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Letter to the Editor: Shareholder urges others to vote 'no' on Level One's $3 offer

Oxford Bank's Directors are asking their shareholders to sell out ownership for $3 per share next week. "Not very good but better than nothing" is the gist of it. However, none of it happens without your vote....more >>

Lake Orion Beat

I stepped into a handmade voting booth yesterday. Unlike precincts I've visited in the past, this time the booth was crafted by some children from my district. Patriotic slogans and colorful renditions of American symbols adorned the walls of my cardboard cubicle....more >>

Finally, my phone will no longer ring

Well, it finally happened. The late night unsolicited phone calls, the lawn signs, the brochures that clogged our mail boxes, and the interminable television and radio commercials have finally come to an end....more >>

Clerk says thanks for voting help

Greetings Everyone, On behalf of the Orion Township Election Commission and myself, I express sincere gratitude to everyone who assisted with the November 6, 2012 General Election....more >>

Thank you for supporting the LOEF

Thank you to everyone that supported the Lake Orion Education Foundation's Seventh Annual Evening for Education held at King's Court Castle last Saturday. The proceeds from this event will provide education grants to classrooms in the Lake Orion Community Schools....more >>

Don't Rush Me

Voting could have been easier

Time Savings Rant #1,934,345

Here's Don's Time Savings Rant #1,934,345 (which is remarkably similar to his TSR #1). Okay, call me kooky, but, now that we have "fallen" back, what does that mean? Where have we fallen from? From what perch on high did we descend? Are we in Daylight Saving Time now, or was that before? How do you save time? Do you put it in a hour glass and shove it in a dark corner of the basement so it doesn't tarnish with, well, umm, time? What does saved time look like? Is it sandy? Oh ....more >>

Jim's Jottings

If you sprang forward March 10, now you fall

One of our governments (state or US) has us springing our clocks forward in March and falling back in November. This year that was November 3. Why did our leaders get us into this system, and when? I was sure it had something to do with farmers....more >>

Wendi's Word A column by Wendi Reardon

Pining away

Whew! I made it through October. I made it through fun-sized candy treats, cider and donuts. The month started hard but I rolled right through it with ease. Yes, every day continues to be a challenge as I continue my program with Nuview Nutrition but part of it gets easier....more >>

Letter to the Editor

Reader urges vote on leaf burning ban

Dear Editor, I spent time reading the new policy around burning in Clarkston and thought it was a joke until I read on. In order for me to breathe fresh air, I have to submit a doctor's note to the fire department in order to keep from leaves burning near me....more >>

Letter to the Editor

Reader suggests cistern may not be crypt

Dear Editor, Please suggest to Mr. Chip Travis that the sealed room in his basement just may be a cistern ("'Scary house' isn't so scary, downtown man says," Oct. 24). I grew up on Mechanic Street in Oxford where many of the old homes had cisterns in the basements....more >>

Letter to the Editor

Obama sign destruction limits freedom of speech

Dear Editor, I live on Main Street in Clarkston Village. Today I came home to find that my "Obama" sign was stolen from my front yard. It was damaged on three other occasions when I found it smashed, ripped out of the ground and kicked the foot print was still visable....more >>

Letter to the Editor

Water woes for Independence Township resident

Dear Editor, Seems like Independence Township is on a roll with alleged wetlands violations. I too have received a notice of violation in spite of being told verbally to go ahead with cleaning out our backyard pond with the intention of replanting and leveling the ground....more >>
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