjoying their time downtown with lots of things to do....more >>

Letter to the Editor: DDA thanks for concert support

Dear Editor, The Downtown Lake Orion 2012 Gazebo Concert season has come to an end and we want to thank all of you who visited the newly renovated Children's Park and enjoyed a variety of musical entertainment....more >>

Letter to the Editor: Thank you from Lions club

Dear Editor, The Lake Orion Lions Club would like to thank our sponsors and golfers for contributing their time and money to amke this year's golf even the "best" ever. Please support these businesses that contribute to the Lions as many of these businesses give every single time the Lions come begging....more >>

Don't Rush Me


You're gonna find out what it means to me

Sometimes all signs point to one thing. Something. A thing you're 'sposed to do or say. And sometimes that something is to do not a gol-darned thing at all. Unfortunately for you all, this isn't one of those do-nothing times....more >>

Jim's Jottings

Exercise or massage?

Exert self or lay down?

From cradle to grave most of us are asked, encouraged and threatened to exercise. Stretch, run, do push-ups, work off the flab. And we spend at least half of the next eight decades questioning that "need....more >>

Wendi's Word A column by Wendi Reardon

Ready for next round

Changing eating habits can help you painfully realize things you already knew. I know I lean towards caffeine to ease stress and it hit me once I got the bill on the latest maintenance repairs for my Vue (mind you this was a week after I sent the last payment in for my vehicle....more >>

Letter to the editor

Support for union initiative in November

Dear Editor, This Labor Day holiday, please remember to give thanks to the labor unions and American workers who fought to create better working conditions for everyone. Labor unions were critical in the fights to end child labor, establish the eight hour work day, create a minimum wage, workplace health and safety, health insurance, sick leave, vacation pay, unemployment insurance, and even civil rights legislation....more >>

Letter to the editor

Thanks for making Ghost Walk successful

Dear Editor, The Clarkston Community Historical Society would like to thank all those who made our first Historic Downtown Ghost Walk such a huge success. Record crowds made this a sold out event and we certainly could not have done it without the participation of several individuals....more >>

Letter to the editor

Rush for Food filled the shelves at Lighthouse

Dear Editor, Although most of the Clarkston Football Team will never know the feeling of going hungry, they hit the neighborhoods on Aug. 17 as if their next meal depended upon it....more >>
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Born October 5th
1882: Robert Goddard, American rocket scientist, held more than 200 rocketry patents.
1902: Ray Croc, founder of the McDonald's hamburger franchise in 1955.
1911: Flann O'Brien, Irish novelist and playwright (The Hard Life, The Third Policeman).
1936: Václav Havel, Czech dissident dramatist who became the first freely elected president of Czechoslovakia in 55 years.
1959: Maya Lin, American architect who designed the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, D.C.
October 5th
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1882: Outlaw Frank James surrenders in Missouri six months after brother Jesse's assassination.
1915: Germany issues an apology and promises for payment for the 128 American passengers killed in the sinking of the British ship Lusitania. The fateful voyage of the Lusitania.
1931: Clyde Pangborn and Hugh Herndon complete the first heavier than air nonstop flight over the Pacific. Their flight, begun October 3, lasted 41 hours, 31 minutes and covered 5,000 miles. They piloted their Bellanca CH-200 monoplane from Samushiro, 300 miles north of Tokyo, Japan, to Wenatchee, Washington.
1965: U.S. forces in Saigon receive permission to use tear gas. More than two decades after it ended, the Vietnam War still stirs controversy in the media and on Capitol Hill.
1966: A sodium cooling system malfunction causes a partial core meltdown at the Enrico Fermi demonstration breeder reactor near Detroit. Radiation is contained.