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Prop 2 may put FOIA on ice for media, others

By Michael D. LaFaive Mackinac Center for Public Policy Proposal 2 on the Nov. 6 Michigan ballot would primarily impact laws overseeing contracts between public bodies and government employee unions, effectively making every contract negotiation its own constitutional convention and retroactively trumping laws passed by the Legislature and signed by the governor....more >>

The Orion Beat

Wanted: Orion's creativity

The ancients believed celestial objects emitted a distinct tone as they tripped through the cosmos. This "Harmony of the Spheres" theory held that the quality of life on Earth was a byproduct of the heavenly hum....more >>

Letter to the Editor: Cooper more qualified than Bishop to be prosecutor

Who are we? We are two well experienced Oakland County Attorneys who are familiar with the qualifications of Jessica Cooper and Michael Bishop, the two candidates running for Oakland Count Prosecutor....more >>

Letter to the Editor: Longtime resident sees need for police tax increase in twp.

I am concerned of what will happen, if we do not pass the police millage increase (two years, 1 mill) in November. In this day and age, when people are out of work and crime is up, we need to keep what protection we have and add more if necessary....more >>

Rights come from God, not govt.

Abraham Lincoln's own words nearly 100 years after the Declaration was written called for the people to come back to its truths. "Our fathers established these great self-evident truths that posterity might look again to the Declaration of Independence, and take courage to renew the battle which their fathers began, so that truth and Christian virtues might not be extinguished from the land....more >>

Letter to the editor - Pine Tree keeps it clean

Dear Lake Orion Review, We are 3rd grade students in room 203 at Pine Tree Elementary. We decided to write to you because we think it is important to keep our city clean. Since our city is called Lake Orion, we need to make sure to keep our lake clean....more >>

Letter to the editor - Proposition 2 ad deception

Dear Review, Ads on both sides of Proposal 2 are lies. As an educator, I do not appreciate concealment of truth. Much has been made about the necessity of such a proposal when collective bargaining already exists in our great state....more >>

Letter to the editor - Lt. Gov. talks Prop. 6

The New International Trade Crossing (NITC) will not be a "government bridge," as various deceptive ads have portrayed it. Rather, it will be built, operated and maintained by the private sector under an innovative public-private partnership....more >>

Letter to the editor - Farmers' Market was a huge success

Dear Editor, It is with much gratitude to the Lake Orion community that I wrap up our 4th season of the downtown Lake Orion Farmers' Market! I appreciate the overwhelming support of the municipalities that approve and oversee our market, including the Lake Orion Downtown Development Authority, Lake Orion Village Council and the Orion Township Board of Trustees....more >>

Letter to the editor - A Bill Holt supporter

Orion School taxpayers and students will get a lift as Bill Holt seeks the vacancy on the school board. Bill's experience as a cost analyst has propelled his successful business and enhanced The Southeast United Way allocations Committee as well as Chaired the Spectrum Human Services' Completion House....more >>

Don't Rush Me

Mr. Crankypants, that's Don. But why?

Numbers don't tell the story . . . or do they?

Holy Beat Me With A Happy Stick, Batman. I must be cranky or something 'cuz I'm feeling mighty critical these days. "Pour quoi, Donuldo?" you are probably asking yourself right about now....more >>

Jim's Jottings

Jim 'gleanes' a column from Florida for reading enjoyment

A Frank Cerabino column from the Palm Beach, Fla. Post. * * * News item . . . When announcing the phone number for Florida Fungal Meningitis hotline this week, Gov Rick Scott inadvertently gave out the wrong phone number, directing Floridians to call a phone sex hotline to answer their questions....more >>

Phil in the Blank A column by Phil Custodio

Great debates

The presidential debates have been interesting this year. I've enjoyed watching President Obama and Gov. Romney go at it during their three debates, even if I had lots of work I had to get to....more >>

Election Letters to the Editor

A call for change Dear Editor, After what seems like an endless campaign period, our community is about to cast their ballots. Our votes will impact federal, state, county and local candidates and issues....more >>

More letters to the editor

Dear Editor, Please vote for Jose Aliaga for trustee on Nov. Jose's healthcare background gives him insight into the value of hospital services to our community. His business experience gives him an understanding of our need for an efficient and responsive local government....more >>

Chance to have a heart for Honduras

Almost every year I take a group of people to Honduras for one week to serve the poor. We serve through an organization called "Heart to Honduras" (www.hth.org). We go back into the beautiful mountain villages, where the scenery is spectacular and the poverty is grinding....more >>
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1828: George Meredith, English poet and novelist.
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