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My Way

A downtown space is a terrible thing to waste

To me, the highest and best use of any storefront in a place like downtown Oxford is a commercial enterprise that caters to shoppers, diners or folks in search of entertainment on a Friday night....more >>
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Don't Rush Me

You Are The Boat

One woman's quest to help others through words

Oh -- I don't know, a little over a year ago I think -- Pam Belding (or as I like to call her, Red) started sending me the ever-evolving manuscript she was writing. I hoped she did it so I could edit....more >>

Family thanks emergency personnel for saving dad's life

On the morning of Jan. 2, our father suffered a severe stroke. Our mother called 9-1-1 and emergency personnel responded immediately and transported him to St. Joseph Mercy Hospital....more >>


Goodrich's Wheelock-Watkins drain

I have been reading for a long time about Goodrich's Wheelock-Watkins Drain and its flooding. This was an agricultural drain built 115 years ago and was not intended to handle what it is right now....more >>


Goodrich's Wheelock-Watkins drain

Dear Editor, I have been reading for a long time about Goodrich's Wheelock-Watkins Drain and its flooding. This was an agricultural drain built 115 years ago and was not intended to handle what it is right now....more >>

Jim's Jottings

There's a good reason used car sales are up

For Christmas, son Jim and his wife Linda gave my car, a 2008 Ford Edge, a complete detailing from Classic Appreciation in Rochester. When I bought the car from Skalnek Ford the sales person, Kaycy, properly assumed this would be my last new car purchase....more >>

Wild Ideas A column by Mary Keck

Winter gardening?

While some critters hibernate, local gardeners don't. Instead, growers are planning, learning, gathering together, and flexing their green thumbs indoors. "There's reading to do to keep the ongoing education refreshed," said Clarkston Community Garden Manager Jim Tesnar....more >>

Supervisor's viewpoint

DPW works hard to keep township working

Have you ever wondered what those DPW guys are doing that drive around town in the white pick-up trucks with the Independence Township logo on the door? This is what I have experienced so far in my first six weeks on the job....more >>

Letter to the Editor

In defense of public TV

Dear Editor, The scathing front page expose' that appeared in last weeks' edition could help publicize Independence Television. Though in operation for nearly two decades, Clarkston's little cable cast facility had fallen on hard times....more >>

Letter to the Editor

Red flags in oil offer

Dear Editor, Our neighborhood in Independence township was approached by a West Bay Exploration oil company representative the same day that we received oil lease paperwork in the mail....more >>

Spiritual Matters

Put trust in Jesus to find way through life

Trust. Such a simple word but also one of great importance in relationships. It is difficult to have a good relationship with someone you do not trust. It is also an important part of faith....more >>
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